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What should I do on New Year’s Eve by myself?

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, you may find yourself without plans or companions to ring in the new year. Rather than sitting at home alone feeling sorry for yourself, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve solo!

Why spend New Year’s alone?

There are many reasons you may end up spending New Year’s Eve by yourself. Maybe your friends have other plans or are out of town. Perhaps you just moved to a new city and don’t know many people yet. Or you may simply feel like having some alone time. Whatever the reason, don’t worry – you can still have a memorable New Year’s Eve on your own!

Embrace doing things solo

The first step is to embrace the idea of doing things solo. Our society places so much emphasis on always being surrounded by people that it can seem scary or sad to do something alone. But spending time with yourself can be very enjoyable! It gives you a chance to be fully present instead of distracted by those around you. Take New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to pamper and celebrate yourself.

Get glammed up

There’s no reason you can’t still get dressed up, even if it’s just for yourself! Take the time to do your hair, makeup, and put on something that makes you feel confident and fabulous. Doing the things you’d do if you were going out helps set the intention that you’re having a special night.

Make your favorite food

Cooking yourself a delicious meal is a great way to celebrate. Look up a special recipe you’ve been wanting to try or cook all your favorite comfort foods. Set the table nicely just for one, light some candles, and savor the food. You could even bake yourself a decadent dessert!

Have a living room dance party

Who says you need a crowded club or bar to dance? Crank up the tunes and boogie down in your own living room. Make fun themed playlists, like “All ’80s” or “Best Party Songs.” Dim the lights, decorate with streamers, have glow sticks on hand, and go wild dancing by yourself!

Watch feel-good movies

What better way to end the year than curling up and watching uplifting, happy movies that give you all the feels? Queue up classics like La La Land, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, or anything that makes you smile. Get cozy with blankets and popcorn and enjoy a private movie night.

Reflect on the past year

New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year gone by. Journal about the highlights, accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned. Make a vision board collage for the year ahead. Write down goals, dreams, and intentions. Contemplating the year allows you to process and find closure.

Meditate and relax

Spending quiet time in meditation is a soothing way to ring in the new year mindfully. Light candles, burn incense, and put on calming music. Sit comfortably and focus on your breath, clear your mind of clutter, and feel peaceful. An at-home spa night also promotes relaxation – take a bubble bath, exfoliate, and moisturize.

Enjoy nature

If the weather allows, get outside for a refreshing walk or hike to welcome the new year. Breathe fresh air, take in gorgeous views, and reflect on your place in the natural world. Being out in nature on New Year’s renews your energy as you prepare for the year ahead.

Volunteer in your community

Ring in 2023 by helping others! Look for local New Year’s Eve volunteer opportunities like serving meals at a homeless shelter or helping with a charity event. You’ll feel good giving back, meet new people, and fill your night with meaning.

Go see live music

Local bars, music halls, and theaters often host live music on New Year’s Eve. Buy yourself a ticket and jam out to a band or singer-songwriter’s set. Even going solo, you can have fun dancing and appreciating good music. It beats sitting at home alone!

Set New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Eve is prime time for setting resolutions and intentions for personal growth in the new year. Reflect on the past year and how you’d like to improve yourself. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals around health, relationships, career, self-care, hobbies, and more. Jot down resolutions in a journal to reference throughout 2023.

Toast at midnight

You can still toast at midnight even flying solo! Pop a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider. As the ball drops, raise your glass and cheer to yourself: “Happy New Year!” Feel proud for making it through another year. Toast to your strength, resilience, and optimism for the future.

Watch fireworks shows

Lots of cities and towns have public New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. Bundle up, drive to a good viewing location, and watch the show. Fireworks by yourself can be just as fun as with a crowd – you won’t have to fight for a good spot! Feel energized looking up at the bursts of color flashing across the sky.

Stay safe

While spending the holiday alone can be fun, be sure to keep safety in mind:

  • Avoid walking alone late at night in unfamiliar areas.
  • Be aware of your alcohol intake if drinking.
  • Tell a friend your evening plans and keep your phone charged.
  • Drive cautiously and avoid impaired/unsafe drivers.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy.


Even if you’re flying solo, New Year’s Eve can still be an enjoyable night! Focus on pampering, relaxing, reflecting, setting goals, enjoying entertainment, and toasting at midnight. The new year is yours for the taking, so ring it in with joy and optimism. 2023 awaits – go out and seize it!