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What species is Boros?

Boros is a mysterious and powerful alien villain who appears in the popular anime and manga series One Punch Man. Despite his immense strength and strange appearance, Boros’ exact species and origins remain unknown. In this article, we will examine the available information to try and determine what type of alien Boros is.

Boros’ Appearance and Abilities

Boros first appeared as the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, an alien group that attacked Earth seeking to find a worthy opponent. Boros is humanoid in shape but has a number of distinct non-human features:

  • Pale blue skin with purple cracked markings
  • Pointed elfish ears
  • A single large cyclopean eye
  • A spiked armored head and chest plate
  • A long prehensile tail

In combat, Boros displays incredible strength, speed, durability, and energy projection abilities. He can unleash powerful energy blasts from his eye and mouth. Boros can also regenerate from nearly any wound, even regrowing lost limbs or his entire body. This regeneration ability suggests he has remarkable genetic malleability and adaptability.

Boros’ Backstory

Boros provides some details about his background when speaking to Saitama. He states that he is from a planet with harsh living conditions where the inhabitants must fight to survive. This upbringing made Boros incredibly strong. He soon found himself unmatched by anyone on his home planet.

Seeking worthy opponents, Boros began traveling the universe with his gang of alien pirates. He devastated many planets but failed to find someone who could challenge him. The prophetic words of a seer convinced Boros to travel to Earth, where he believed his destined rival awaited.

This backstory confirms Boros is an alien conqueror from a distant planet. However, it does not reveal his species. His planet seems to have produced powerful warriors, suggesting it has higher gravity or other conditions requiring great strength to survive.

Boros’ Alien Biology

A few clues about Boros’ biology can be gleaned from his abilities and characteristics:

  • Extreme regeneration indicates highly advanced genetics and cell structures
  • Glowing blue blood instead of red blood cells
  • Able to survive unaided in the vacuum of space
  • One large eye instead of two – may have different visual spectrum
  • Pointed ears and sharp teeth – likely evolved as a predator
  • Long tail used as weapon and balance aid

This evidence suggests Boros is a highly evolved alien species compared to humans. He seems well adapted to combat and survival under extreme conditions. The blue blood and enormous eye are strong indicators of an entirely non-human physiology.

Boros’ Alien Species Theories

Given the limited information, fans have come up with several theories about Boros’ place of origin and species:

Mutated Saiyan Theory

Some believe Boros could be a mutated relative of Saiyans from Dragon Ball. Evidence for this includes the spikes on his head resembling Super Saiyan hair, his constant drive for battle, and the incredible power he gains when injured. However, Saiyans have black hair and eyes so it seems unlikely.

Engineered Super Soldier Theory

Others think Boros was genetically engineered as part of a super soldier program. This could explain his incredible regenerative abilities and energy manipulation powers. The program may have given subjects strong chitinous armor and grafted an energy weapon onto his eye.

Evolution in Extreme Environments Theory

Many argue that Boros simply evolved under the life-or-death conditions of his home planet. The harsh environment resulted in excellent regeneration, strength, speed, and adaptability becoming the dominant traits of the species. The armor and eye beam could be natural evolutionary developments.

Alien-Predator Hybrid Theory

Some propose that Boros is a hybrid between two alien species – one gifted with advanced technology and the other bred for battle. This would account for his cyborg-like parts combined with extreme combat traits. The hybridization program aimed to produce the ultimate warriors.

One-of-a-Kind Mutant Theory

Finally, Boros may simply be a random mutant and the last of his kind. His planet may have naturally produced his species occasionally thanks to genetic variations. Being unmatched by any rivals, Boros never reproduced. This leaves him as a solitary example of his species’ capabilities.


Boros’ true origins remain shrouded in mystery. His incredible powers stretch the imagination, leading to many theories about advanced alien biology, genetic engineering, and evolution under extreme conditions. While Boros is almost certainly an alien from a harsh world, his exact species is still up for debate.

Boros stands out through his sheer strength, resilience, and determination to find a worthy foe. Whether through natural chance, designed engineering, or some combination, Boros represents the pinnacle of his kind. He serves as an example of the amazing abilities that can emerge on other worlds under different conditions. Though Boros met his end on Earth, the secrets of his genesis may forever remain unknown.