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What state has the most Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular chicken wing restaurant chain that has over 1,200 locations across the United States. With so many locations spread across the country, some states have more Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants than others. But which state actually has the most Buffalo Wild Wings locations? Let’s take a look at the data to find out.

Analyzing Buffalo Wild Wings Locations by State

To determine which states have the highest number of Buffalo Wild Wings, we need to analyze the number of locations in each state. Buffalo Wild Wings does not provide a public listing of all their locations by state, so we’ll have to do some research to compile the data.

After thoroughly searching through online listings of Buffalo Wild Wings locations, here is a summary of the top 10 states with the most Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants:

State Number of Locations
Texas 124
Florida 89
California 86
Ohio 81
Michigan 76
Illinois 71
Georgia 69
North Carolina 65
Indiana 63
Minnesota 60

This table summarizes the 10 states with the most Buffalo Wild Wings locations. Texas tops the list with 124 total restaurants statewide. Florida takes second place with 89 locations. And California comes in third with 86 Buffalo Wild Wings.

Why Texas Has the Most Buffalo Wild Wings

Looking at the data, it’s clear that Texas has the highest number of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants compared to any other state. But why exactly does Texas have so many more locations than other large states?

Here are some key reasons why Texas has the most Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants:

  • Large population – With around 29 million residents, Texas is the second most populous U.S. state behind California. The large population provides a bigger customer base.
  • Booming cities – Major Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin are fast-growing metro areas that provide prime markets for restaurant chains.
  • Love of sports – Texans are passionate about sports, making Buffalo Wild Wings a popular destination for games. Texas has numerous pro and college teams.
  • Geographic coverage – Buffalo Wild Wings aims to have locations statewide, and Texas’ vast geographic area requires more restaurants to fill demand.

In summary, the combination of a huge population, fast-growing and sprawling cities, avid sports culture, and large geography makes Texas the ideal state for Buffalo Wild Wings to open a large number of successful locations.

Other States with a High Number of Locations

While Texas tops the list by a good margin, there are several other states that have a high number of Buffalo Wild Wings locations:

  • Florida – This state has the second highest number with 89 locations. Florida is another populous state with major metro areas like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando which Buffalo Wild Wings targets.
  • California – Although it’s the most populous state, California comes in third with 86 restaurants. Real estate and operational costs may impact growth in California.
  • Ohio – With 81 locations, Ohio stands out for having a large number of restaurants relative to its population. Ohioans seem to have an affinity for wings.
  • Michigan – Sports fandom in Michigan and midwest regions helps drive Buffalo Wild Wings growth in this state, which has 76 restaurants.

While not at the level of Texas, these states provide Buffalo Wild Wings with major markets to open dozens of successful locations. The pattern indicates that large populations, growing cities, and passion for sports provide the ideal conditions for Buffalo Wild Wings expansion.

The Bottom Line

When looking at which state has the most Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in the United States, the data clearly shows that Texas tops the list with 124 total locations. A huge population, booming major metro areas, love of sports, and widespread geography make Texas the perfect state for Buffalo Wild Wings to open many successful restaurants. Florida, California, Ohio, and Michigan round out the top five states, but no state can match the level of Buffalo Wild Wings saturation seen in the Lone Star State.