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What time is 1000 hours in military time?

Military time is a method of telling time that uses a 24-hour clock rather than the more common 12-hour clock. In the military time system, the day starts at midnight, which is 0000 hours. It ends at 2359 hours rather than 11:59 PM.

Converting Standard Time to Military Time

To convert a standard time to military time, you simply need to add 12 hours to any PM time. For example:

  • 1 PM becomes 1300 hours
  • 11 PM becomes 2300 hours

For AM times, you keep the time the same:

  • 8 AM stays 0800 hours
  • 12 AM is 0000 hours

So to convert 1000 hours to standard time, we first note that because it is greater than 1200, it must be a PM time. To get the standard time equivalent, we subtract 1200 hours:

1000 hours – 1200 hours = 10 PM

Why Use Military Time?

The military uses the 24-hour clock system to avoid any confusion between AM and PM times. With operations happening around the clock, it’s important to have precise record-keeping and avoid mistakes that could happen if AM and PM are unclear.

Some examples where military time is commonly used:

  • Military operations, schedules, and communications
  • Hospital staff schedules
  • Transportation schedules (airlines, railroads)
  • Nuclear power plant operations
  • Logistics planning

Using the 24-hour system helps eliminate ambiguity and ensures clarity in mission-critical operations. Saying 1400 hours leaves no doubt about the timing, whereas saying 2 PM could be interpreted as 2 AM if the context isn’t clear.

Converting Between Standard and Military Time

Converting between standard and military time is straightforward:

Standard Time Military Time
12 AM 0000 hours
1 AM 0100 hours
2 AM 0200 hours
3 AM 0300 hours
4 AM 0400 hours
5 AM 0500 hours
6 AM 0600 hours
7 AM 0700 hours
8 AM 0800 hours
9 AM 0900 hours
10 AM 1000 hours
11 AM 1100 hours
12 PM 1200 hours
1 PM 1300 hours
2 PM 1400 hours
3 PM 1500 hours
4 PM 1600 hours
5 PM 1700 hours
6 PM 1800 hours
7 PM 1900 hours
8 PM 2000 hours
9 PM 2100 hours
10 PM 2200 hours
11 PM 2300 hours

To go from military to standard time, subtract 1200 hours from any time between 1300 and 2359. For example:

  • 1300 hours – 1200 hours = 1 PM
  • 1500 hours – 1200 hours = 3 PM

Examples of Military Time Usage

Transportation Schedules

Airlines, railroads, and other transportation services use military time in their schedules to avoid confusion. For example:

Flight Departure Arrival
UA123 0600 hours 0945 hours
DL87 1830 hours 2130 hours

Hospital Staff Schedules

In hospital settings, military time allows staff schedules to be precise in a 24-hour environment:

Employee Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Sarah 0700-1500 1500-2300 2300-0700
Mark 2300-0700 0700-1500 Off

Military Operations

In combat situations, military time is essential for precise coordination between units and accurate record-keeping. For example:

Unit Operation Start Operation End
Alpha Company 0400 hours 0930 hours
Bravo Platoon 0915 hours 1415 hours


In summary, 1000 hours in military time is equivalent to 10 PM standard time. The 24-hour military clock avoids any AM/PM confusion and brings important precision to schedules and operations happening around the clock. Converting between standard and military time just requires adding or subtracting 1200 hours.