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What Titan is Annie’s?

Titan is a fictional character in the popular online multiplayer game League of Legends. She is one of the many playable champions that players can choose from. Annie is a young mage champion who wields fire magic. She is accompanied by her magical teddy bear, Tibbers, who aids her in battle. But what connection does Annie have to the titan known as Titan?

Who is Annie?

Annie is a child mage from Noxus, one of the main factions in League of Legends. She comes from a long line of mages and discovered her pyromanic abilities at a very young age. Unable to control her immensely strong powers, she would often set things ablaze unintentionally. Her parents decided to lock her away to protect her from the prejudice of the Noxian public against mages. During this time alone, Annie created her beloved teddy bear Tibbers to keep her company. After years in isolation, she was enlisted into the Noxian military as a living magical weapon. Though Annie tries to maintain a childlike innocence, there is a much darker side to her when she is unleashed on the battlefield. Her pyrokinesis allows her to immolate enemies with brutal flames.

Annie’s Abilities

As a mage champion, Annie’s kit revolves around casting spells to damage and disrupt enemies. Here are her main abilities:

Pyromania (Passive)

Every 4 spell casts, Annie’s next offensive ability stuns enemies for a short duration.

Disintegrate (Q)

Annie hurls a mana-infused fireball, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits.

Incinerate (W)

Annie casts a cone of fire, dealing damage to enemies in the area.

Molten Shield (E)

Grants Annie a damage absorbing shield that also damages enemies who attack her.

Summon Tibbers (R)

Annie summons Tibbers, her magical teddy bear, who deals area of effect damage and remains on the battlefield. Annie can briefly control Tibbers to move and attack.

The Lore of Tibbers

Tibbers is more than just Annie’s stuffed companion. He has a deep backstory that ties into Annie’s pyromaniac abilities.

When Annie’s powers first manifested, she accidentally set her house on fire with her parents still inside. The traumatic event left Annie in shock, unable to speak. The Noxian government took her and sought to weaponize her. To help stabilize the child’s mind, they gave her a stuffed bear she could talk to. Annie poured all her emotions into Tibbers, bringing him to life with her magic. He became a physical manifestation of her inner turmoil and pyromania. Whenever Annie unleashes Tibbers in battle, she is unleashing her full destructive potential.

The Titan Known as Titan

In League of Legends lore, the Titans are an ancient race of colossal beings that once ruled Runeterra, the world where the game takes place. While little is known about the Titans, there are a few named titans in the lore:

Orlon, The Titan of Death

Orlon is known as the Stonelord, who holds domain over the Cycle of Life and Death. He appears as a giant stone golem and is worshipped by some in the desert country of Shurima.

Zoantha, The Titan of Nature

Zoantha represents the raw magic of nature. Legends say she experimented with creating new lifeforms, which may have led to Runeterra’s vast ecosystem. She disappeared millennia ago but her creations remain.

Basilich, The Titan of Motion

Basilich embodies the forces of change, evolution, and progress. Myths tell of how he was punished by greater titans for pushing change too hastily on Runeterra.

Agaleos, The Titan of War

Agaleos sought to expand the titans’ influence through conquest. He commanded armies of titanic beasts and soldiers. Other titans eventually turned against him for his warmongering.

Farron, The Titan of Protection

Farron served as the chief guard over the titans’ creations. He took on the form of a giant knight who wielded a mountain as a shield. Legends portray him as a stalwart defender.

Titan, The Titan of Justice

Known simply as Titan, little concrete information exists about this titan. Ancient murals depict Titan as a towering humanoid dispensing harsh but fair judgment over humans and titans alike. He appears stern but righteous.

Theories: Connections Between Annie/Tibbers and the Titan Titan

There are some fan theories on potential connections between Annie/Tibbers and the titan called Titan:

Tibbers is a Corrupted Fragment of Titan

Some believe that Tibbers is a shard of the titan Titan that has been corrupted by Annie’s magic. As a fragment, Tibbers retains Titan’s affinity for justice and righteousness, hence why he punishes Annie’s enemies. When summoned, Tibbers delivers swift judgment upon enemies just as Titan did in ancient times.

Annie is a Descendant of Titan

Another theory states Annie’s pyromaniac abilities stem from being a descendant of the titan Titan. The titan’s judgment manifested as scorching flames, which has been passed down to Annie genetically. When Annie unleashes Tibbers, it is the fury of her titan ancestry coming through.

Titan Will Be a Future Champion

Some fans speculate that Titan himself will become a playable champion in League of Legends someday. His appearance and abilities will revolve around delivering justice. He will have some interactions referencing Annie as a fellow child of fire and justice.


While Annie and Tibbers have no confirmed relationship to the ancient titan Titan, there are some interesting fan theories that suggest a connection. Their shared affinity for fire and justice does hint at potential ties. However, these are just theories for now. The true natures of both Tibbers and the titans remain shrouded in mystery. Their origins may be revealed through future stories and champions in League of Legends.