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What type of voice do men find the most attractive?

The sound of a woman’s voice plays a key role in how attractive men perceive her to be. While physical appearance is important, research shows that vocal qualities like tone, pitch, and timbre can be just as influential when it comes to initial attraction. So what exactly do men find appealing when it comes to the female voice?

Higher Pitched Voices

Studies have shown that men tend to find higher pitched female voices more attractive. One reason for this preference is that a higher pitched voice is associated with physical cues of femininity that men are biologically programmed to seek out. Smaller larynxes produce higher pitched voices, and smaller frame sizes tend to correlate with a feminine appearance that is seen as desirable.

Additionally, higher pitched voices are linked to youthfulness, which is another trait men find appealing in potential mates. A higher pitched voice gives the subconscious impression of vibrancy, fertility, and good genetic health. Conversely, lower pitched voices are perceived as more mature and masculine, traits that are less favored when it comes to female attractiveness.

Reasons Men Are Drawn to Higher Pitched Voices

  • Associated with feminine features like smaller frames
  • Signals youthfulness and fertility
  • Perceived as more vibrant and energetic
  • Indicator of good health

Moderate Pitch Variation

While a higher pitch is preferred, men are also drawn to moderate fluctuations in pitch and intonation. According to research, voices that vary pitch moderately over the course of an utterance are found to be more attractive than monotone voices that stay at one pitch level.

This is because vocal fluctuation and inflection helps convey important information about a speaker’s emotions and personality. Moderate variance indicates warmth, engagement, and openness. However, too much variance can be perceived as trying too hard or even flighty and unstable. A balance is most appealing.

Benefits of Moderate Pitch Variation

  • Conveys warmth and openness
  • Signals emotional engagement
  • Communicates personality
  • Too much variance seen as unstable
  • Too little variance seems robotic


A mild degree of breathiness is also considered attractive in women’s voices. Breathiness refers to gentle turbulence and airiness in the vocal tone. In the right amounts, it can lend a soft, sensual quality.

However, too much breathiness is perceived as sounding more childlike or even unintelligent. Breathy voices are also more difficult to understand, so a subtle amount works best. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe utilized just the right degree of breathiness to create a signature sultry vocal style.

Benefits of Subtle Breathiness

  • Adds soft, sensual quality
  • In moderation, can sound feminine and alluring
  • Too much breathiness seems childish
  • Makes speech harder to understand

Smooth Vocal Quality

A smooth, refined vocal quality is also judged favorably. Raspy, gravelly, or harsh sounding voices are considered unattractive in women. Husky voices may work for singers, but in regular conversation, men prefer clear vocal tones free of vocal fry or creakiness.

A smooth vocal quality gives an impression of polish and refinement. Proper speech patterns also matter, as sloppy or slurred speech is perceived negatively. A smooth voice reflects grace and poise.

Traits of a Smooth Vocal Quality

  • Clear tone without raspiness
  • Refined and polished sounding
  • No vocal fry or creakiness
  • Proper enunciation
  • Graceful and elegant

Playfulness and Humor

While vocal traits like pitch and smoothness matter, the way speech and voices are used also impacts attractiveness. Displaying playfulness, humor, and wit are also appealing to men.

This is because playfulness indicates youthfulness, creativity, and intelligence. A humorous banter demonstrates social adeptness and connection. Wit conveys mental sharpness. Being able to use tone, timing, and inflection to generate amusement shows vocal and conversational skill.

Benefits of Playful, Humorous Voices

  • Signals youth, creativity, and imagination
  • Humor creates bonding and connection
  • Wit indicates intelligence
  • Shows vocal and conversational adeptness

Avoiding Vocal Turn-Offs

Just as certain vocal traits attract men, other qualities are seen as unattractive or annoying. Here are some turn-offs to avoid:

  • Monotone – Lack of inflection or vocal variance
  • Too breathy – Excessively airy tone
  • Harsh sound – Raspy, grating, hoarse
  • Nasal – Too much sound through the nose
  • Creaky voice – Glottal fry or vocal creakiness
  • Valley girl uptalk – Rising intonation on statements
  • Excess volume – Yelling, shouting

What the Research Says

Scientific research on vocal attractiveness supports these general preferences:

Study Findings
Collins 2000 Men rated higher pitched female voices as more attractive
Jones 1995 Breathy, high-pitched female voices deemed most attractive
Puts 2005 Men prefer higher pitched voices paired with feminized faces
Fraccaro 2006 Men prefer voices with increased pitch variability and modulation

Across studies, preferences emerge for higher relative pitch, increased pitch modulation, breathy voice quality, and smoothness of vocal production. Youthfulness, femininity, and a certain vocal peppiness sound most appealing.

How Women Can Optimize Vocal Attractiveness

While vocal range is genetically determined, there are ways women can make the most of their voices:

  • Speak in upper range of vocal pitch
  • Add breathiness subtly
  • Vary pitch modulation
  • Eliminate vocal fry and raspiness
  • Articulate words clearly
  • Project warmth and enthusiasm
  • Use humor and wit

With fine-tuning and practice, it is possible to harness the attractive power of your voice. However, it is also important to sound natural rather than artificially changing vocal patterns.

Voice Coaching Tips

  • Speak from the mask of your face for fuller resonance
  • Avoid speaking from the throat which constricts tone
  • Open your jaw wider to allow more space for breath
  • Work on diaphragmatic breathing for better support
  • Record yourself and listen objectively to adjust pitch
  • Avoid over-nasal tone by lowering soft palate


Certain vocal qualities like higher pitch, smoothness, and playfulness signal femininity, youth, and genetic fitness to potential mates. But finding your most attractive voice also means playing to your strengths authentically. The most appealing voices both fit general preferences while sounding effortless and natural.

With small adjustments, you can optimize your voice. But avoid drastic changes or forcing unnatural patterns. Your best voice shines through when you feel confident and comfortable. Embrace the power of your voice while staying true to your unique personality and vocal range.