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What zodiac is bakugou?

Bakugou is a popular character from the anime and manga series My Hero Academia. Fans are often curious about his astrological sign and what his zodiac says about his personality. Bakugou’s aggressive nature and explosive quirk make him a compelling character, so knowing his zodiac sign provides interesting insight into what makes him tick.

Bakugou’s Birthday

To determine Bakugou’s zodiac sign, we first need to know his birthday. According to My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi, Bakugou’s birthday is April 20th. This date is given on official My Hero Academia calendars and promotional materials. So Bakugou’s birthday is officially considered to be April 20th.

Zodiac Signs Overview

The zodiac is made up of 12 signs based on constellations. The zodiac sign a person is born under depends on the date range their birthday falls in. Here is a quick overview of the 12 zodiac signs:

Zodiac Sign Date Range
Aries March 21 – April 19
Taurus April 20 – May 20
Gemini May 21 – June 20
Cancer June 21 – July 22
Leo July 23 – August 22
Virgo August 23 – September 22
Libra September 23 – October 22
Scorpio October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius November 22 – December 21
Capricorn December 22 – January 19
Aquarius January 20 – February 18
Pisces February 19 – March 20

As you can see, the dates for each zodiac sign fall within set ranges. To determine someone’s sign, you simply need to see which date range their birthday lands in.

Bakugou is a Taurus

Given that Bakugou’s official birthday is April 20th, this means he is a Taurus in the zodiac. April 20 falls within the date range for Taurus, which is April 20 – May 20. So although his birthday is right on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, he is considered to be a Taurus.

Some key traits associated with the Taurus zodiac sign include:

  • Stubbornness
  • Practicality
  • Ambition
  • Hot temper
  • Loyalty

Many of these core Taurus traits can be seen in Bakugou’s personality and behavior. Let’s explore how Bakugou exhibits the qualities of a Taurus.

Bakugou’s Taurus Traits


One of Bakugou’s most obvious personality traits is his stubbornness. When Bakugou sets his mind on something, he staunchly sticks to it and refuses to back down. This Taurus-like stubborn streak is evident in many aspects of Bakugou’s character.

For example, during U.A.’s Sports Festival arc, Bakugou is fiercely determined to win first place no matter what. Despite experiencing defeats like his loss to Todoroki, Bakugou stubbornly refuses to give up on his goal of being number one. He is single-minded and stubborn in pursuing victory.

Bakugou also stubbornly clings to his pride and sense of self-importance. Even when facing consequences for his behavior, he is reluctant to acknowledge his mistakes. His stubbornness makes him resistant to change, another very Taurus trait.


While definitely hotheaded, Bakugou does exhibit practicality and pragmatism at times. For example, during real combat scenarios, Bakugou is very strategic about how he utilizes his explosive Quirk. He doesn’t waste energy on needless attacks and instead sizes up his opponents’ weaknesses so he can take them down efficiently.

Bakugou also has proven himself to be very competent and skilled when it comes to the practicalities of being a Pro Hero. From knowledge of laws and regulations to clever battle tactics, Bakugou shows a gritty practicality that lines up with Taurus’ down-to-earth nature.


Right from the start, Bakugou’s main drive has been ambition. His childhood dream was always to be the greatest hero, and he works tirelessly to achieve that goal. Bakugou wants to reach number one by any means necessary – a very Taurus approach.

Taureans are known for their strong work ethic and desire for success. Bakugou embodies this fixed, bullish determination. Being the best is his constant objective, no matter what obstacles are in his path.

Hot Temper

One of Bakugou’s most defining traits is his nasty temper. When angered, Bakugou often flies off the handle and lashes out at those around him. These explosive outbursts are a trademark Taurus reaction.

Taureans have a reputation for turning stubbornness into rage when pushed hard enough. Bakugou’s short fuse definitely aligns with the Taurus tendency to see red when they feel threatened or challenged. Anger issues are a weakness that Bakugou frequently struggles with, in true Taurus fashion.


Though he shows it begrudgingly, Bakugou does exhibit loyalty to those close to him. He formed an unlikely friendship with Kirishima, who he grows to trust and protect over time. Bakugou also shows moments of caring for his other U.A. classmates, even if he masks it behind insults and bluster.

Taurus is known for valuing close friendships. Once in their inner circle, Taureans will be loyal comrades who have your back. Bakugou demonstrates this, going to great lengths to defend allies when needed. His dedication reveals his steadfast Taurus loyalty.

Bakugou Embodies Core Taurus Traits

When reviewing Bakugou’s personality and actions throughout My Hero Academia, it becomes clear he epitomizes many core Taurus characteristics. The patterns of his stubbornness, ambition, temper, practicality, and loyalty align closely with typical Taurus behavioral tendencies.

Bakugou’s April 20th birthday pegs him as a Taurus, and his characterization is very fitting for someone with that zodiac sign. So Bakugou can definitively be classified as a Taurus in terms of astrological profiles. Understanding his Taurus sun sign provides insight into what makes this volatile hero-in-training tick.

How Bakugou’s Taurus Nature Impacts Him

Bakugou’s Taurus sun sign influences him in both positive and negative ways. Here’s a closer look at how Bakugou’s core Taurus traits shape his character:


  • Driven – His Taurus ambition makes him highly motivated to achieve his goals.
  • Courageous – The Taurus stubbornness lends itself to bravery in the face of adversity.
  • Dependable – When bonded to someone, his Taurus loyalty ensures he’ll protect them.
  • Tenacious – He never gives up due to the determined Taurus nature.


  • Inflexible – His stubbornness also makes him rigid and unable to adapt well to change.
  • Temperamental – Typical Taurus rage issues make him prone to explosive anger.
  • Arrogant – His ambition can morph into cocky self-importance.
  • Aggressive – He often turns to hostility as a Taurus would when provoked.

So in many ways, Bakugou’s Taurus sun sign fuels both his strengths and flaws as a character. It’s the source of his determination and loyalty as well as his anger and pride.

Understanding Bakugou Through Astrology

Analyzing fictional characters through astrological interpretations allows fans to gain deeper insight into what motivates these characters.

While astrology isn’t an exact science, it can provide a useful framework for exploring patterns of behavior, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Keeping Bakugou’s Taurus zodiac sign in mind helps explain the driving forces behind his actions.

Studying his character through the lens of astrology reveals how his core Taurus traits – both good and bad – shape his explosive personality and ambitious drive. Bakugou’s complexity as a character becomes more understandable when viewed in terms of his astrological birth chart and sun sign.

So for fans looking to dig deeper into the psyche of this popular My Hero Academia antihero, considering his zodiac provides valuable perspective. Understanding Bakugou’s Taurus sun reveals the astrological forces that influence one of anime’s most fiery and controversial figures.


In summary, Bakugou’s birthday of April 20 makes his zodiac sign Taurus. Analysis of his personality and behavior throughout the series shows he strongly exhibits typical Taurus traits. These include stubbornness, ambition, practicality, loyalty, and a hot temper. Bakugou embodies many core characteristics of the Taurus sun sign, both good and bad. Looking at his character through the lens of astrology provides insight into the complex motivations driving this volatile hero-in-training. So for fans seeking to understand Bakugou on a deeper level, knowing his Taurus zodiac provides an illuminating glimpse into the forces that shape his fiery, aggressive, determined personality.