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What’s Zhongli’s Archon name?

Zhongli is one of the mighty Archons in Genshin Impact, but many players may not know his true Archon name. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Zhongli’s lore and reveal his Archon title.

Who is Zhongli?

Zhongli is the Geo Archon and one of The Seven who ruled over Teyvat during the Archon War. He is the God of Geo and the oldest of the still-living Archons. Zhongli ruled as the Geo Archon for over 3,000 years before stepping down from his role. He is also known as the Prime of the Adepti, commanding gods who protect Liyue.

In the current timeline, Zhongli goes by the mortal identity of Zhongli. He works as a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue Harbor. However, the Traveler eventually learns that the mysterious Zhongli is actually the previous Geo Archon.

What was Zhongli’s Archon name?

During his tenure as the Geo Archon, Zhongli went by the Archon name “Morax.” This name comes from the Latin word “morax,” meaning ram.

In Chinese lore, Morax is another name for the deity Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan is considered the Yellow Emperor who unified China and founded the first dynasty. He is associated with the element of earth, so the name fits Zhongli’s Geo Archon role.

Morax is also the name of a demon in demonology, so the Archon name has a very godly and powerful sound to it. It suits the mighty Archon of Geo who defeated many gods in the Archon War.

Evidence of Morax as Zhongli’s Archon name

There are a few key pieces of evidence that reveal Morax was Zhongli’s Archon name:

  • On the Stone Tablet in Liyue Harbor, the text reads “As the dragon lay dying, the land was shrouded in stone. Great and small paid tribute to the Divine Stone that ended the archon war.” The “Divine Stone” refers to Morax, which was Zhongli.
  • In the Liyue quest “Historia Antiqua,” you help historian Zhongli organize old books. One book refers to contracts signed by Rex Lapis and “Morax,” indicating they are one and the same.
  • When you first meet Zhongli, he says his old friends used to call him “Rex Lapis.” Rex Lapis is the Archon name that replaced Morax.
  • In Zhongli’s Character Story 5, it states: “But this secret is only known to Rex Lapis’ closest friends – or should I say, Morax’s closest friends.”

Based on this evidence, it’s clear that Morax was the original Archon name used by Zhongli starting in the Archon War up until he stepped down as Geo Archon.

When and why did Zhongli switch to Rex Lapis?

Zhongli used the name Morax for over 3,000 years during his time ruling as the Geo Archon. However, he eventually decided to step down from his role around the end of the Archon War.

When an Archon steps down, it is tradition for them to take on a new name. This signifies their transition from an active Archon to a retired one.

So when Zhongli shed his duties as the Geo Archon, he took on a new Archon name – Rex Lapis. Rex Lapis means “King of Stone” in Latin, fitting as the Archon of the Geo/earth element.

Zhongli likely chose this new moniker because:

  • It aligned with his elemental association of earth/stone.
  • It referenced his royal status as an Archon “King.”
  • It distinguished his retired identity from his previous active role as Morax.

He still retained his Gnosis and Geo powers, but ruled behind the scenes rather than directly commanding Liyue.

Significance of Morax and Rex Lapis

The fact that Zhongli took on different Archon names holds important meaning:

  • It shows Zhongli respects the tradition of Archons taking new names after stepping down.
  • Morax reflects his active commanding status during the Archon War, while Rex Lapis reflects his retired advisor status.
  • Using different names allows him to separate his identities between eras.
  • For those who know his secret, it reveals insights into Zhongli’s long history.

So in summary:

  • Morax was Zhongli’s first Archon name used during the Archon War.
  • He took the new name Rex Lapis when he retired as the Geo Archon.
  • This marked a major transition between the eras of his Archon rule.


Zhongli is the only Archon in Genshin Impact who has used two different Archon names. During his time as an active Archon, he was known as Morax – the powerful god who ended the Archon War. But when he stepped down from his duties, he took on the new moniker Rex Lapis to reflect his transition into retirement.

These two names represent the different eras of Zhongli’s impossibly long life as an Archon. Morax commanded the Adepti and defeated gods, while Rex Lapis took on a more advisory role. His choice to change his name shows Zhongli’s great respect for tradition and the weight of an Archon’s identity. Next time you see Zhongli in Liyue, remember that this humble consultant was once Morax, the victorious Geo Archon of legend!