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When Pisces is angry?

Pisces is known as one of the most peaceful and calm signs of the zodiac. However, even this gentle water sign has a breaking point. When pushed too far, Pisces can erupt with intense anger that seems to come out of nowhere. Understanding when and why Pisces gets angry can help prevent tensions from escalating with this sensitive sign.

What Makes Pisces Angry?

Here are some of the main triggers that can make Pisces furious:

Betrayal of Trust

More than anything, Pisces values deep emotional connections and trusts wholeheartedly once letting someone into their inner world. If that trust is broken through lies, cheating, or abuse, watch out. Betrayal awakens the raging sea monster beneath Pisces’ placid surface. Broken vows and intimate wounds cut Pisces to their very core.

Cruelty and Injustice

Pisces is the most empathetic sign, deeply feeling the pains of others. When Pisces witnesses bullying, discrimination, abuse, racism, or needless suffering, they can become extremely upset and angry. Their compassion stirs them to defend and protect. Pisces abhors all forms of cruelty, from animal abuse to domestic violence. Turning a blind eye is not in their nature.

Invasion of Privacy

Pisces needs solitude and privacy to replenish their spirits. Their alone time and inner world are sacred to them. Trespassing upon their personal space or demanding their constant availability can inspire irritation. Unexpected disruptions jar Pisces out of their pleasant reveries. They value their tranquility and become annoyed when it’s disturbed.

Disrespect and Rudeness

Pisces is usually extremely considerate, treating everyone with kindness and respect. They expect this basic decency to be reciprocated. When faced with outright mockery, insults, hostile sarcasm, or contempt, Pisces anger bubbles up. Their sensitive feelings get hurt, causing them to lash out in self-defense.

Criticism of Loved Ones

The fish has a deep well of love and devotion for friends, family, and romantic partners. If you insult or belittle someone dear to Pisces, you’re cruising for a tongue lashing. Pisces will vehemently defend those they care about when under attack. Lay off the criticism unless you want to provoke Pisces’ fierce protectiveness.

Dishonesty and Fakery

Pisces prizes authenticity and can usually sniff out phonies a mile away. Hidden agendas, backstabbing, and people who are other than they seem greatly trouble this intuitive sign. Betrayal by fake friends and frauds in business or love make Pisces seethe with frustration. They feel foolish for trusting those who lied.

Emotional Manipulation

Don’t try mind games with the fish! Pisces easily picks up on indirect aggression, guilt-tripping, and attempts to control through unspoken threats or emotional blackmail. These tactics rub Pisces the wrong way. They may outwardly comply due to wanting to keep the peace, but inside they are extremely irritated.

How Does Pisces Act When Angry?

Pisces anger can be intense, yet also indirect and controlled. Here’s how it often manifests:

Withdrawing and Silent Treatment

Unlike fiery signs, Pisces typically won’t have emotional outbursts or aggressively confront the source of their ire. Instead, they withdraw and give the cold shoulder. Their way of showing anger is through sullen silence, evasiveness, and cutting off communication.

Passive-Aggressive Behavior

The resentful fish may act super sweet on the surface, while subtly undermining or sabotaging the target of their anger behind the scenes. They know how to weaponize their niceness and hurt others without seeming nasty.

Venting to Sympathetic Ears

Pisces needs to process anger through talking it out. They’ll often turn to trusted confidants to vent and gain support. Beware becoming the subject of complaint to Pisces’ network of friends, allies, or anonymous online forums.

Crying, Sadness, and Hurt Feelings

More than rage, anger leaves Pisces feeling damaged and vulnerable. Tears are a release valve for their emotional intensity. Pisces may cry easily when frustrated as a way to self-soothe their turbulent feelings.

Escapism and Avoidance

Pisces may try to escape an anger-inducing situation that they feel powerless to change. Retreating into fantasy worlds, overindulging in food, alcohol or shopping, or diving into projects can help Pisces distract themselves from unpleasant realities.

Moodiness and Irritability

The fish can’t hide their emotions well. Others will notice them being grumpy, sulky, morose, and quick to annoyance. Small things seem to set them off. Their body language reveals their simmering unhappiness through downcast eyes and a frown.

Sarcastic Humor

Pisces avoids direct confrontations but may channel frustration through thinly veiled barbs cloaked in wit. Their jokes reveal pent-up grievances. Using humor allows them to air hurt feelings without seeming overemotional.

How Long Does Pisces Stay Angry?

Pisces typically doesn’t sustain anger for extended periods. They may have passionate outbursts but cool down relatively quickly, restoring their normal gentle composure. Here’s how long Pisces’ anger tends to last:

Minutes to Hours

If Pisces has a flare-up of frustration with a loved one, they often calm down within minutes or hours, especially if the other person apologizes. Pisces highly values harmony in relationships. They don’t like lingering on negative feelings.

Days to Weeks

More serious wounds to trust, such as lies or betrayal, cause anger that can persist for days or weeks. Pisces needs time to process the hurt and may withdraw. But they will gradually let go of resentment if the offending party makes amends.

Months to Years

In rare cases, if someone viciously exploits Pisces’ kindness, their anger may smolder for months to years. If severe emotional trauma like abuse is inflicted, Pisces can develop deep wells of hidden bitterness that are difficult to release. Total betrayal by trusted loved ones permanently damages their faith.

How to Tell When Pisces is Done Being Angry

It’s usually clear when Pisces moves past anger and back to their happy-go-lucky selves. Signs Pisces isn’t mad anymore include:

– Resuming friendly communication and affection

– Reengaging with hobbies and interests

– Lighthearted joking and laughter

– Apologies for moody behavior

– Letting go of a desire to punish

– Focusing on positives rather than dwelling on negatives

– Compassion and empathy returning

– Sincerely forgiving those who caused hurt

Soothing a Pisces’ Anger

If you’ve raised Pisces’ ire, here are some tips to smooth things over:

Give Space and Time

Don’t demand that Pisces instantly get over anger. Let them process feelings in solitude first. Pressuring reconciliation only pushes Pisces further away emotionally. Have patience.

Listen Without Judgment

Create a safe space for Pisces to share their perspective. Don’t interrupt or criticize their view. Make them feel truly heard and understood.

Sincerely Apologize

Own up to any hurts you caused, without excuses. Admit fault and tell Pisces you want to earn back trust. Avoid excessive defensiveness.

Show Change Through Actions

Pretty words mean little without proof. Earn Pisces’ forgiveness by consistently modeling respectful behavior over time. Walk the talk.

Reassure Them of Your Affection

Pisces needs extra affection when upset. Verbalize your love, write heartfelt notes, give thoughtful gifts. Help them feel secure in your bond.

Remind Them of Happy Memories

To lift Pisces’ spirits, reminisce about meaningful moments you shared. Reconnect to the foundations of your bond that remain.

Validate Their Feelings

Don’t tell Pisces their anger is wrong or overblown. Acknowledge you understand why they feel as they do, even if you disagree about details.

Lighten the Mood

Inject some gentle humor. Help Pisces remember joy and laughter you’ve known together. Share silly memes or inside jokes.

When to Give a Pisces Space

As eager as you may be to repair a rift with Pisces, avoid these counterproductive behaviors:

Arguing or Yelling

Heated conflict only fuels Pisces’ churning emotions. Raised voices tell Pisces their feelings are invalid and unheard. Tread softly.

Minimizing Their Anger

Comments like “You’re overreacting” or “It’s not a big deal” will backfire. Don’t trivialize Pisces’ justified hurt. Tread lightly.

Forcing Your Presence

If Pisces signals they need alone time, respect that wish. Don’t force them to socialize or constantly text them. Let absence make the heart grow fonder.

Dishing Out Blame

Trading fault and accusations will only drive a wedge. Own your missteps first without deflecting. Take the high road.

Sarcastic or Passive-Aggressive Digs

Snarky quips will escalate tensions. Don’t make sly passive-aggressive comments to antagonize them.

Withholding Affection

Don’t use coldness as a weapon. Stoic silence and ignoring Pisces will backfire. Stay open-hearted.

When to Stage an Intervention

In some cases of severe anger, Pisces may need help regaining equilibrium:


If anger morphs into deep, lasting sadness and despair, Pisces may be depressed. Counseling or medication could help if mood persists.

Addictive Behaviors

Anger could fuel unhealthy dependencies like drug abuse, drinking, gambling, or eating disorders. Professional treatment may be needed.

Withdrawing from Life

If Pisces abandons work, school, hygiene, exercise or social connections for over two weeks, they likely need support getting back on track.


In rare, extreme cases, Pisces may start cutting, burning, or physically punishing themselves. This requires immediate intervention.


Unlike most Pisces, the occasional one may become severely violent under anger’s influence. Seek help at first signs of physical aggression.

Anger Management Tips for Pisces

Pisces can employ strategies to express their anger in healthier ways:

Journal About Feelings

Writing privately allows Pisces to freely vent without confrontation. Putting emotions into words brings clarity.

Exercise and Movement

Physical activity like yoga, dance, walking, or sports channels frustrated energy into something positive.

Creative Arts

Making art, playing music, photography, ceramics…creating soothes Pisces’ emotions and provides an outlet for shadow feelings.

Talk it Out With a Counselor

An objective therapist can validate Pisces’ feelings without taking sides. Talking releases pent-up frustrations.

Limit Alcohol and Drugs

Relying on substances to cope can become unhealthy and spiral out of control. Keep use moderate.

Establish Boundaries

It’s ok for Pisces to say no, set limits, and create space from toxic people or situations. They don’t need to be a doormat.

Manage Stress Levels

With self-care like enough sleep, healthy food, massage, and meditation, Pisces gains resilience against anger triggers.

Forgive, Not Forget

While Pisces benefits from forgiving others, they should also remember lessons from anger about who to trust.


For Pisces, anger is like a storm at sea – intense but short-lived. Their fury is ignited when their compassionate spirit is tested by cruelty, betrayal or damage to their inner world. Pisces anger can be indirectly expressed through silence, escapism or passive-aggression. While Pisces doesn’t like holding grudges, their anger at serious wrongdoings may last months to years if trust cannot be rebuilt through atonement. With self-care and output of emotions into arts or athletics, Pisces can keep their anger from becoming too internally destructive before it washes away naturally like footprints on the beach. Their anger is a wave – it builds, crests, crashes, and inevitably returns to calm waters once again.