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When should I announce my pregnancy?

Deciding when to announce your pregnancy to family and friends is an exciting milestone, but it can also feel stressful to find the right time. Here is some guidance on when and how to share your happy news.

First Trimester

The first trimester (weeks 1-12) is often when pregnancy feels scary and uncertain. Many couples opt to keep it private during this stage due to the higher likelihood of miscarriage. According to the March of Dimes, 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, most often in the first trimester.

That said, telling your close inner circle can help you get emotional support during the anxious early weeks. Sharing with parents, siblings, closest friends, and your manager at work is common in the first trimester once you’ve had an ultrasound and feel more confident that the pregnancy is viable.

Waiting until the end of the first trimester (12 weeks) provides more certainty, since risk drops significantly after this milestone. At this point, the embryo has developed into a fetus and chances of miscarriage fall below 10%.

Second Trimester

For most couples, the second trimester (weeks 13-27) offers a “honeymoon” phase where energy returns, nausea fades, and the reality sets in that a baby is coming. This is often the most comfortable and confident trimester.

Announcing to all family, friends, coworkers, and on social media often happens in the early second trimester, between weeks 12-16. At this point, the risk of miscarriage is substantially lower and a noticeable baby bump has likely developed.

Waiting until 16-20 weeks allows expectant parents to feel confident from second trimester screening tests like the anatomy ultrasound, quadruple blood screen, or non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) that show their baby is developing normally.

Third Trimester

The third trimester (weeks 28-40) brings excitement mixed with some discomforts like swelling, back pain, and fatigue. At this point in pregnancy, it’s unlikely anyone does not already know your news.

Some couples opt for a formal maternity photoshoot and baby shower in the third trimester as a chance to celebrate their upcoming arrival with loved ones. Creative social media announcements with your cute round belly are also popular now.

Key Timing Considerations

Beyond each trimester, there are a few other timing factors that may influence when you comfortably announce your pregnancy:

  • After the 1st prenatal visit: Confirming from an ultrasound or blood test that you are indeed pregnant can bring relief and confidence to share the news widely.
  • After genetic screening: If doing invasive tests like CVS or amniocentesis, waiting for normal results may ease your mind before announcing.
  • After telling important people privately first: Sharing directly with your parents, in-laws, manager, or others who will be impacted before a public announcement can be thoughtful.
  • Major holidays or events: Telling loved ones in person if possible, such as during a family gathering you already planned to attend, can be meaningful.
  • Safety in pregnancy: If you have any health conditions or complications that put you on restrictions like bed rest, you may want to wait until you are stable.
  • Job security: Being established in your role for over a year before sharing with your employer is advisable, since pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is still a risk.

How Should I Announce My Pregnancy?

Telling family and friends your big news can be personalized and creative in many ways. Here are some fun announcement options popular with parents-to-be:

  • In-person: Sharing your pregnancy face-to-face, and capturing the reaction on video, lets you experience their surprise and joy up close.
  • Phone calls: Hearing your voice and tone helps convey your emotion and excitement to far away loved ones.
  • Text or email: A simple written announcement allows people time to process it privately first before responding.
  • Social media posts: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok offer lots of creative ways to announce your pregnancy and baby bump.
  • Cards or gifts: Mail announcing your due date or frame the ultrasound photo to create a memento they can keep.
  • Food reveal: Order cookies or cakes with pink or blue inside to disclose the gender at a shower or party.
  • Surprise visit: Showing up in person unexpectedly with an announcement onesie or t-shirt can maximize the excitement.

Whichever method you choose, announcing your pregnancy can be a joyful chance to bring loved ones together and get support leading up to baby’s arrival!

What Should I Include in My Pregnancy Announcement?

To make your pregnancy reveal unique to you, consider including some of these details:

  • Baby’s due date or month of expected arrival
  • Something about how you’re feeling – excited, nervous, overjoyed
  • If you know, share whether it’s a boy or girl
  • How far along you are (in weeks)
  • If this is your first child or an addition to the family
  • Funny quip if you have been trying a long time and want to poke fun at it
  • A heartfelt note if this is your “rainbow baby” after loss

You certainly don’t need to overshare if you prefer to keep some details private for now. Follow your instincts on what information you are comfortable revealing as you spread the joyful news.

Pregnancy Announcement Wording Examples

Unsure what to write? Here are some sweet, funny, and creative sample announcements for inspiration:

Announcement Wording Idea Notes
Bun in the oven! Baby [Surname] coming [month/year] Short, casual wording
We’re pregnant and feeling blessed – Due Date [Date] Spiritual/religious tone
[Baby’s name], coming soon to a crib near you [Date] Playful movie/TV theme
Promoted to parents! [Due date] Work/career focused
Leveling up to [big sister/brother] – Baby arrives [month/year] For a first child
Our family is growing by two feet and one heart – Baby [Surname] due [date] Sweet sentiment for any child
Bun in the oven! [Baby emoji] – Cooking until [month] Cute with emoji

Make it personal by tailoring it to your family dynamic or sense of humor. Have fun surprising everyone with your own special pregnancy announcement!


Announcing your pregnancy is one of the most exciting milestones of expecting a baby. While the timing is up to your comfort level, the standard timeline is to share with close contacts in the first trimester, announce publicly in the second trimester, then celebrate with a baby shower in the third trimester.

From creative social media posts to thoughtful in-person reveals, customize your announcement to suit your personal style. Remember to include meaningful details like your due date, baby’s gender, and how you feel. Spreading the joyful news with family and friends marks a special moment you will cherish.