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Where is a boy most sensitive?

As boys go through puberty, their bodies change in many ways. One of the most noticeable changes is that their genital area becomes much more sensitive than before. This is perfectly normal, but it’s something that boys should understand so they know what to expect.

The Penis

One of the main reasons a boy’s genitals become more sensitive during puberty is because of the growth of the penis and testicles. As the penis grows longer and wider, and the testicles enlarge, there are more nerve endings in these areas that get stimulated.

The head (or glans) of the penis is especially sensitive. This is the rounded tip that is normally covered by the foreskin. When the foreskin retracts during an erection, the glans is exposed. Even the gentlest touch can feel pleasurable or intense. The frenulum, on the underside of the penis where the glans meets the shaft, is another particularly sensitive area.

Along the penile shaft, there is less sensitivity. However, many boys find stroking motions up and down the shaft to be stimulating, especially once the penis is erect. The scrotum and testicles are also sensitive to light touch.

Pubic Hair

As puberty begins, most boys will start to grow thicker, curlier pubic hair around the base of the penis and testicles. This hair growth is triggered by rising testosterone levels. The skin underneath and around pubic hair can be very sensitive to touch.

Some boys find that rubbing or touching of pubic hair feels tingling or arousing. The skin around the pubic area also becomes extra sensitive due to increased blood flow during arousal and the awakening of dormant sexual nerves.


During puberty, it becomes much easier for a boy to get an erection. This happens when the penis fills with blood and becomes larger, harder and more erect. Erections can occur unexpectedly, or be triggered by arousal, touch or sexual thoughts.

When the penis is erect, it becomes extremely sensitive. This is because more blood is flowing into it, making the nerve endings more pronounced. Even the gentlest touch or stimulation can feel intense. For many boys, the sensation of an erection can feel unbearably sensitive at first.


It is very common for boys to start masturbating, or touching their own genitals for sexual pleasure, during puberty. This happens as a result of the increased sensitivity in the penis and genital area.

Masturbation allows boys to explore sensations in their penis and find out what kinds of touch feel most pleasurable. Some common masturbation techniques include stroking the shaft up and down, rubbing or stroking the glans, and massaging the testicles and scrotum.

At first, masturbation may feel extremely sensitive. But over time, boys often masturbate more vigorously as the penis becomes accustomed to touch and stimulation. Using lubricant can help make masturbation more comfortable and smooth.

Oral Sex

Some adolescent boys may start to engage in oral sex, which involves using the mouth and tongue to stimulate the genitals. The warm, moist environment of the mouth can be even more sensitive than a hand. The tongue, lips and suction can create new, intensely pleasurable sensations.

Fellatio involves a partner putting the penis in their mouth. The glans and underside of the penis often respond strongly to the texture of a tongue and mouth. Licking, sucking, humming or talking can add different kinds of stimulation.

Cunnilingus involves using the mouth to stimulate the vulva or vagina. Teen boys may find their tongues are extra sensitive sensors that can pick up subtle tastes and textures.


Many boys become physically ready for sexual intercourse, or penetrative sex, during adolescence. Intercourse involves the penis inserting into the vagina. This causes tightness and friction around the sensitive penile shaft that many boys find intensely pleasurable.

However, the first experiences with intercourse can also feel overwhelming for some boys. Taking things slowly, using lubricant, and communicating with a partner help make it more comfortable.

Responses to Stimulation

In addition to physical pleasure, genital sensitivity leads to certain involuntary responses for adolescent boys:

  • Erections – Erections happen when blood rushes into the penis in response to arousal. This makes the penis sensitive and erect.
  • Ejaculation – At the peak of arousal, ejaculation occurs, which is the release of semen from the penis. This is accompanied by intense, pleasurable muscle contractions.
  • Increased heart rate, quicker breathing, and sweating – Stimulation causes the heart rate to speed up to pump more blood into the genitals. Breathing becomes heavier too.

These responses are normal and show that the boy’s body is reacting typically to sexual stimulation. As boys learn what kinds of touch trigger these responses, they gain better control over their sexual arousal and response.

Managing Sensitivity

While increased genital sensitivity feels pleasurable, it can also feel uncomfortable, overwhelming or painful at times. Here are some tips to help adolescent boys manage sensitivity:

  • Use a gentle touch at first, then gradually build up speed and pressure
  • Use lubricant to minimize friction
  • Stimulate other body parts too, not just the genitals
  • Masturbate to ejaculation to temporarily reduce sensitivity
  • Wear loose underwear and clothing to avoid excess friction
  • Do not touch the genitals if they feel sore or irritated
  • Engage in open communication with a partner about preferences

When to Seek Help

Occasional sensitivity or discomfort is normal, but see a doctor if:

  • Sensitivity is so intense it prevents romantic/sexual activities
  • Genitals remain sore or irritated after sexual activity
  • Erections are persistently painful instead of pleasurable
  • There are symptoms like genital numbness, discharge or rashes

This could potentially indicate an underlying medical issue needing treatment.


In summary, a boy’s genitals become extra sensitive during puberty and adolescence due to hormonal changes and growth down there. The penis, scrotum and pubic area have many nerve endings that react strongly to touch and stimulation. While this sensitivity enables pleasure, boys may need to take things slowly and communicate with partners to make sexual experiences comfortable.

Body Area Reasons for Increased Sensitivity Potential Responses to Stimulation
Penis (especially glans and frenulum) More nerve endings as penis grows larger Erections, ejaculation, pleasure
Scrotum Enlargement of testicles inside scrotum Contraction of scrotum, arousal
Pubic hair and surrounding skin Increased blood flow to genitals Pleasure, goosebumps, erection