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Where is Shields rest in Stormheim?

Stormheim is one of the four leveling zones in the Broken Isles introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion. It is located in the northeastern part of the Broken Isles and is home to the Vrykul, one of the ancient races native to Azeroth. Stormheim contains many important story moments in Legion, making it an essential zone to quest through. One of the key locations players will visit in Stormheim is the Shield’s Rest.

What is Shield’s Rest?

Shield’s Rest is the final resting place of the titanic watcher known as Keeper Odyn. It is located in the eastern part of Stormheim, along the coast. The shield-shaped tomb can be seen from quite a distance away. Shield’s Rest serves as one of the main quest hubs in Stormheim.

Within Shield’s Rest, players will interact with Keeper Odyn and other key NPCs related to the zone’s storyline. It is also the location where players will pick up quests to enter the Halls of Valor dungeon. The entrance to the dungeon is found at the base of the tomb.

Reaching Shield’s Rest

When players first arrive in Stormheim, Shield’s Rest will likely be quite far from their initial location. However, there are a couple ways to reach the tomb to continue questing:

  • Use the flight paths: The closest flight path is Valdisdall, which is just south of Shield’s Rest. Players can take the flight path there and run north to the tomb.
  • Unlock additional flight paths: As players complete quests and explore more of Stormheim, they will unlock flight paths closer to Shield’s Rest like Lorna’s Watch.
  • Ride ground mounts: With ground mounts, players can just directly ride over to the tomb. It can take a few minutes depending on exact starting location.
  • Use water walking mounts: For certain classes or players with water walking mounts, you can cross the water directly east to the tomb.

Utilizing flight paths is the quickest way to get to Shield’s Rest initially. But as more transport options open up, players will be able to get there faster. Water walking across the bay directly is also very quick once players have access to water walking effects.

What to Do at Shield’s Rest

Once players arrive at Shield’s Rest, there are a variety of quests and activities available:

Pick Up and Complete Quests

The main reason to go to Shield’s Rest is to pick up and complete major Legion storyline quests. Some of the notable quest chains that can be acquired here include:

  • The Halls of Valor quests: These quests have players interact with Odyn and prepare to venture into the Halls of Valor dungeon.
  • Haustvald quests: Shield’s Rest serves as a gateway to this entire zone which holds many important questlines.
  • Helya’s plot quests: Odyn gives players insight into the BFA raid boss Helya and her role in Stormheim’s story.
  • Artifact weapon quests: Several classes get their artifact weapons or quests from NPCs at Shield’s Rest like Warriors, Priests, Mages.

Completing these major quest chains will move forward the Legion main storyline as well as your class Order Hall quests. It unlocks key content and provides significant context for the events happening in Stormheim.

Enter the Halls of Valor

The entrance to the first Legion mythic-only dungeon can be found at Shield’s Rest. Once players complete the starter quests provided by Odyn, they can queue up for Halls of Valor when they meet the minimum entry requirements. Early in progression, getting attuned to and running Halls of Valor is very important.

The dungeon has 5 bosses with notable loot drops that can greatly improve your character’s gear and power. Defeating the bosses on mythic difficulty will award the Glory of the Legion Hero achievement as well.

Profession Quests

Shield’s Rest is also home to some profession trainers that offer quests for max-level crafters. Examples include:

  • Blacksmithing trainer with quests for recipes
  • Fishing trainer who gives a quest for rare fish in the nearby waters
  • Cooking trainer who offers a quest to prepare a Vrykul feast

Leveling these profession quests reward artifacts power, so it can be worth the time investment for players focused on crafting.

Notable NPCs at Shield’s Rest

In addition to Odyn, there are many other NPCs players can interact with at Shield’s Rest:

NPC Role
Havi Skycaller and mystic who helps explain Helya’s story
Valarjar Odyn’s chosen warriors who aid players
Ashildir Ferrymaster who takes players across the sea
Thorignir Blacksmithing trainer offering profession quests
Professional Fisher Fishing trainer with quest for Stormheim fish
Dalanira Cooking trainer providing quest for Vrykul feast

These NPCs either progress the storyline or offer key side quests and profession training. Interacting with them is critical to get the most out of Shield’s Rest.

Rare Elites and Treasures

Around the grounds of Shield’s Rest, there are also rare elite mobs and treasure chests that spawn. Some examples include:

  • Valarjar Mystic – DropsWild Dreamrunner mount
  • Valarjar Thundercaller – DropsStormforged Valkyra mount
  • Altar of the Watcher chest – Contains relics
  • Shrine of the Truthguard chest – Has artifact power items

Having treasures and rare spawns right near such a critical quest hub makes Shield’s Rest more interesting to revisit. It provides chances at cool rewards and gear upgrades.


Shield’s Rest stands as one of the most important locations in all of Stormheim. The ancient tomb contains critical quest NPCs like Odyn and serves as the gateway to zones like Haustvald and the Halls of Valor dungeon. With profession quests, treasures, and rare spawns also in the area, it is a place players will want to frequently come back to.

Reaching Shield’s Rest early on via flight paths or water walking is key to advancing the Legion Order Hall and main storylines. Completing the quest chains started within the tomb unlocks content and provides significant lore details on figures like Helya and Odyn. Max-level players will also want to revisit periodically for profession quests and chances at rare mounts from the elites around the tomb.

Stormheim holds many mysteries and challenges for players to conquer. But having a centralized hub like Shield’s Rest makes navigating them much easier. Knowing the optimal ways to reach it, the quests and NPCs within, and the other rewards in the area allows players to get the most out of this pivotal location.

With the guidance above on all the key details about Shield’s Rest, players will be fully prepared to take on this iconic location in Stormheim. It is a place of legends, and by properly utilizing its offerings, players will be embarking on their own legend in the Broken Isles. The titans shaped this land, but it will be up to adventurers to determine its ultimate fate.

The challenges ahead are many, but the first step is clear – make way for Shield’s Rest and discover the beginnings of your journey in Stormheim. Destiny awaits atop that cliffside perch, overlooking the realm of Odyn and his valarjar. A realm on the brink of chaos and in need of heroes. The path ahead is perilous, no doubt, but plenty of allies and knowledge await at Shield’s Rest to get you started. Make haste for this ancient shield tomb, collect your strength, steel your resolve, and let the quest begin!

Stormheim’s myths and legends have endured for ages, but new tales are still being written. In the aftermath of the Burning Legion’s invasion, this land needs modern champions to rise up and take a stand. To throw back the spreading darkness and preserve the enduring sanctity of sites like Haustvald and Shield’s Rest. Places imbued with ancient power and wisdom – where vital artifact weapons may still be claimed and critical battle plans formulated. Stormheim’s future remains undecided, with ancient evils like Helya threatening to corrupt it. Only you and your allies have the ability to chart the right course.

There will be trials along the road ahead. Impossible decisions to make and moral dilemmas to wrestle with. Such is the nature of war and the burden of heroes. But the strength you glean from Odyn and the offerings at Shield’s Rest will guide you through the tribulations ahead. Stand tall, stay vigilant for deception, and fight with honor. Lead the charge into Stormheim’s unknown wilds, pave the way for your allies, and etch your name into Vrykul lore. The valarjar and titan watchers are counting on you. All of Azeroth is counting on you. But most importantly, believe in yourself and your capabilities. The Legion’s end begins in Stormheim, at the very precipice of Shield’s Rest.