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Where is the best place to farm salmon in New World?

Salmon farming in New World can be a great way to make money and obtain high-quality fish for cooking. However, finding the ideal location to set up your salmon farm is crucial for success. In this article, we will explore the top salmon farming spots in New World and what makes them so advantageous for raising healthy, harvestable salmon.

What are the requirements for a good salmon farm?

A successful salmon farm needs a few key elements:

  • Clean, cool water temperatures between 45-60°F – Salmon thrive in cooler waters.
  • Continuous water flow – Stagnant water breeds disease. Flowing water replenishes oxygen.
  • Sheltered coastline – Protected from storms and rough seas that could damage pens.
  • Sandy or rocky bottom – Allows waste to disperse and not build up underneath pens.

In addition, it’s ideal to have the farm located near a settlement for easy access and maintenance. Salmon farms must be regularly monitored and maintained to ensure healthy growth.

Recommended Salmon Farming Locations

Here are some of the best zones and settlements for setting up a productive salmon farm in New World:

Windsward, Everfall

Windsward in Everfall is an excellent salmon farming spot. The waters are cool and flowing from the north. There are several sheltered coves and bays along the windswept coast that provide ideal conditions. The sandy beaches allow waste dispersal. Being close to Windsward settlement enables easy access and maintenance. The central location also provides connectivity to other trading hubs like Everfall.

Cutlass Keys, First Light

First Light in Cutlass Keys benefits from the cool coastal waters flowing in from the north. There are protected rocky coves and sandy beaches ideal for pen setup. The hilly terrain also acts as a natural barrier from storms. First Light settlement provides a nearby base for operations. Cutlass Keys’ central location also enables distribution across factions.

Ebonscale Reach, Skytouch Cliffs

The northern rocky shores by Skytouch Cliffs in Ebonscale Reach provide excellent salmon farming waters. The cold currents and jagged cliffs offer protection from the elements. Rocky bottoms allow waste dispersal. Skytouch Ridge settlement provides a strategic base in the Zinnervale region. Ebonscale’s southern location also grants access to Windsward and Everfall for wider trade.

Weaver’s Fen, Reekwater

In Weaver’s Fen, the Reekwater area contains prime salmon farming waters. The river delta provides flowing cool waters ideal for pens. The shallow sandbars allow waste dispersal. The shelter from the cliffs and windswept dunes protect the farm from storms. Reekwater settlement provides close access for operations. Distribution can flow north to Everfall and Windsward or south to Restless and Brightwood.

Restless Shore, Amrine Excavation

Along the Restless Shore, the waters by Amrine Excavation offer an excellent salmon farming spot. The rocky cliffs and flowing waters maintain cool temperatures. Sheltered coves allow protected pen locations. The shallow waters enable waste dispersal. The Amrine settlement provides a strategic base in the southern Brightwood region. Access to Brightwood, Everfall, and Weaver’s Fen enables trade distribution.

Best Salmon Farming Settlements

Based on the ideal locations above, here are the top settlements for basing your salmon farming operations:

Settlement Territory Benefits
Windsward Everfall Central location, close to optimal waters
First Light Cutlass Keys Sheltered coves, central faction location
Skytouch Cliffs Ebonscale Reach Cold currents, southern trade access
Reekwater Weaver’s Fen River delta, north/south distribution
Amrine Restless Shore Protected coves, south Brightwood access

These settlements provide the best home bases to build and operate your salmon farming pens. Their locations grant optimal water conditions while enabling distribution trade routes across the map.

Tips for Starting Your Salmon Farm

Once you’ve selected the ideal location, here are some tips for setting up and running your salmon farm:

  • Scout the area thoroughly – Identify optimal pen locations before building.
  • Place pens strategically – Group together but allow swimming room.
  • Use ecology lures – Boost spawn rates for quicker growth.
  • Monitor pen often – Maintain ideal conditions and catch issues early.
  • Harvest frequently – Don’t allow salmon to overpopulate pens.
  • Sell to local trading posts – Or distribute to settlements based on prices.

Proper scouting, strategic pen placement, and attentive farm management will yield healthy, bountiful salmon harvests. Partnering with a settlement will also help secure crafting resources for lures and maintenance.


Salmon farming in New World can be extremely lucrative if done right. The key is finding areas with ideal natural conditions for salmon growth. Windsward, First Light, Skytouch Cliffs, Reekwater, and Amrine offer prime locations based on their cool, flowing waters and strategic access. Operating out of their nearby settlements enables optimal farm setup and trading distribution. With the right pen placements and attentive caretaking, your salmon farm will produce abundant harvests to sell across the map. Just be sure to maintain pens diligently, harvest frequently, and take advantage of settlement crafting perks.