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Which member of BTS does not like to wear shoes?

The K-pop group BTS has become a global phenomenon, with millions of fans around the world captivated by their music, choreography, and personalities. As with any hugely popular music group, BTS’s fans (called ARMY) are highly interested in even the smallest details about each member’s personal tastes, habits, and quirks. One question that often comes up is whether any of the BTS members dislike wearing shoes or prefer going barefoot.

BTS Members’ Preferences

BTS is composed of 7 members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Here is a quick overview of what is known about each member’s preferences regarding shoes:

  • RM – As the leader of BTS, RM is often described as being professional and put-together. There are no reports of him expressing a dislike for shoes.
  • Jin – Jin has not specifically stated an aversion to shoes either. As one of the group’s vocalists, he frequently wears stylish shoes for performances and public appearances.
  • Suga – Known for his love of sleep and comfort, Suga is sometimes spotted casually barefoot in the BTS dorms. However, he does not seem to mind wearing shoes for work obligations.
  • J-Hope – The upbeat rapper and dancer J-Hope has not indicated any issues with wearing shoes. His footwear matches his energetic personality.
  • Jimin – Jimin often emphasizes how he likes to dress nicely. He enjoys fashionable shoes as part of his stylish outfits.
  • V – While not opposed to shoes, V is the member who has most openly discussed enjoying being barefoot, especially in the dorms or dance practice rooms.
  • Jungkook – The youngest BTS member, Jungkook is still exploring his personal fashion taste. He regularly wears shoes without complaint for schedules and performances.

So in summary, while a few members like Suga and V have been seen casually barefoot, all the BTS members wear shoes as needed for their busy schedules as K-pop idols. V seems the most fond of going shoeless when able.

V’s Preference for Being Barefoot

Among the group, V (whose full name is Kim Taehyung) has made the most public comments about enjoying being barefoot. Fans often spot him without shoes in behind-the-scenes videos from the dorms, dance practice sessions, or backstage. Here are a few examples:

  • In multiple livestreams and Bangtan Bombs (behind-the-scenes videos), V can be seen comfortably barefoot in the BTS dorms.
  • For dance practices, V will often opt to go shoeless in the studio to have more grip and flexibility.
  • At a 2017 fan meeting, V mentioned to the crowd that he had just taken off his shoes because his feet were sore.
  • In 2018, V did an interview casually barefoot and said it helped him focus better.
  • Behind the scenes of a 2020 concert, V removed his shoes to rest his feet and joked that the stage was like a personal foot massage.

In addition, fans have noticed that V seems quick to kick off his shoes during long flights or car rides, presumably to get more comfortable. However, he always complies with wearing shoes when required for public appearances or performances.

Some fans speculate that V prefers bare feet due to sensory issues; the textures or constriction of shoes may irritate him after long periods. But V himself has not directly stated the specific reasons behind his inclination.

V’s Foot Habits On Stage

V’s habit of being shoeless even extends to some live performances occasionally:

  • At the 2015 BTS LIVE HwaYangYeonHwa concert, V performed a solo song called “Stigma” completely barefoot instead of dancing in shoes.
  • In 2018, photographs show V opted to go barefoot for the group’s performance of “Anpanman” on a music show.
  • During a 2021 online concert, V briefly performed “Singularity” without shoes, before putting them back on for the full group songs.

Some fans speculate that V prefers bare feet for these solo stages because it allows him to feel more freedom and grip for contemporary dance moves. The smooth studio flooring is likely more comfortable underfoot than shoes would be for extended dancing. But most live performances still require V to wear shoes suitable for intense choreography and varied stage conditions.

Fan Reactions

Fans of V and BTS have several reactions to his tendency to shed shoes:

  • Many fans find it charming and endearing, and say it shows V’s free-spirited personality.
  • Some fans express concern that going barefoot could be dangerous or unhygienic in certain environments.
  • Several fans say they wish V could be barefoot more often if it makes him comfortable.
  • A number of fans admire how gracefully V dances without shoes, and say it shows off his natural talent.
  • Some fans related to V’s habit, saying they also dislike wearing shoes for long periods.

But the majority seem to simply accept it as an aspect of V’s individuality. They respect when he needs to wear shoes for schedules and safety.

Impact on BTS’ Brand

While V’s shoe habits are noticeable to fans, they do not seem to have any major impact on BTS’ brand reputation and success. If anything, fans find it humanizing that members have minor quirks like this.

  • It does not significantly affect BTS’ polished image for promotions and TV appearances, as V wears shoes as expected in those settings.
  • The group’s reputation for outstanding dance performances remains intact, since V bare feet only enhance his skills for solo stages.
  • Seeing BTS so comfortably casual behind the scenes has if anything made fans feel closer to them.
  • BTS maintain an overall professional, stylish look for photoshoots, music videos, and interviews regardless.

Rather than undermining BTS’ image, V’s shoe habits seem to show that the group can balance professionalism with being authentic and human. Fans see glimpses of the real individuals behind the superstars.


In summary, while all the BTS members will wear shoes as their idol job requires, V is the most likely to take his shoes off given the choice. His stated preference stems from finding it more comfortable, especially for dancing. Fans have reacted positively to this harmless quirk, as it reveals V’s casual, free-spirited side. Letting their individual personalities show occasionally does not hurt the phenomenally successful BTS brand, but instead makes the members feel more real and relatable. So while V may dislike shoes, he and BTS as a whole continue charming the world with their talents.