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Which superhero flies the fastest?

Flight is one of the most iconic superpowers. Many of the most popular superheroes like Superman, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel are able to soar through the sky with incredible speed. But which of these high-flying heroes is the fastest?

In this article, we will compare the top air speeds of some of the world’s mightiest superheroes. Superhero flight speeds are usually expressed either in terms of miles per hour (mph) or mach number. Mach number represents the ratio of an object’s speed to the speed of sound in the medium through which the object is traveling. At sea level and room temperature, the speed of sound is approximately 767 mph.

To be considered for our speed rankings, the hero must have actual superpowers that enable self-propelled flight or movement through the air, ruling out heroes like Batman who require external mechanisms for aerial mobility. We will explore factors that affect each hero’s maximum velocity and any unique capabilities that give them an edge. By the end, you’ll know which super-flier is the fastest in comics lore. So without further ado, let the battle for speed supremacy commence!

10. Angel

Real Name: Warren Worthington III

Maximum Speed: 150 mph

The founding member of the X-Men known as Angel has white, feathered wings that extend from his back enabling him to soar on air currents like a bird. Angel’s wings span 16 feet from tip to tip giving him a large surface area to generate lift and propel himself at up to 150 mph. He can also carry others aloft by grasping them under his arms. However, Angel’s relatively human physiology limits his maximum velocity, putting him firmly at the bottom among the swiftest of his high-flying peers. But what Angel lacks in speed, he makes up for with aerial maneuverability and endurance.

9. Falcon

Real Name: Sam Wilson

Maximum Speed: 250 mph

Falcon’s slim, aerodynamic wingsuit combined with his military training as a test pilot push his airspeed to up to 250 mph, making him one of the fastest non-powered human fliers. The advanced wingsuit worn by the longtime Avengers teammate of Captain America has lightweight carbon fiber wings that use rare metal vibranium to absorb kinetic energy. The wings can manifest semi-solid energy constructs that act like blades. Falcon’s goggles give him enhanced vision to detect threats from great distances. With his incredible speed and mobility, Falcon lives up to his namesake bird of prey.

8. Raven

Real Name: Rachel Roth

Maximum Speed: 350 mph

The half-demon daughter of the interdimensional demon Trigon, Raven is a powerful empath and sorceress who can manifest a “soul-self” – a magical shadowy projection of her consciousness. With her soul-self, she can fly unaided at speeds of over 350 mph. Using her Soul Self augments her physical speed, strength, durability and manifest a range of magical powers from her empathic abilities to interdimensional teleportation. Raven’s connection to her soul-self and emotional control is vital to controlling her abilities and excessive use can drain her. While not the fastest flier, her array of magical powers makes Raven a formidable aerial hero.

7. Iron Man

Real Name: Tony Stark

Maximum Speed: 500 mph

The high-tech powered armor of billionaire inventor Tony Stark enables him to fly at a top speed of 500 mph. The arc reactor that powers Iron Man’s suit generates immense energy to propel him through the skies. Small boot jets provide thrust, aided by larger jet propulsion units on his back and hands for steering and braking. Iron Man’s flight systems continue to be upgraded over multiple versions of his armor to improve speed and maneuverability. From his Extremis suit to Bleeding Edge armor, Iron Man pushes his flight tech to its limits to keep up with faster fliers. But for a non-super powered human, 500 mph in a suit of armor is an incredible feat.

6. Vision

Real Name: J.A.R.V.I.S. & Victor Shade

Maximum Speed: 530 mph

As an android composed of synthetic vibranium, Vision can alter his density, strength and mass at will. This gives him extreme maneuverability to fly at speeds up to 530 mph by decreasing his density and mass. He accomplishes this by shunting the majority of his volume and mass to an extradimensional space, then reclaiming it when needed. Besides flight, Vision utilizes his density changing powers offensively for super strength and intangibility. Having an AI consciousness gives him superhuman calculation skills and the ability to process information and adapt to threats with incredible speed. His unique powers combine to make Vision one of the most agile fliers.

5. Wonder Woman

Real Name: Princess Diana

Maximum Speed: 7000 mph

Created by Zeus from clay, Wonder Woman is a demigoddess and princess of the Amazons. She can fly unaided through the skies at incredible velocities nearing 7000 mph, fast enough to keep pace with a Green Lantern spaceship. Being divine in nature, Wonder Woman has the stamina to maintain these intense supersonic speeds for extended durations. She can outrace the Flash over long distances despite his ability to reach near light speed in short bursts. With her super strength, combat skills and array of god-forged weaponry, Wonder Woman is a formidable force both on Earth and across the stars.

4. Falcon (Sam Alexander)

Real Name: Samuel Alexander

Maximum Speed: Warp Speed

This teenage version of the intergalactic peacekeeper Nova Corps can fly at near warp speeds rivaling the most powerful cosmic entities thanks to the Nova Force energy he wields. As Nova, Sam Alexander can absorb, store and redirect this energy for flight, strength, shields and energy blasts. The Nova Force grants Nova telekinetic control enabling him to fly at unbelievable velocities through deep space and hyperspace without atmospheric friction or gravity impacts. Nova has warded off planet-destroying threats like Phoenix and fought cosmic conquerors like Annihilus – all powered by his mastery of the Nova Force.

3. Silver Surfer

Real Name: Norrin Radd

Maximum Speed: Ten Times Faster than Light

Former astronomer Norrin Radd enjoys one of the most advanced modes of travel in the Marvel universe. His cosmic surfboard is linked to his mind allowing effortless sub-light and faster-than-light travel. The Silver Surfer can detect wormholes and navigate dimensional barriers with ease. His board absorbs ambient cosmic energies to enable speeds far exceeding light, on par with warp drives. Moving at these outrageous velocities would vaporize almost any living entity, but the Silver Surfer is protected by an invisible cosmic energy field granting him invulnerability and letting him survive the harsh realm between stars. Very few can keep up with the cosmically-enhanced Silver Surfer at full velocity.

2. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Real Name: Hal Jordan

Maximum Speed: Faster Than Light

Test pilot Hal Jordan wields a mighty power ring that creates green energy constructs powered by his will and imagination. The ring allows faster-than-light travel using wormholes for quick jumps across the universe. Potential top speed is limited only by willpower which Green Lanterns like Hal Jordan have in abundance. With the ring, he can fly unaided across galaxies and vast distances in space. The ring’s automatic protective force field enables Hal to survive the rigors of space and speeds exceeding light. His indomitable will makes Green Lantern one of the most capable intergalactic heroes, able to outpace nearly any foe thanks to the boundless power of the green light.

1. Superman

Real Name: Kal-El / Clark Kent

Maximum Speed: Over 4000 times Faster than Light

The Last Son of Krypton is in a class all his own when it comes to super speed. Superman can achieve faster-than-light velocities under his own power. By entering a meditative Torquasm fighting trance, he can channel his chi to propel himself at speeds exceeding 4000 times the speed of light! This allows him to time travel and even breach dimensional barriers when needed. Superman’s Kryptonian physiology grants him other superpowers like invulnerability, super strength, enhanced senses, projectile heat beams and tremendous lung capacity. His powers are further enhanced by exposure to Earth’s yellow sun. Superman has flown to the edge of the universe itself in minutes, so his upper speed remains unknown. When it comes to super-speed flight, Superman continues to reign supreme over all other superheroes.


In reviewing the top speeds of the world’s greatest high-flying superheroes, Superman emerges as the champion by far. His ability to exceed 4000 times the speed of light places him in a class of his own. Coming in second is Green Lantern who can achieve warp drive velocities beyond lightspeed using his power ring. In third place is Silver Surfer, whose cosmic abilities enable speeds ten times that of light on his surfboard. Other contenders like Wonder Woman, Nova, Vision and Iron Man possess various extraordinary means of airborne mobility that push them into supersonic ranges. But the iconic Last Son of Krypton Superman continues to set the standard when it comes to super-speed aerial travel. So next time you look up in the sky at a red-caped streak soaring by, chances are it’s Superman moving faster than a speeding pulsar to save the day.