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Who are Megatron’s friends?

Megatron is the infamous leader of the evil Decepticons in the Transformers universe. As a ruthless warlord, Megatron doesn’t seem like the type to have many friends. However, over the course of Transformers lore, Megatron has been allied with various Decepticons who could be considered his “friends,” even if their loyalty is questionable at times.


One of Megatron’s most loyal allies is Shockwave. This coldly logical Decepticon scientist serves as Megatron’s right hand bot and caretaker of Cybertron in Megatron’s absence. Shockwave carries out Megatron’s orders faithfully and manages the Decepticon cause on Cybertron. While Shockwave’s emotionless nature may make friendship unlikely, his complete devotion to Megatron’s commands could qualify him as Megatron’s friend.


Starscream holds the distinction of being Megatron’s first lieutenant and most ambitious underling. While Starscream’s constant scheming to overthrow Megatron may seem contrary to friendship, Starscream remains loyal to the Decepticon cause and returns to serve under Megatron time and again. This complex relationship suggests an underlying bond, as Megatron keeps Starscream in his inner circle despite his treachery. Their shared history suggests a friendship, albeit a turbulent one.


As Megatron’s communications officer, Soundwave is one of his most trusted confidants. Soundwave is unswervingly loyal and dedicated to Megatron’s leadership. Though cold and aloof in personality, Soundwave understands Megatron well and anticipates his needs. This steadfast reliability makes Soundwave one of Megatron’s stalwart allies and an essential friend.

The Constructicons

This team of builder Decepticons serves Megatron loyally, combining their bodies and minds to form the giant Devastator. Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, and Scavenger work closely with Megatron to supply the Decepticon army with everything from energon to infrastructure. Their indispensable skills and teamwork in carrying out Megatron’s bidding makes them a reliable cadre of friends.


The triple-changer Blitzwing displays an unstable, multi-faced personality. Despite his madness, Blitzwing remains an unwaveringly loyal ally to Megatron. His usefulness in battle and seemingly random persona amuses Megatron, who keeps him among his inner circle. Blitzwing’s steadfast if eccentric service proves his merit as one of Megatron’s most faithful friends.

The Seekers

Megatron’s elite Seeker trio of Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp make up the Decepticon air forces. These fliers act as Megatron’s speedy arm delivering force and destruction from above. Though prone to independent action, they follow Megatron’s aerial combat leadership loyally. Their proven talents in serving Megatron’s combat goals makes them a useful set of friends.


The insect-bot Insecticons of Shrapnel, Bombshell, and Kickback provide key espionage skills for the Decepticon cause. Operating in hidden insect alt modes, they can infiltrate and gather intel unlike any other Decepticons. These abilities make them special assets to Megatron. Their reliability in providing their unique skills helps cement them as staunch friends of Megatron.


The Combiner Bruticus is formed from the Combaticon team of Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl, and Swindle. These Decepticons merge into the brutal Bruticus, acting as a massive weapon of destruction for Megatron to wield. Though the Combaticons often seek their own glory, their combined form as Bruticus ensures complete loyalty to Megatron. This powerful gift makes Bruticus a deadly ally and friend to Megatron when he needs it most.


The Decepticon scout Barricade first appears in the 2007 live action Transformers film as a Saleen police car on Earth. Despite this remote assignment on another world, Barricade remains loyal to Megatron and the Decepticon cause. His skills in infiltration and deception combined with a ruthless personality make him a useful Decepticon enforcer. Despite the distance, Barricade’s steadfast dedication to Decepticon goals proves him a reliable friend to Megatron.

Cyclonus & Scourge

These two Decepticons are created by Unicron in Transformers: The Movie as servants to Galvatron, the recreated version of Megatron. However, Cyclonus and Scourge’s true loyalties remain with Megatron, hoping for his return. They serve Galvatron only until Megatron can be revived. This steadfast dedication to Megatron even across different incarnations shows their merit as eternal friends to the Decepticon leader.


In various Transformers series, Mini-Cons are small bots designed to link up with larger Transformers and give them power boosts. Megatron keeps an army of Mini-Cons enslaved to provide power to his forces. While the Mini-Cons are forced into service, some come to admire Megatron’s leadership and power. Megatron rewards the most loyal Mini-Cons, forging an odd friendship between master and servants.


This freelance Decepticon bounty hunter operates independently but maintains a friendship with Megatron proved over millennia. Though not above bargaining with Autobots, Lockdown provides Megatron with occasional services as assassin, arms dealer, and informant. Lockdown’s inside knowledge from working both sides makes him useful to Megatron, forging a friendship of mutual benefit to both.


Megatron may seem like a solitary leader beholden to no one, but he has forged partnerships over the eons that could be considered friendships, at least by Decepticon standards. These alliances have allowed Megatron to maximize the Decepticons’ destructive potential in service of his ultimate goals. While these “friendships” are often ephemeral and fraught with betrayals, they reveal that even a tyrant like Megatron needs allies to achieve victory.

Name Role Personality
Shockwave Scientist, caretaker of Cybertron Logical, emotionless
Starscream First lieutenant, seeker Ambitious, treacherous
Soundwave Communications officer Loyal, reliable
Constructicons Builders, form Devastator Obedient, team players
Blitzwing Ground and air assault Unstable, multi-faced
Seekers Aerial forces Independent but loyal
Insecticons Espionage and infiltration Sneaky, hidden
Bruticus Combined form of Combaticons Brutal, destructive
Barricade Scout on Earth Ruthless enforcer
Cyclonus & Scourge Servants to Galvatron Patiently loyal to Megatron
Mini-Cons Power boosts Obedient but opportunistic
Lockdown Bounty hunter, assassin Self-serving but reliable


Megatron maintains a diverse array of allies in the Decepticons to suit the needs of his cause. Though these relationships may not reflect true friendship, Megatron relies on the abilities and loyalty of these bots to achieve ultimate domination. With these Decepticons at his command, each lending their unique capabilities, Megatron wields an impressive force for his personal ambitions.