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Who can defeat Lord Zeno?

Lord Zeno is the supreme ruler of all realities in Dragon Ball Super. He oversees the 12 universes and has absolute power over space and time. Many fans wonder – is there anyone who could possibly defeat Lord Zeno in battle? Let’s analyze some of the most powerful Dragon Ball characters and see if they have what it takes to take down the mighty Zeno.

What are Lord Zeno’s Powers?

Before looking at potential challengers, it’s important to understand the extent of Zeno’s abilities. Here’s a quick overview:

– Omnipotence – Zeno is considered to be omnipotent, meaning all-powerful. He can erase anything and everything from existence with little effort.

– Reality Warping – Zeno can warp reality itself, creating and destroying matter and energy as he pleases. He exists outside of time and space.

– Invulnerability – Zeno cannot be harmed by conventional attacks. He has displayed no weaknesses so far.

– Beyond Dimensions – Zeno exists beyond all 12 universes in Dragon Ball. This puts him on a plane of existence beyond even the gods.

So in summary, Zeno is an omnipotent, invulnerable being with complete control over all of existence. He operates beyond the normal laws of physics and reality. This makes him an incredibly difficult foe to challenge. But perhaps there are a few fighters with a chance…

Candidates to Defeat Lord Zeno

Here are some of the most powerful options that fans theorize could potentially defeat Lord Zeno:


Whis is an Angel and the martial arts teacher of the gods of destruction, Beerus and Champa. As an Angel, Whis has tremendous power and knowledge. His abilities include:

– Reality Warping – Whis can create objects and manipulate reality with ease. This gives him abilities similar to Zeno.

– Time Manipulation – Whis can rewind time and see the future to a degree. This allows him to avoid attacks.

– Ultra Instinct – Whis mastered this powerful technique that allows the body to react and fight independently.

– Immortality – As an Angel, Whis cannot die from natural causes.

Could Whis’ similar powers allow him to overcome Lord Zeno? There is no definitive evidence, but he likely has the best shot of any Dragon Ball character revealed so far. The extent of Angels’ power remains vague.

Grand Priest

The Grand Priest is the father of all Angels and the right-hand man of Lord Zeno. As such, he is one of the most powerful entities in the multiverse. The Grand Priest’s known powers include:

– Reality Warping – Much like Whis and Zeno, the Grand Priest can manipulate matter and energy to his will.

– Ultra Instinct – It is assumed the Grand Priest also mastered this ultimate technique.

– Angel Abilities – As the father of Angels, he shares their reality warping abilities and immortality.

– Knowledge of the Multiverse – Being so close to Zeno likely gives the Grand Priest unique insight into the nature of existence.

The Grand Priest has authority over the Angels and resides near Lord Zeno. This implies he is at a similar level of power. Perhaps this familiarity could allow him to find a way to defeat Zeno if he ever had the desire.

Super Shenron

Super Shenron is the eternal dragon summoned by the Super Dragon Balls. With a wish from these balls, Super Shenron can grant literally any desire, with no limitations. His powers include:

– Omnipotence – Within the context of granting a wish, Super Shenron is considered omnipotent.

– Reality Warping – He can create, change or destroy anything in any universe.

– Time Manipulation – He can turn back time or fast forward it.

– Size – Super Shenron is gargantuan, large enough to hold planets in his hands.

If someone could summon Super Shenron and wish for Lord Zeno to be defeated, Super Shenron would have the power to make it happen. Of course, this depends on someone gathering the Super Dragon Balls without Zeno noticing.

Zeno’s Guards

Zeno has two mysterious guards who reside with him in his palace. They wear green suits and masks, so their identities are unclear. As guards of Lord Zeno, they must have tremendous power. Perhaps their constant proximity to Zeno gives them a better chance than anyone of exploiting some unseen weakness. Their full capabilities are unknown, but they have potential due to their role.

Angels Working Together

No single Angel has shown the capacity to defeat Lord Zeno yet. However, perhaps if all the Angels worked together, they could combine their reality warping abilities to overcome him. Since they reside so close to Zeno, they may know secrets about him that others do not. It is also unclear if they can die, since they have eternal life in their roles. A team-up between the Grand Priest and his children, the Angels, has interesting potential. But it remains theoretical.


While extremely powerful, Goku does not seem to have the reality-warping capabilities required to defeat an omnipotent being like Lord Zeno. However, as the protagonist of Dragon Ball, fans hold out hope he may unlock some new power or transformation to rival Zeno.

Goku has shaken up the cosmic hierarchy before, mastering advanced techniques and achieving power once thought impossible. With his endless drive to improve and battle strong opponents, maybe Goku could find some way to surpass even Lord Zeno someday. It remains a long shot, but his track record prevents writing him off completely.

How Could Anyone Defeat Lord Zeno?

Defeating an omnipotent destroyer like Lord Zeno is an nearly impossible task. But here are some theoretical ways a challenger could have a chance:

– Exploit Unknown Weaknesses – Does Zeno have Achilles’ heels? Are there flaws to his power? Unknown weak points could potentially be targeted.

– Separate Him From Attendants – Zeno relies on his attendants and guards heavily. Removing them could compromise him.

– Cut Off From Other Realms – If Zeno lost access to the other dimensions, could a fighter defeat him solely within the realm they battle in?

– Use Similar Powers Against Him – Abilities like reality warping, time manipulation and Ultra Instinct appear essential to contend with Zeno.

– Wish For His Defeat – Having Super Shenron warp reality to erase Zeno is the ultimate deus-ex-machina.

– Make Him Give Up – Instead of actually beating Zeno, could he simply be convinced to surrender or forfeit the bout?

In the end, any supposed weakness or advantage against Lord Zeno is purely theoretical. His power has no definite limits within Dragon Ball at this time. But the possibilities remain endlessly intriguing for fans to ponder and debate.


Lord Zeno is established as the mightiest force in the Dragon Ball mythos. Beating him in combat appears almost impossible with what is currently known. However, fighters like Whis, the Grand Priest, and Super Shenron possess abilities that fuel fun speculation about taking down the supreme ruler.

Creative fans can theorize different approaches using reality warping, wishes, outwitting Zeno and exploiting hypothetical weaknesses. But until the show reveals more, Lord Zeno’s true limits remain a mystery. The search for someone who can topple his undisputed reign will continue. Yet for now, his position as the undisputed king of the Dragon Ball multiverse remains intact.