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Who can stop Celestial?

With the emergence of the powerful being known as Celestial, many are wondering if there is anyone who can stand against this cosmic threat. Celestial possesses immense power, able to manipulate matter and energy on a universal scale. He has already defeated many of Earth’s heroes, leaving cities in ruin in his wake. Is there any force left that can oppose him? Let’s examine some of the options.

The Avengers

The Avengers have long been Earth’s mightiest heroes. Their ranks include super soldiers, Asgardian gods, geniuses in armor, and more. However, Celestial handily defeated them in their last encounter. Most of the Avengers were left seriously injured, with some in critical condition. While the Avengers may eventually reform, they would need time to heal and regroup before having any chance of stopping Celestial.

The X-Men

The X-Men have faced cosmic threats before, but none quite like Celestial. Their powers are formidable, especially when working together. Storm could batter Celestial with elements, while Jean Grey could assault him psychically. However, their direct attacks did not fare well in prior battles with Celestial. Professor Xavier may be able to possess Celestial’s mind, but it’s unclear if even he could overcome a cosmic consciousness. The X-Men fight hard for mutantkind, but defeating Celestial may be beyond their limits.

The Fantastic Four

Reed Richards’ intellect could provide key insights on Celestial, while Sue Storm’s forcefields could prevent damage. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm can dish out offense with fire and strength. But Celestial was able to foil some of Mr. Fantastic’s cleverest plans last time. The Invisible Woman cannot hide the whole planet. And the Thing and Human Torch’s attacks barely phased their cosmic foe. With time, the First Family of Marvel could invent new countermeasures. However, past experience suggests they alone may not be enough.

Doctor Strange

As Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange commands powerful magic. His spells have contained universes and dimensions beyond mortal comprehension. With the right incantations, Strange may be able to bind even Celestial. However, direct combat with Celestial has proven unwise. If Strange focuses on analyzing Celestial’s weaknesses, he could provide the key to defeating this abstract entity. But he would likely need help putting that plan into action.


The Devourer of Worlds himself may be able to repel Celestial. As an abstract cosmic being who has consumed countless planets, Galactus wields near unlimited power cosmic. He also employs advanced technology beyond human understanding. In the past, Galactus has successfully driven off similar entities when they encroached on his feeding grounds. However, he is notoriously difficult to communicate or reason with. Appealing to Galactus directly for aid may prove futile. But with the right intergalactic connections, Galactus could be a powerful wildcard against Celestial.


The King of Asgard commands the magical realm’s vast resources. Odin’s own powers are well beyond gods like Thor or Loki, and he wields additional abilities through his spear Gungnir. In the past, Odin has matched other cosmic beings who threatened the Nine Realms. Perhaps most importantly, he could deploy Asgard’s military forces against Celestial if convinced the threat was great enough. However, Asgard is still rebuilding after wars with the Dark Elves and Ragnarok. Odin may be unable or unwilling to devote Asgard’s remaining strength against this new threat.

Silver Surfer

As Galactus’ herald, the Silver Surfer wields the Power Cosmic. He can absorb and manipulate cosmic energies while flying faster than light itself. The Surfer has successfully driven off world-destroying entities before when trying to protect planets in Galactus’ path. His cosmic senses and energy absorption could provide the key to weakening or redirecting Celestial’s power. However, the Silver Surfer often struggles between his loyalty to Galactus and his compassion for other worlds. Getting him to fully commit to Earth’s defense may require appealing to his heroic side.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff controls potent hex magic that can alter probabilities and warp reality itself. At her peak, she has destroyed planets and decimated mutant powers across the globe. With the right spells, the Scarlet Witch could theoretically unmake Celestial entirely. However, Wanda’s abilities are unstable and difficult to control when pressed. She could end up doing as much damage as Celestial in her attempts to stop him. If Wanda focuses on weakening Celestial gradually, she may succeed. But the risks remain immense.

Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is a primal cosmic entity representing life and passion. When harnessed by heroes like Jean Grey, its power is nearly unlimited. With the Phoenix Force, Grey has reshaped shattered planets in minutes. In its unrestrained form, the Phoenix can potentially burn away any threat. However, the Phoenix always runs the risk of losing control and causing destruction rather than preventing it. Wielding its might to stop Celestial may simply replace one threat with another. But if another host could channel the Phoenix Force safely, it may be enough to overpower nearly any foe.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful heroes when it comes to raw strength and energy manipulation. As Captain Marvel, she has absorbed energy blasts from gods and nuclear explosions. Then she redirects that energy back at her foes with even more power. Her photon blasts and physical strikes have staggered the most durable villains. Captain Marvel may be able to absorb some of Celestial’s cosmic attacks and redirect them back at him, weakening the abstract being substantially. However, she would need to avoid being overwhelmed by his immense power.


This demonic entity rules entire realms of mystic hell dimensions. Mephisto commands vast supernatural resources and feeds on cosmic energies similar to Celestial’s. He has proven able to match some abstracts before, though often through cunning and trickery. However, Mephisto largely looks out for himself and his own realm’s expansion. Appealing to his sympathy for Earth seems doubtful. But offering him new worlds and souls to conquer could persuade Mephisto to help strike down a potential rival in Celestial. This comes with its own dire risks, however.

Cosmic Entities

Abstract forces like Eternity or Infinity represent the entire Marvel cosmos. Celestials were created to serve these literal embodiments of time, space, and reality. In theory, these fundamental cosmic entities could simply unmake Celestial entirely or render him powerless. However, directly contacting them has proven nearly impossible, even for Earth’s mightiest heroes. Unless Celestial draws their direct opposition, the cosmic embodiments seem unlikely to intervene directly. But they may act indirectly through a chosen avatar.

Franklin Richards

As Reed and Sue Richards’ son, Franklin is a mutant of incredible power. He can warp reality on a cosmic scale and has created pocket universes as a child. In one future timeline, Franklin becomes the heroic figure Galactus. His reality manipulation abilities could potentially depower or eliminate Celestial entirely. However, Franklin is still a child learning to control his abilities. Having him confront Celestial head-on risks disastrous backfire. But with training and support, Franklin may one day grow into Earth’s protector against all cosmic threats.

A Unified Front

Individually, most of these forces fall short of stopping Celestial for good. His power potentially outmatches any one of them. However, united, they may be able to combine their strengths to overwhelm Celestial. For example, Dr. Strange’s magic could restrain Celestial while Storm batters him with gale force winds. Mr. Fantastic could analyze his energy signatures and weaknesses. Silver Surfer then directs that energy against Celestial as Captain Marvel absorbs his attacks. United and coordinated, their onslaught could collectively overpower him when individual efforts fail.

Buying Time

If stopping Celestial outright proves impossible, dividing his attention and disrupting his plans may buy some time. Illusions from Scarlet Witch or Loki could distract him temporarily. Vast armies led by T’Challa and Odin might damage or divert him. Doctor Doom or Magneto could harvest the cosmic energies he sheds to empower themselves. While Celestial remains engaged with these threats, heroes like the Avengers and Fantastic Four could work on more permanent solutions. Keeping Celestial occupied may allow Reed Richards or Doctor Strange to develop a means of exiling or depowering him.


If Celestial cannot be stopped, protecting innocent lives becomes critical. The X-Men and Avengers have experience mobilizing to evacuate civilians in warzones. Doctor Strange can teleport key groups away from danger. Space transports like the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship could shelter refugees. Powerful telepaths like Charles Xavier could calm panic and impose order. Though the costs would be immense, hiding a portion of humanity away from Celestial’s path may allow civilization to survive and eventually rebuild.

Appeal to Compassion

Some believe Celestial may only be lashing out because he feels threatened or insecure about his place in the universe. In this view, he is acting from fear rather than genuine malice. If this is true, there may be a chance to appeal to his better nature. Empaths like Mantis could try sensing his emotional state for any sign of reason. Skilled diplomats like Black Panther may be able to negotiate if Celestial’s motives are not purely destructive. It is a slim chance, but still one worth pursuing before turning to conflict.

The Nuclear Option

As a last resort, massive retaliation via nuclear weapons may damage even Celestial. No one wishes to devastate the planet in order to save it. But with most cities already ruined by Celestial’s attacks, some leaders may turn to this option. Though controversial, destroying swathes of already devastated land to slow or harm Celestial may be possible. S.H.I.E.L.D. or entities like A.I.M. can offer tactical nuclear options. But this path risks making Earth even less hospitable.

Escape to Space

If all terrestrial efforts fail, launching as much of the population into space as possible may be the only hope. With assistance from the Kree, Skrulls, or Shi’ar empires, humanity may be able to evacuate the planet entirely before it is consumed. Resources would be scarce and living conditions difficult. However, with its advanced spacefaring allies, portions of humanity could survive in orbital habitats or new colony worlds. Adopting an entirely space-based existence would be devastating. But it would at least save lives and allow generations to rebuild elsewhere.

Divine Intervention

Some faithful hold out hope that a higher power may intervene against Celestial. Pope Francis has called for people of all faiths to pray for deliverance from this threat. While most gods and pantheons seem unwilling or unable to assist directly, belief in divine providence remains strong for many. With so much at stake, even nonbelievers may pray for a miracle. And if the crisis pushes humanity to be more united, compassionate, and purposeful, some good may still come from these trials.


Celestial remains a dire threat, but there is still hope. Earth’s heroes are already working ceaselessly to find solutions. Citizens worldwide are rallying to provide relief and restore order where they can. And voices across nations are uniting to demand change and accountability from leaders. This crisis is bringing out both the best and worst in humanity. The path ahead remains unclear. But if we stay determined to care for each other, we can emerge from these trials with greater wisdom and resilience than before. United and courageous, we may yet overcome any challenge, no matter how cosmic.