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Who does Jesse end up with?

Jesse Pinkman is one of the main characters in the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Over the course of the show, he has romantic relationships with multiple women. Fans are often curious about who Jesse ultimately ends up with at the end of the series. In this article, we will analyze Jesse’s major relationships and look at clues throughout the show to determine who he likely ends up with in the end.

Jesse’s Relationship History

Throughout the five seasons of Breaking Bad, Jesse is shown to have romantic connections with three main women: Jane Margolis, Andrea Cantillo, and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. He also has a brief fling with Wendy the prostitute. Here is a quick overview of Jesse’s relationships with each of these women:

  • Jane Margolis: Jesse meets Jane in Season 2 and they quickly form a relationship. Jane relapses into heroin use with Jesse. Their relationship is cut short when Jane dies of an overdose.
  • Andrea Cantillo: In Season 3, Jesse meets Andrea at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. They date briefly before Jesse gets distracted by cooking meth. Later, Jesse finds out Andrea has a young son, Brock.
  • Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: Jesse interacts with Lydia primarily in Seasons 4 and 5 as she supplies methylamine for Walter White’s meth manufacturing. They have more of a tense business relationship than a romance.
  • Wendy: In Season 3, Jesse pays Wendy for her company and has a short sexual relationship with the prostitute until he becomes disturbed by her lifestyle.

Now let’s analyze each of these relationships in more detail and look for clues about who Jesse might end up with at the end of the series.

Jesse and Jane

Jesse’s relationship with Jane is intense but ultimately tragic. They connect deeply over their shared drug use and tendency towards self-destruction. Jane introduces Jesse to heroin and seems to enable his worst impulses. However, their artistic sides also mesh well, as evidenced by the blackmail scheme they play on Jesse’s parents.

Just when it seems they may run away together to New Zealand, Jane dies suddenly of a heroin overdose. Her death leaves Jesse emotionally devastated. At Jane’s rehab meeting, her father hints she was likely to break Jesse’s heart even if she had lived. It seems unlikely the self-sabotaging Jane was destined to be Jesse’s long-term partner.

Jesse and Andrea

Jesse meets Andrea Cantillo at his Narcotics Anonymous meetings. When they first get together, Jesse is drawn to Andrea’s son Brock more than her. After cooking meth distracts him, Andrea tells Jesse to get out of their lives. However, Jesse continues to care about them from a distance.

When Brock is mysteriously poisoned, Jesse suspects Walt did it to turn him against Gus Fring. This causes Jesse to reconnect with Andrea. After Brock recovers, Jesse seems committed to leaving his criminal life behind and building a future with Andrea and Brock.

In the series finale, Jesse escapes the Nazis and shows up at Andrea’s home, ready to start a new life with her. Tragically, just as Jesse is about to reunite with his family, Todd murders Andrea right in front of him. Jesse is left sobbing, his hopes for a happy future destroyed.

Jesse and Lydia

Throughout Seasons 4 and 5, Jesse has a tentative business relationship with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. As an executive for Madrigal, Lydia supplies Walt and Jesse with the methylamine they need for mass meth production.

Jesse mostly interacts with Lydia on the phone or at business meetings. Their relationship is defined by mistrust rather than romance. At one point, Jesse threatens to kill Lydia when he thinks she may expose him and Walt. Later, when Lydia proposes a new deal, Jesse refuses and tells her to disappear from his life.

Lydia clearly has no genuine affection for Jesse. She only values him for his skills as a meth cook. Their interactions are far too cold and calculated to ever lead to a real relationship.

Who Does Jesse Really Love?

Looking at the arc of Jesse’s relationships, the only woman he truly falls in love with is Andrea Cantillo. His romance with Jane is intense but toxic. His interactions with Lydia are purely business. But with Andrea, he finds a sense of family and stability he’s been lacking.

Andrea is also the only woman who pulls Jesse away from the drug world and gives him hope of a better life. Their relationship seems to inspire Jesse to leave crime behind and build a future with Andrea and Brock.

Unfortunately, Walter White’s actions tragically destroy this possibility. But the final season makes it clear Jesse’s only chance at love and family redemption is tied to Andrea and Brock.

Does Jesse Find Love Again After Andrea’s Death?

After Todd murders Andrea, Jesse is left completely broken, both emotionally and spiritually. He ends up imprisoned and enslaved by the Nazis until Walt comes to his rescue. After Jesse strangles Todd with his chains, he has one last conversation with Walt, refusing to shoot him.

In the final scene, Jesse flees the Nazis compound as the police arrive. He breaks down in tears of relief and anguish in his car. The series ends with Jesse free but scarred from the trauma he’s endured.

The tragic loss of Andrea so late in the series leaves little chance for Jesse to find love again. His final escape provides him hope of building a new life. But Andrea seemed to be his only real shot at true love and redemption. The abrupt destruction of this possibility leaves a void that can likely never be filled.


Analyzing Jesse’s relationships points clearly to Andrea Cantillo and Brock as his one chance at lasting love and family. Their connection pulls Jesse out of his drug spiral and gives him hope of a normal life. Unfortunately, Walter White and Todd’s actions violently destroy this possibility. While Jesse escapes to freedom in the finale, the loss of Andrea leaves a permanent scar. Without the woman he loved, Jesse will likely struggle to find that same sense of home again.