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Who doesn’t Leo get along with?

Leo is a charismatic and outgoing zodiac sign represented by the lion. Leos have a personality that shines as brightly as their celestial body, the Sun. However, Leos also have a reputation for not always getting along swimmingly with other signs of the zodiac. Let’s explore who the natural-born leaders of the zodiac may butt heads with and why.


As two strong-willed and competitive fire signs, Aries and Leo can often lock horns. Both love being the center of attention and vying for the top spot. While this fuels them creatively and drives them towards success, it can also cause power struggles and dominance fights. Leos and Aries may struggle to share the spotlight graciously and accommodate each other’s large personalities.

Leos thrive on constant praise and adoration which the direct Aries may fail to provide. Aries is more interested in getting things done than stroking Leo’s ego. On the other hand, Leos can find Aries too impatient and aggressive. Unless these two learn to take turns commanding and to use their leader-like qualities cooperatively, the claws and horns will likely come out!


The grounded Virgin and the flashy Leo often have difficulty seeing eye to eye. Virgo takes a modest, pragmatic approach whereas Leo is bold and seeks the limelight. Virgo may view Leo as arrogant, overly-dramatic and self-seeking. The fastidious Virgo’s criticism and reserved nature may make flamboyant Leo feel unappreciated or judged.

Leo wants endless praise for their talents and endeavors which tidy Virgo may deem frivolous or unworthy of such recognition. Virgo focuses on improving the world practically and efficiently. Leo desires to bask in their own magnificence, lead with vision and inspire others through their charisma. This difference in values is often the root of discord between these two signs.


Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs that can be stubborn, uncompromising and unwilling to bend. Both have strong personalities and want to be in control. Scorpio ruled by Pluto is intensely private, mysterious and emotionally complex. Leo ruled by the Sun is warm, expressive, and wants to be front and center.

This can create a dynamic where Scorpio becomes brooding, jealous and retaliatory in response to Leo’s need for attention. Leo may perceive Scorpio as toobottled up and difficult to read. Scorpio can become vindictive when their secrets are revealed against their will by the blunt Lion. Additionally, Scorpio’s penchant for reading into things can wear on the literal Leo.


Leo and Aquarius are square (90 degrees apart) on the zodiac wheel, indicating inherent friction between these two signs. Where Leo seeks personal recognition, Aquarius is more concerned with universal justice and advancing humanity. Leo is emotive while Aquarius is logical.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus is eccentric, rebellious and mentally-oriented. Leo ruled by the Sun is flashy, status-conscious and seeks to follow their heart. Independent Aquarius may ignore Leo’s controlling tendencies and refuse to stroke their ego, causing Leo to feel rejected. Leo dislikes when distant Aquarius socializes in groups but leaves them out one-on-one.

However, both Aquarius and Leo are creative and have a flair for drama. When focused towards a shared goal, these two can achieve big things together. Aquarius content to work behind the scenes complimenting Leo’s starpower can make for an unbeatable pair.


The stubborn Bull and ostentatious Lion have different values that often cause friction. Taurus values consistency, material comforts and sensual pleasures. The fearless Lion wants glory, praise and to spread their talents far and wide.

Taurus is patient and dislikes change and uncertainty. Leo leaps before looking and lives life to the dramatics. Taurus may view Leo as too reckless, impulsive and overly-concerned with the spotlight. Leo may consider Taurus uninspired or excessively stubborn and fearful.

However, both are loyal, generous signs who value quality and shared experiences. When focused towards creature comforts they can provide each other, Taurus and Leo compatibility strengthens. Taurus can be the rock that grounds the Lion’s dramatic flair.


Capricorn and Leo are neighboring signs with starkly different approaches. Capricorn is focused on advancing their public image, status and career achievement. Leo seeks acclaim for their talents, defense of their pride and wants to be admired for their personality.

Capricorn is willing to work tirelessly behind the scenes to obtain material success. Leo wants to be loud, proud, seen and heard. While Capricorn vies for status in a measured, strategic way, Leo plunges right into the spotlight. Capricorn may view such behavior as childish and embarrassing while Leo sees Capricorn as uptight and joyless.

However, both signs have strong leadership qualities and do well when focused towards shared professional goals. Leo’s warmth helps Capricorn unclench while Capricorn’s practicality reins in Leo’s ego and exuberance.


While Leo and Libra are both creative, charming signs who thrive on positive social connections, they have some key differences causing clashes. Libra is Partnership-oriented and seeks balance, justice and agreement between others. Leo is fiercely loyal to their own interests, vision and inner circle first and foremost.

Libra desires everyone to get along in a spirit of equality. Leo wants to protect their domain and be treated as a respected ruler. Leo’s need for praise and emphasis on their own status can make conflict-averse Libra uneasy. Libra can be indirect which Leo may interpret as dishonest or sneaky.

However, Libra can employ its legendary diplomacy to massage Leo’s ego and maintain harmony. Both signs enjoy culture, art and interacting with people where they can utilize their social graces and panache.


Although Cancer and Leo are both feeling-oriented signs who form deep bonds with their loved ones, Crabs and Lions have notable differences causing tensions. Where Cancer desires an insular, safe world of family and long-term soulmates, Leo seeks glory, renown and the company of whoever magnifies their own radiance.

Cancer values emotional security while Leo focuses on outward performance. Cancer is nurturing but also moody, sensitive and defensive. Leo strives for the dramatic and can be bombastic. Cancer may view Leo as careless with others’ feelings. Leo can find Cancer overly-needy, smothering and unable to take a joke.

However, Cancer and Leo understand each others underlying loyalty and desire to protect their pride and pack. With healthy communication, Cancer can feel more secure under Leo’s shining loyalty and Leo’s inner fire is warmed by Cancer’s devotion.


Outspoken Sagittarius and Leo can suffer from too much of a good thing when paired. Both are over-the-top, expressive signs who throw themselves into living life to the fullest. Where Sagittarius is footloose and easy-going, Leo demands loyalty and ends up offended if they feel disrespected.

Sagittarius’ blunt honesty can wound Leo’s ego and pride. Leo’s need to control and be the leader rubs the freedom-loving Archer the wrong way. Both can lack attention to detail in their grand visions and actions. However, this shared optimism, warmth and enthusiasm makes these signs fast friends as well as clashing companions.

At their best, Sagittarius keeps the party going while Leo provides heart and theatricality. These big personalities who crave fun and adventure complement each other well in life’s fast lane.


Dual Gemini and Leo make for an entertaining pair but can also drive each other crazy. Gemini loves circulating and trading ideas and opinions while Leo seeks to hold court and be on the receiving end of positive attention. Both are easily bored and constantly stimulated but this can manifest differently.

Gemini needs mental variety. Leo craves new audiences for their talents and ways to perform. Gemini is versatile yet noncommittal; Leo remains dedicated to their vision above all else. Leo dislikes Gemini’s flexibility while Gemini can find Leo rigid and melodramatic. However, their wit, charm and playfulness helps them connect.

At best, Gemini’s cleverness entertains Leo and Leo’s consistency and heart grounds Gemini’s scattered nature. These two make for fast friends and playful, if quarrelsome, paramours.


Dreamy Pisces and fiery Leo can often struggle to synchronize their wildly different natures. Pisces intuitively understands emotions and non-verbal communication. Leo prefers direct praise and clear-cut interactions. Leo seeks acclaim and passionate self-expression. Pisces’ domain is imagination, mysticism and merging energies psychically.

Pisces is easily wounded by the Lion’s bluntness and need to dominate. Leo can feel manipulated or suffocated by the Fish’s ultra-sensitive nature and indirect means of evasion. However, both signs radiate warmth, creativity and desire to transcend the ordinary.

When balanced, Pisces helps soften Leo’s tough exterior while Leo provides motivation and focus for imaginative Pisces. Their shared romanticism and magnetism can forge profoundly creative bonds.


Leo’s bravado, ambition and zest for the spotlight shakes up more reserved or grounded signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Their need for praise and tendency to protect their pride fiercely can perturb ego-dissolving signs like Pisces and Libra.

Leo is least compatible with Aquarius, Cancer and Scorpio but can also find harmony through open communication. At the end of the day, Leo’s energy and warmth inspires those drawn to their inner circle while ruffling the feathers of those oriented differently. However, most signs can find common ground and appreciation for the Lion’s many admirable qualities and willingness to put their whole heart into all endeavors.