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Who is Agent 16 Valorant?

Valorant is a popular 5v5 tactical FPS game developed and published by Riot Games. The game currently has 17 playable agents, with the latest addition being Harbor in patch 5.04. Players have been eagerly awaiting the reveal of Agent 16, the next upcoming agent for Valorant.

When will Agent 16 release?

Riot Games has not officially announced a release date for Agent 16 yet. However, new agents usually get teased and revealed a few weeks before releasing in a new patch. Based on that pattern, many speculate that Agent 16 will likely release sometime between patches 5.05 to 5.07 in 2022.

Each new act of Valorant brings a new agent. Act 1 brought Raze, Act 2 had Killjoy, Act 3 introduced Skye, and most recently, Harbor arrived in Act 3 of Episode 5. If Riot keeps up with this consistent schedule, we can expect to see Agent 16 launch around the start of Episode 6 in early 2023.

Have there been any teasers for Agent 16?

So far there have not been any official teasers or reveals regarding who Agent 16 might be. Riot Games likes to tease new agents through cryptic videos and images posted on their social media in the weeks leading up to a new release.

Some eagle-eyed players believe they found teasers in the Passage and Lotus map. Some texture details allude to a moth-like motif and symbols associated with Java, Indonesia. This has led to speculation that Agent 16 may have some relation to those themes.

What abilities could Agent 16 have?

Without any proper reveal or gameplay trailer, we can only guess what kind of abilities Agent 16 will have in their kit.

Here are some popular theories on what kind of agent Agent 16 could be:

  • A controller with smoke/obscuring abilities
  • An initiator with information-gathering abilities
  • A sentinel for defending sites and watching flanks
  • A duelist for aggressive pushes and opening fights

Some players believe Agent 16 will be another controller similar to Omen, Viper, Astra and Harbor. Controllers currently make up the smallest category with only 4 agents. Adding another controller would help balance out the roster.

Possible Ability Themes

Here are some ability themes that players have theorized for Agent 16 based on the speculation so far:

  • Insect/Moth theme: abilities could involve swarms of nanobots, poison clouds, insect clones
  • Deception/Trickery: abilities that obscure vision, create decoys, disorient enemies
  • Tech/Machinery: abilities that deploy machines/turrets, hacking, robots
  • Shadows: abilities that capitalize on shadows, teleportation, stealth

What is Agent 16’s background story?

No official background or story details have been revealed about Agent 16 yet. Each agent in Valorant has a unique backstory that provides insight into their abilities and motivations.

Based on fan theories that Agent 16 may originate from places like Indonesia or India, they could be a radiant (special individual with powers) that used moth/insect-based abilities as part of their culture and rituals. Their abilities could have been honed after years of practice and study.

Another theory is Agent 16 could have gotten their powers through exposure to radianite, and they now use technology/machinery in their kit based on that experience. Their motivations could align with either Kingdom or the human resistance against Kingdom’s control.

Riot will likely share an engaging backstory for Agent 16 that anchors their abilities and personality when they finally reveal them officially.

When will Agent 16’s abilities and backstory be revealed?

Riot Games will likely start teasing Agent 16’s abilities, appearance, and backstory 2-3 weeks before their full reveal and release. This usually involves the following:

  • Teaser videos on Valorant’s social media hinting at the agent’s theme
  • In-game easter eggs and details hinting at their place of origin
  • A gameplay trailer showcasing the agent’s abilities and playstyle
  • A backstory trailer with narration detailing the agent’s experiences and motivations

The period from the first teaser to full reveal usually spans 14-21 days. If Agent 16 is slated for release in early 2023, we can expect the first teases to start sometime in December 2022 or January 2023.

How will Agent 16 impact Valorant’s meta?

The introduction of a new agent often shakes up the meta in Valorant. Once players have had a chance to try out Agent 16’s abilities, they will likely develop new strategies and lineups centered around their strengths.

Here are some ways Agent 16 could impact the meta:

  • New orb lineups on maps if they have orbital abilities
  • Increased viability for shotguns if their kit enables close-quarters combat
  • A shift away from duelists and towards initiators or controllers
  • New defensive strategies if they are a sentinel-type agent
  • More emphasis on post-plant positions if their abilities lend well to site holds

The degree to which Agent 16 shakes up the competitive meta depends heavily on the uniqueness and strength of their abilities. But a influx of new strategies and theorycrafting around the agent is to be expected.

How will Agent 16 change team compositions?

Agent 16 will provide teams with more options when building their team composition. The agent’s strengths and weaknesses will determine how they fit into potential compositions.

A few examples of how Agent 16 could alter team comps:

  • Replace controllers like Omen or Brimstone if they are also a controller
  • Displace duelists like Jett or Raze if their abilities provide similar entry potential
  • Complement initiators like Sova or Breach as another information/support agent
  • Pair with sentinel agents to cover more angles defensively

In professional play, Agent 16 will likely see frequent use and experimentation from teams testing out their viability. Amateur teams can also try out new strategies by substituting Agent 16 into existing comps.

Overall, Agent 16 provides more team composition flexibility. Their integration will depend on the meta at the time and viability amongst the existing agent roster.

Who does the community want Agent 16 to be?

Here are some of the common hopes from the Valorant community for Agent 16’s theme and abilities:

  • A fun, flashy duelist agent to rival Jett and Raze
  • A support/healer agent that can buff allies and heal
  • A cyberpunk/hacker/tech agent with machines and robots
  • An agent with pet abilities like wolves, hawks, or snakes
  • A wizard/witch/magic agent with elemental abilities

While previous agent releases have included exciting ability themes like poison clouds, flame walls, healing turrets, and gravitational pulls, players are still eager for more unconventional ideas.

The community response will ultimately come down to how unique, balanced, and fun Agent 16’s actual abilities end up being. But the hopes are high for something interesting and outside the existing agent archetypes.


The introduction of Agent 16 to Valorant is highly anticipated by its community. While not much is officially known yet, fan speculation points to abilities that involve insects, machines, or deceptive plays. Agent 16’s release in 2023 is expected to shake up strategies and increase compositional variety.

Riot Games is likely hard at work perfecting Agent 16’s abilities, appearance, and backstory. The teasers and reveals will start ramping up 2-3 weeks prior to their targeted release window. Until then, fans eagerly await any hints on who this mysterious new agent will be.

One thing is certain – Agent 16’s arrival will open up new tactical opportunities and keep the game feeling fresh. Their addition to the diverse Valorant roster will be another step forward in evolving the competitive meta.