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Who is Bluey crush?

Bluey is an energetic and imaginative 6-year-old Blue Heeler pup who loves to play. In the popular Australian children’s cartoon Bluey, she explores the world and goes on adventures with her sister Bingo and her friends. Bluey’s boundless creativity means every day brings new games and make-believe to her life. However, some fans wonder if Bluey has a little puppy crush on someone special.

Does Bluey Have a Crush?

There are no clear signs in the show that Bluey has a crush on anyone yet. She is only 6 years old, so romance and crushes are not a major focus in her life. Bluey is much more interested in playing games and spending time with her family and friends. Her energy goes into adventuring, not romancing.

Some subtle hints throughout the series suggest Bluey may eventually develop crushes and romantic feelings for other pups. But for now, she seems perfectly content exploring life through imagination and play.

Bluey’s Close Relationships

Even without a crush, Bluey has some very special relationships in her life right now.


Bluey and her 4-year-old sister Bingo have a close bond. They play together constantly, make up elaborate games, and have a wonderful time adventuring through childhood. Bingo looks up to her big sister Bluey, wanting to do everything she does. Bluey loves playing with Bingo but also gets annoyed with her at times, as all siblings do. Their relationship captures the joy and frustrations of the sibling experience beautifully.

Bandit and Chilli

Bluey also has a great relationship with her parents, Bandit and Chilli. She loves playing with her dad Bandit and his silly, energetic personality matches hers perfectly. Some of their favorite games together include playing astronauts, vets, and mechanics. Chilli is a caring stay-at-home mom who joins in the games and fun whenever she can. It’s clear Bluey has a strong, loving bond with both her parents.


In addition to her family, Bluey has several close puppy friends she plays with regularly. These include Indy, Sockie, Mackenzie, Snickers, and more. Whether making up dance routines, hosting a lemonade stand, or pretending to be kids in school together, Bluey and her friends share endless adventures and fun. Bluey doesn’t seem to have a crush on any of her friends, but they are an important part of her social life and development.

Possible Future Crushes for Bluey

Though she doesn’t have a crush right now, many fans still enjoy speculating about who Bluey might develop romantic feelings for later on. Here are some of the potential candidates if Bluey winds up with a crush in future seasons:


Mackenzie is a confident, imaginative pup the same age as Bluey. The two of them get along very well and love going on adventures together. Mackenzie and Bluey have a lot in common, so perhaps a romantic spark could eventually form. However, their relationship seems platonic so far.


Rusty is another energetic male pup around Bluey’s age. He first appeared in the season 1 episode “Markets.” Rusty and Bluey had a fun dynamic racing through the market which could hint at chemistry. However, Bluey has only interacted with Rusty once on the show so far, so more time would be needed to develop a proper crush.


Jack is Chilli’s main coworker and helps watch Bluey and Bingo occasionally. Bluey enjoys playing games and make-believe with the older Jack, since he’s good at roleplaying imaginary scenarios. Some fans think Jack would make a fun partner for Bluey when she’s older. But since he’s considerably older, he wouldn’t be age-appropriate as a crush object anytime soon.

Character Relationship with Bluey Crush Potential
Bingo Younger sister None – siblings
Bandit Father None – parent
Chilli Mother None – parent
Mackenzie Friend Possible future crush
Rusty Acquaintance Possible, but limited interaction so far
Jack Family friend Unlikely age gap


In the current Bluey storyline, it does not appear that the energetic pup has a crush on anyone. She is only 6 years old, so romantic relationships are not a focus. Bluey is much more interested in playing with her family, friends, and sister Bingo. However, some fans think she could develop a crush in future seasons. Candidates include her friend Mackenzie or another pup around her age like Rusty. But for now, Bluey seems perfectly happy just being an imaginative kid. Crushes and romance can wait!