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Who is Carolina with now MAFS?

Married at First Sight star Carolina Santos made waves on Season 14 of the hit Lifetime reality show. After a tumultuous relationship with her match Dionte Johnson, fans are wondering who Carolina is with now after the show ended.

Carolina’s Time on MAFS

Carolina Santos was one of the most controversial participants on Married at First Sight Season 14. The 33-year-old model from Puerto Rico was matched with truck driver Dionte Johnson, 29, from Atlanta. The two had immediate chemistry and seemed like a solid match at first.

However, it soon became clear that Carolina and Dionte had very different communication styles and lifestyle preferences. Carolina is an outgoing party girl who values her independence, while Dionte is more of a homebody looking for a traditional family life. These differences led to frequent arguments and tension in their marriage.

A major source of conflict was Carolina’s close friendship with another MAFS husband, Justin Hartley. Carolina and Justin connected right away and began spending long hours talking and hanging out alone together. This made Dionte insecure, sparking accusations of cheating from both sides.

Carolina felt frustrated with Dionte’s jealousy and controlling behavior. Meanwhile, Dionte was suspicious of Carolina’s intentions with Justin as well as her frequent nights out partying without him. Their lack of trust only grew as the weeks went on.

Despite seeking counseling with the experts, Carolina and Dionte just could not get on the same page. In the end, they both agreed to get a divorce, leaving the Married at First Sight experiment early while the other couples chose to stay married.

Who Did Carolina Become Close to on MAFS?

While her marriage to Dionte floundered, Carolina formed a very close bond with Justin Hartley on the show. Justin was married to Alexis Morales, but he and Carolina immediately had an easy, natural rapport as friends.

They developed an emotionally intimate friendship, often confiding in each other about problems in their marriages. Carolina felt she could trust Justin and be herself around him without judgment. Meanwhile, Justin enjoyed Carolina’s fiery, outspoken personality.

Their lighthearted joking took on more serious undertones at times too. In one instance, Carolina asked Justin if he would marry her if they had been matched together. Justin said he would “200%” marry her if given the opportunity.

Carolina and Justin’s behavior increasingly crossed the line as they spent multiple nights talking alone until 5 am. They claimed it was just an innocent friendship, but Dionte felt something inappropriate was going on.

In the end, Justin decided to recommit to his marriage with Alexis. But he and Carolina still had an undeniable connection as friends throughout the process.

Who is Carolina Dating Now?

So now that filming has ended, who is Carolina from Married at First Sight dating in 2023? While her marriage to Dionte did not work out, it appears Carolina may have found love once again.

According to recent social media posts and inside sources, Carolina seems to be dating MAFS Season 14 co-star Tyler Norris!

Tyler was originally matched with Brittany Miller, but they too ended their marriage early due to unresolvable differences. Tyler and Carolina apparently reconnected once the show wrapped.

They have been spotted together frequently on each other’s Instagram pages, getting cozy at restaurants and events. While they have not publicly confirmed a relationship, all signs point to them dating and enjoying each other’s company post-MAFS.

Some images of Carolina and Tyler looking intimate include:

Date Image
August 2022
September 2022
October 2022

Fans have mixed reactions to Carolina potentially finding romance with Tyler after their failed marriages to other people on MAFS Season 14.

Some support them coming together after the emotional rollercoaster of the show. But others find it inappropriate or even shady to date so quickly among the same cast.

Carolina also faced rumors of hooking up with two other Season 14 grooms – Olajuwon Dickerson and Mitch Echord – at the reunion taping. So some viewers are skeptical of her behavior and intentions.

For now, Carolina and Tyler seem happy and cozy as a new couple. Only time will tell if their connection lasts or fizzles out like the other MAFS Season 14 pairs.

Carolina’s Takeaways from Her MAFS Experience

Despite having regrets about how things ended with Dionte, Carolina considers doing Married at First Sight a valuable life experience. She has expressed gratitude for the opportunity and lessons learned.

Insocial media posts after the show, Carolina shared:

“I learned more about myself in this experiment than I have in my entire life. I faced my flaws and weaknesses and worked to better myself as a person and partner.”

“Communication is so important, as well as listening to understand your partner instead of just reacting. I’ll always cherish this journey.”

“Thank you #MAFS for an unforgettable adventure and Dionte for being a great husband.”

While the relationship was messy, Carolina seems to have no regrets. She is still learning and growing at her own pace.


Carolina Santos brought plenty of excitement to Married at First Sight Season 14. Her marriage to Dionte Johnson ultimately failed due to frequent clashes. Now it appears she has moved on with castmate Tyler Norris as they have been spotted getting cozy on social media.

Not everyone approves of Carolina’s behavior or her new relationship so soon after her marriage ended. Regardless, she considers the MAFS experience a valuable part of her personal growth. Carolina learned more about what she needs and wants for the future.

Only time will tell if Carolina’s connection with Tyler will go the distance. But for now, she seems focused on living life unapologetically while continuing to learn and improve as a partner. One thing is for sure – Carolina is not afraid to take risks and her journey on Married at First Sight is just one of many adventures to come.