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Who is crush of India?

India, with its massive population of over 1.3 billion people, is home to diverse crushes and romantic interests. In the modern day, Indian crushes span celebrities, sports stars, fictional characters, and more. However, historically, some figures have stood out as larger-than-life crushes for the Indian public.

The Historical National Crushes of India

In India’s past, certain historical and mythological figures emerged as national crushes or objects of affection. These icons often represented idealized personalities that captured the public’s imagination.

Lord Krishna

One major historical crush figure in India is Lord Krishna. Krishna is a highly revered Hindu god known for his playful nature, charm and attractiveness. He is a central figure in the ancient Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita. In the text and broader Hindu lore, Krishna is portrayed as a supremely attractive figure who charms all those around him – both mortals and divine figures alike. His loving romance with Radha is legendary. For centuries, Krishna has been imagined as an ideal romantic hero and many Hindu devotees see him as their perfect divine lover.

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan was a 17th century Mughal Emperor most famous for building the Taj Mahal for his beloved late wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, stands today as the ultimate monument to passionate love. Shah Jahan is thus also remembered as one of history’s great romantic heroes in India. His devotion to Mumtaz Mahal has made him a timeless figure of affection and courtly love for later generations.

Actor and Filmmaker Raj Kapoor

In the early years of India’s film industry, Raj Kapoor rose to fame as one of the nation’s first major romantic heartthrobs. With his boyish good looks, charm and acting talent, he became ‘The Great Showman of Indian Cinema.’ Kapoor directed and starred in many hit films like Awaara, Shree 420 and Sangam which showcased him as a romantic hero. To this day, Raj Kapoor remains one of India’s most famous historical crushes and a beloved cinematic idol.

Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, known as ‘The God of Cricket’ in India, is widely regarded as the greatest cricket player of all time. Over a storied 24-year career, Tendulkar broke numerous international records and led India to many victories. His boyish looks, combined with his incredible cricket skills and humble personality off the field, made him one of India’s biggest heartthrobs and an object of adoration for fans across generations.

Modern Day National Crushes of India

While historical figures hold a special place, India today also has many contemporary crushes who are huge icons in pop culture.

Celebrity Crushes

Some of India’s biggest modern celebrity crushes include:

  • Actor Shah Rukh Khan – The ‘King of Bollywood’ remains one of India’s most beloved actors with a career spanning over 30 years.
  • Actor Hrithik Roshan – With his green eyes, Greek god looks and dance moves, Roshan has been a heartthrob since his film debut in 2000.
  • Actor Virat Kohli – In addition to being captain of India’s national cricket team, the athletic and tattooed Kohli is a major crush thanks to his marriage to actress Anushka Sharma.
  • Actress Priyanka Chopra – This former Miss World winner is now a global star who often tops ‘Most Beautiful Women in the World’ lists.
  • Actress Alia Bhatt – The young, glamorous starlet is the crush of the moment in India for her bubbly charm and acting range.
  • Actress Deepika Padukone – With her statuesque figure and screen presence, Padukone reigns as India’s highest paid actress.

Crushes from TV and Web Series

Some current crushes from India’s booming entertainment scene include:

  • Actor Barun Sobti in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? – His role as the rich tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada led to mass hysteria among female fans.
  • Actress Nia Sharma in Jamai Raja – Sharma is one of TV’s biggest sex symbols and was ranked Asia’s 3rd sexiest woman.
  • Actor Sidharth Malhotra in Shershaah – Malhotra’s portrayal of war hero Vikram Batra in the biopic cemented his heartthrob status.
  • Actress Mrunal Thakur in KumKum Bhagya – Thakur plays the long-suffering but strong lead Pragya, whom many root for.
  • Actor Pankaj Tripathi in Mirzapur – Despite playing a gangster,Tripathi’s swaggering performance made him a dad crush.

Crushes from Reality Shows

Reality shows too spawn massive crushes, such as:

  • Television personality Rahul Vaidya in Bigg Boss – His good looks, singing talent and outspoken nature made him an instant celeb.
  • Choreographer and director Remo D’Souza in Dance+ – Cool and talented Remo wins fans over as the superstar judge.
  • Actor and dancer Rithvik Dhanjani in Super Dancer – His cheerful hosting style and dance moves give him an edge.

Crushes from Sports

India’s major sports crushes include:

  • Cricketer KL Rahul – The hard-hitting batsman and captain of the Lucknow Super Giants is blessed with drool-worthy looks.
  • Badminton player P V Sindhu – The first Indian woman to win two Olympic medals has girl-next-door appeal.
  • Wrestler Bajrang Punia – With his athletic physique and wrestling prowess, he’s earned the moniker ‘Pride of India.’
  • Table Tennis star Manika Batra – The beauty queen’s skills with the paddle make her a huge role model.
  • Chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand – His genius, humility and simmering intensity give Anand gravitas and charm.

Regional Cinema Crushes in India

Beyond Bollywood, India’s regional film industries also boast huge star power and launch massive crushes at regional levels:

South Indian Cinema

  • Actor Vijay in Tamil films – The superstar’s action hero roles earn him crazy female fandom in Tamil Nadu.
  • Actor Dulquer Salmaan in Malayalam films – The boyish star’s lackadaisical charm appeals to Malayali women.
  • Actor Rashmika Mandanna in Telugu films – Mandanna’s girl-next-door image and stunning smile enthrall audiences in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • Actor Yash in Kannada films – After KGF, the macho actor has become the fantasy crush of many Kannada film lovers.

Bengali Cinema

  • Actor Dev Adhikari – With his brooding good looks, the Bengali superstar makes hearts race in West Bengal.
  • Actor Ankush Hazra – Hazra’s chocolate boy appeal and comic timing make him crush-worthy.

Marathi Cinema

  • Actor Sharad Kelkar – Kelkar’s powerful screen presence and baritone voice give Marathi women sleepless nights.
  • Actor Swwapnil Joshi – Playing the boy next door often, Joshi lights up the screens with his innocent smile.

Crushes from Fiction and Fantasy

Fictional characters too spark wild crushes and imaginations for many Indians:

  • Anime character Naruto Uzumaki – The spiky-haired ninja inspires crushes for his underdog appeal.
  • Korean drama icon Lee Min-ho – His pretty boy looks in shows like Boys Over Flowers cemented his pan-Asian popularity.
  • Marvel superhero Thor – Actor Chris Hemsworth’s long-haired beefcake look in the Thor films attracts Indian fans.
  • DC comics superman Clark Kent – Superman is the OG crush for Indians thanks to the classic films and comics.
  • Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory – Played by Robert Pattinson in the films, Diggory’s tragic story makes him a brooding fantasy.
  • Twilight vampire Edward Cullen – Again played by Robert Pattinson, Edward’s dangerous romance pulls at Indian hearts.
  • Fictional icons like Prince Charming – Traditional fairy tale princes are evergreen crushes.

Why Do Certain Figures Emerge as Mass Crushes?

The above examples give a snapshot of the diverse crushes and romantic figures that capture India’s imagination from time to time. But why do certain celebrities, characters or icons stand out above others as national crushes?

Some key reasons include:

  • Pan-Indian popularity – Stars like top actors and cricketers become nationally known figures. Their ubiquity in pop culture elevates their crush potential.
  • Idealized personalities – Certain real or fictional personalities represent romantic ideals that people aspire towards in a partner – like the devoted Shah Jahan.
  • Attractive looks – Undeniably, good looks are a prime factor in crushes. Stars like Hrithik Roshan set hearts aflutter with their beauty.
  • Aspirational lifestyles – Glamorous celebrities also represent lavish lifestyles that many admire and fantasize about.
  • Escapist appeal – Characters in fiction embody fantasies, letting people escape into compelling stories and relationships.
  • Talent and skills – Gifted stars, like top sportspeople or singers, also impress people with their talents.
  • Relatability – Meanwhile, girl or boy next door types make crushes seem more accessible through their relatability.

These qualities allow particular figures to capture widespread public adoration and stand out as national crushes of their eras.


India’s vast population and diversity leads to many pan-Indian crushes across history and contemporary pop culture. While romance is highly personal, some personalities grab public imagination through a mix of star power, idealized appeal and talent. National crushes evolve with the times but retain an aura of aspiration, escapism and fantasy fulfillment. From historical icons like Lord Krishna and Shah Jahan to modern superstars like Virat Kohli and Alia Bhatt, these crushes reflect India’s dreams and pop culture moods through the ages.