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Who is Jiro crush?

Jiro is a fictional character who appears in the Japanese manga and anime series My Hero Academia. He is a student at U.A. High School training to become a pro hero. Jiro has the quirk Earphone Jack which allows her to plug her earlobe jacks into things and channel her heartbeats into powerful soundwaves. She is known for being blunt and honest with her friends. When it comes to crushes, Jiro tends to play things close to the vest. However, there are some clues throughout the series about who Jiro may have feelings for.

Candidates for Jiro’s Crush

There are a few potential candidates who Jiro could have a crush on:

Name Evidence
Kaminari Jiro is often seen teasing or making sarcastic comments towards Kaminari. This could suggest she has a crush on him but doesn’t want to admit it.
Momo Some fans speculate that Jiro may have feelings for Momo based on subtle interactions between the two girls.
Unknown boy from middle school In a light novel, Jiro mentions turning down a boy who confessed to her in middle school. She may still have feelings for this unidentified boy.

Clues in Jiro’s Behavior

While Jiro has never explicitly stated who she has a crush on, there are some clues in her behavior throughout the series:

  • She blushes when She gets flustered when people talk about romance.
  • She shows interest in Kaminari’s dating life, asking if he has ever had a girlfriend.
  • She was jealous when Momo hugged another student.
  • She gets embarrassed and denies having feelings for anyone.

These reactions suggest Jiro may have a crush but is shy about discussing it openly. Her sharp denials of any romantic feelings could indicate she is trying to hide who her crush is.

Potential Reasons for the Mystery

There are several possible reasons why Jiro’s crush remains ambiguous and unconfirmed:

  • She is a private person – Jiro does not seem to like revealing personal information.
  • Romance is not a priority – She is focused on her training and becoming a hero.
  • She herself may be unsure – Jiro may be sorting out her own feelings and not ready to talk about crushes.
  • Leaves story options open – Without confirming a crush, the story leaves possibilities for future romantic plots.

By not definitively indicating who Jiro may have feelings for, the story maintains some mystery around this normally aloof character.

Who Does the Evidence Point To?

While Jiro’s crush remains officially undeclared, the subtle clues and hints throughout the My Hero Academia series suggest some likely candidates.


Much of Jiro’s flustered or embarrassed reactions happen around Kaminari. She takes an interest in his relationship status and enjoys teasing him. Kaminari is also someone Jiro spends a lot of casual time with as a classmate which could have allowed feelings to develop. Overall, many signs indicate Kaminari is a strong possibility as Jiro’s crush.


There are a few moments that imply something unspoken between Jiro and Momo. Jiro’s jealously about Momo hugging someone else and the pair’s quiet understanding could mean romantic tension. Some fans read a lot into the relationship between these two female characters as something more than friendship.

The Unknown Boy

While the middle school boy remains unknown, he is the only person Jiro has definitively shown interest in based on the light novel confession scene. First crushes often leave lasting impressions, so this boy from Jiro’s past may still occupy her heart. Without more details, however, this remains speculative.


In the end, Jiro’s crush remains ambiguous throughout the My Hero Academia series. Her reactions offer hints that she may harbor secret feelings for Kaminari, Momo, or perhaps the unidentified boy from her past. But Jiro’s private nature means her true crush is still up for debate. This leaves fans plenty of room to speculate about who might capture the earphone jack hero’s heart someday. Until Jiro herself decides to reveal the truth, the mysteries of her romantic interests will continue to intrigue fans.