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Who is Kaeya shipped with?

Kaeya is one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact and has many different ships within the fandom. As the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius and an adopted son of Crepus Ragnvindr, Kaeya has complex relationships with several characters that lend themselves to shipping.

Kaeya’s Character and Background

To understand Kaeya’s ships, it helps to first look at his background and personality. Some key facts about Kaeya:

  • He was adopted by Crepus Ragnvindr when he was young.
  • He is actually a spy from Khaenri’ah sent to gather intel on Mondstadt.
  • Despite his secret mission, he cares about Mondstadt and its people.
  • He has a playful, easygoing, and flirtatious personality.
  • But underneath he is strategic, observant, and cryptic.

With this context in mind, here are some of the most popular Genshin Impact ships involving Kaeya:

Kaeya and Diluc

One of the biggest Kaeya ships is with Diluc Ragnvindr. Kaeya and Diluc grew up as adoptive brothers after Kaeya was taken in by Crepus. They were once very close friends who looked after each other. However, after Crepus’ death drove a wedge between them, they became rivals. Despite the rivalry, many fans ship them due to their history and read a romantic undertone into their banter.

Evidence for Kaeya/Diluc

  • They have special voice lines about each other, suggesting a deep bond.
  • Their history and backstory are heavily intertwined.
  • They still clearly care about each other under the rivalry.
  • Their opposite personalities balance each other out.
  • Some official Genshin Impact media hints at a deeper relationship.

Their bittersweet past relationship, contrasting personalities, and lingering feelings make them one of the most popular ship dynamics in the fandom. Many fans hope they will eventually reconcile.

Kaeya and Albedo

Another popular Kaeya ship is with the alchemist Albedo. Though they have limited interactions in-game, fans often pair them up due to similarities in their situations. Both characters hide parts of their identity and origins from others. As outlanders not originally from Mondstadt, some fans imagine they could bond over feeling like outsiders. Their sharp intellects and analytical personalities also mesh well.

Evidence for Kaeya/Albedo

  • Both originated from outside Mondstadt which gives them a connection.
  • They are two of the most intelligent Knights of Favonius.
  • Their calm, intellectual personalities complement each other.
  • Some official art depicts them together.
  • As non-Vision holders from Khaenri’ah/ Rhinedottir’s creations, they understand each other.

Fans of this ship enjoy the potential understanding between two characters who don’t fully fit in with others. They imagine the two confiding in and finding solace with each other.

Kaeya and Tartaglia

Kaeya is also sometimes shipped with Tartaglia, better known as Childe. This Genshin Impact ship exists because of the natural chemistry and tension between them as rivals.

Evidence for Kaeya/Tartaglia

  • In the Golden Apple Archipelago event, they compete and banter, showing a fun rivalry.
  • Both are flirtatious and enjoy teasing each other.
  • Their combat capabilities and competitiveness are evenly matched.
  • They both hide parts of themselves behind easygoing exteriors.
  • Some official arts and comics portray their chemistry.

Fans are drawn to this enemies-to-lovers dynamic. The ship focuses on their outward rivalry and joking slowly developing into understanding and attraction. Their similar secretive and strategic personalities under charming exteriors also complement each other well.

Kaeya and Rosaria

A popular straight Genshin Impact ship for Kaeya is with Rosaria, a fellow knight. Though very different personalities, fans often pair their contrasts.

Evidence for Kaeya/Rosaria

  • As Knights of Favonius, they work together often.
  • Rosaria’s serious personality balances out Kaeya’s relaxed joking.
  • Kaeya enjoys teasing the stern Rosaria.
  • Rosaria keeps Kaeya’s reckless behavior in check.
  • They have special voice lines that suggest hidden affection.

This ship capitalizes on their opposite natures and how they balance each other out. Fans imagine Kaeya’s playful flirting slowly wearing down Rosaria’s cold exterior. Their banter and teamwork as knights also brings them together.

Kaeya and Venti

Kaeya and Venti, the bard Archon, is a more rare pairing but supported by some fans. Though they have few direct interactions, some enjoy their philosophical similarities.

Evidence for Kaeya/Venti

  • Both seem carefree on the surface but hide wisdom underneath.
  • Their views on freedom, restricted by duties, align.
  • Venti’s faith in humanity contrasts with Kaeya’s cynicism in an interesting way.
  • Some official arts depict intimate poses between them.
  • Their elemental abilities complement each other in battle.

What draws fans of this ship together is how their outer personalities conceal inner philosophies. Kaeya’s secret skepticism balances Venti’s hope in human nature. Their opposing attitudes create interesting dialogue potential.

Kaeya and Zhongli

The knowledgeable Zhongli, the Geo Archon, is also occasionally paired with Kaeya. Their philosophical views make an interesting ship dynamic for some fans.

Evidence for Kaeya/Zhongli

  • Both are highly intelligent with centuries of experience and knowledge.
  • Their conversations on human nature are insightful.
  • Zhongli’s steadfastness balances Kaeya’s unpredictable nature.
  • Some official media hint at a potential bond.
  • As an Archon, Zhongli could handle Kaeya’s secretive side.

This rare pair is enjoyed for the way their vast knowledge and history interacts. Zhongli’s grounded steadiness contrasts with Kaeya’s mercurial secrecy in a compelling way. The ship focuses on meaningful discussions of philosophy and human motivations between two perceptive minds.

Other Rare Kaeya Ships

Some other rare Kaeya pairings that have pockets of fan support include:

  • Kaeya and Lisa – Playful, flirtatious dynamic
  • Kaeya and Beidou – Rival pirates and captains
  • Kaeya and Xingqiu – Personality contrasts
  • Kaeya and Thoma – Fellow outsiders to Mondstadt
  • Kaeya and Collei – Mentor/student relationship

While less common, these ships evoke interesting character dynamics that appeal to fans.


Kaeya’s complex personality and relationships with other characters lead to many intriguing shipping possibilities within the Genshin Impact fandom. The most popular Kaeya ships highlight his connections with Diluc, Albedo, Tartaglia, and Rosaria. More rare pairings explore interesting philosophical debates or personality foils. His ties to Mondstadt along with secrets make him an engaging character to ship in many ways. Kaeya’s charismatic charm and interwoven background ensures he will likely continue gaining new ships as the Genshin Impact story evolves.