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Who is King Boo’s wife?

King Boo is one of the main antagonists in the Mario franchise. He first appeared in the game Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001. King Boo is the leader of the Boos and has the unique ability to possess objects and even people. Despite being a prominent character in the Mario universe, very little is actually known about King Boo’s personal life. This has led fans to speculate on details like whether King Boo has a spouse. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about King Boo’s relationship status and who he might be married to.

Does King Boo Have a Wife?

The straightforward answer is that it has never been confirmed whether King Boo has a wife or romantic partner. Nintendo has not provided any official information on King Boo’s marital status or personal relationships. He is presented solely as an antagonist to Mario, Luigi, and their friends.

So why do people speculate that King Boo could have a spouse? Boo culture in the Mario universe provides some clues. Regular Boos are known to form romantic relationships. In fact, the appearance of Baby Boos confirms that Boos do reproduce somehow. It is logical to assume that their king would also take a queen. Kings in real-world history traditionally married for political alliances or to produce heirs. So while unconfirmed, it does make sense that King Boo could be married.

Who Could King Boo’s Wife Be?

With no definitive answer from Nintendo, fans have come up with their own theories about who King Boo’s wife might be. Here are some of the top candidates:

Lady Bow

One popular choice for King Boo’s spouse is Lady Bow. Lady Bow first appeared in Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 in 2000. She is presented as a Lady Boo with a unique purple color and large hat. Lady Bow is refined, graceful, and seems to command authority over the other Boos in her mansion. These traits have led many to believe that she would be a fitting wife for King Boo. However, there is no actual evidence that the two are a couple. Still, her status as a Lady Boo makes her a likely contender.


Bootique is another Lady Boo who some think could be married to King Boo. She debuted in Luigi’s Mansion 3 in 2019. Bootique is found running a hotel boutique full of merchandise. Her royal purple coloring and the fact that she manages finances have fueled speculation about being Queen Boo. However, Bootique displays no actual connection to King Boo in the game. Her name and love of fashion may just be a play on the word “boutique.”

Madame Clairvoya

Madame Clairvoya is a fortune teller Boo character introduced in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in 2013. She offers to reveal secrets about the Dark Moon shards to Luigi in exchange for coins. Her crystal ball, jeweled necklace, and dramatic flair have given her an aura of mystery. Madame Clairvoya does demonstrate some magical abilities beyond other Boos. If King Boo had a spouse with her own unique powers, Madame Clairvoya would be a possibility. But there is no confirmation of a link between her and King Boo beyond being Boos.


One more candidate for King Boo’s wife is Boodica. She is found in Evershade Valley in Luigi’s Mansion 2. Boodica is a painter who helps Mario track down ghosts. Her distinguising accessories are a red beret and purple scarf. Some fans think Boodica’s artistic talents and deep knowledge of Boos imply that she has a privileged status as Queen Boo. But nothing in the games connects her directly to King Boo beyond specualtion.

Could King Boo’s Wife Be Someone New?

Rather than picking an existing Lady Boo as his spouse, King Boo’s wife could always be a new character. She would likely be a regal Boo wearing a crown to signify her status as Queen. This approach would give Nintendo a blank slate to create a personality and backstory for King Boo’s wife. Her reveal could come in a future Mario game as a new antagonist or playable side character. For now though, the identity of King Boo’s hypothetical spouse remains a mystery.

Why is King Boo’s Marital Status Unclear?

Nintendo’s reasoning for not confirming whether King Boo has a wife likely comes down to storytelling priorities. The Mario games keep plots simple and focus on fun gameplay. In-depth details about characters’ personal lives get lower billing. King Boo works effectively as a villain without complex backstories bogging things down. His motives are simple: frighten, haunt, and antagonize the heroes. A wife could distract from that clear role. Keeping King Boo’s marital status ambiguous leaves more flexibility in how he gets used in future games too. Until Nintendo decides to establish clear canon, fans are free to imagine what his relationships might look like.

Could a Future Game Reveal King Boo’s Wife?

There is certainly potential for a future Mario franchise game to introduce and name King Boo’s wife. It could be a main series title, spin-off, or even expanded media like comics or a TV show. Revealing King Boo’s spouse would flesh out his character and Boo society more. She could be depicted in a number of ways:

  • A supportive Queen who rules alongside King Boo.
  • A scheming spouse who manipulates King Boo.
  • A romantic interest for King Boo glimpsed in flashbacks.
  • An additional antagonist for Mario and Luigi to overcome.

Nintendo likely has no pressing priority to create and define a concrete spouse for King Boo presently. But if they ever want to expand on Boo worldbuilding or King Boo’s backstory, introducing his Queen could be an option. Fans certainly have plenty of theories ready if Nintendo ever makes it officially canon.

Theories on King Boo’s Wife in Fan Fiction

With no canon answers from Nintendo, fans have used fan fiction to imagine romantic options for King Boo. Here are some common approaches:

Lady Bow

Many fan fiction writers pair King Boo and Lady Bow together as husband and wife ruling over Boos. Her refinement suits his status, while contrasting with King Boo’s shadowy menace. Their two different sizes and colors also complement each other visually. Some depict them as a political alliance, while others add in romance.

Original Boo Character

Rather than using an existing Boo, some fans craft an original Queen Boo character designed specifically to be King Boo’s spouse. This lets them build her appearance and personality from scratch. She is often envisioned as a white Boo in an opulent crown and gown. Her motives and relationship dynamics with King Boo get portrayed in various ways across different stories.

Humanoid Version

For shipping adventures, some writers transform King Boo into a humanoid version of himself. This allows him to have a romance with human or human-like characters like Peach or Daisy. The use of magic or dimension hopping explains the change from Boo to man. It provides creative freedom, but loses King Boo’s iconic ghostly identity.

No Romance

Not all fan interpretations involve romance. Some depict King Boo as an autonomous villain uninterested in love or relationships. Instead he remains focused solely on taking down Mario and dominating the Mushroom Kingdom, without distractions from a Queen.


In the end, Nintendo has yet to definitively answer the question of who King Boo’s wife might be. While never stated outright, clues from Boo culture imply that it seems reasonable their king would have a spouse. Fans have cooked up various theories naming candidates like Lady Bow, Bootique, and Madame Clairvoya among others. But no Boo has been outright confirmed as Queen Boo in canon materials. The door remains open for Nintendo to establish once and for all who rules beside King Boo should they ever prioritize detailing his personal life. For now, the identity of King Boo’s wife remains one of the Mario franchise’s most intriguing mysteries.