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Who is Qiqi shipped with?

Qiqi, one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact, has been shipped with various characters throughout the fandom. As an undead character with mysterious origins, Qiqi has captured the hearts of many players with her cute appearance and tragic backstory. Her relationships, whether romantic or platonic, are often explored by fans through fanfiction, fanart, and discussions. Using data gathered from fan communities and platforms, we will analyze Qiqi’s most common ships and the reasons behind them.

Hu Tao

One of the most popular ships for Qiqi is with Hu Tao, the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. This ship is often referred to as “Qitao” or “Taoki” by fans. Hu Tao’s obsession with ghosts and the departed makes for an interesting dynamic with the undead Qiqi. Some fans see their opposite personalities balancing each other out – Hu Tao’s energetic and mischievous nature contrasting with Qiqi’s calm and aloof demeanor.

Their connection through death is also a major reason for their ship. As Hu Tao cares for the dead and Qiqi clings onto life despite being undead herself, they have an innate understanding of life and death. Some fans play up the idea that Hu Tao wants to research Qiqi to uncover the secrets of her condition. Hu Tao’s curiosity paired with Qiqi’s indifference makes for entertaining fanfiction and fanart.

However, the most popular aspect of this ship is the mutually unrequited pining. Qiqi openly dislikes Hu Tao due to her connection to the Fatui Harbinger who caused her death. But Hu Tao persists in wanting to be closer to Qiqi, either oblivious or indifferent to Qiqi’s dislike of her. This push and pull dynamic is angsty yet endearing to fans.


The humble secretary of the Liyue Qixing, Ganyu is another popular choice for Qiqi. Often called “Qiganyu”, this ship captures the quiet intimacy between two introverted characters. As two half-adepti characters, they share the experience of straddling two worlds – mortal and adeptus. Fans enjoy exploring their subtle friendship and care for each other as part of the immortal beings living among humans.

Ganyu’s gentle personality balances out Qiqi’s bluntness, while Qiqi’s straightforward wisdom helps ground Ganyu’s self-doubt. Their peaceful dynamic appeals to fans wanting soft, wholesome relationships for Qiqi outside of her tragic past. Overall, Qiganyu paints a gentle picture of eternal friendship between two characters who understand the unique loneliness of adepti-hood.


The explosive pairing between Qiqi and Knights of Favonius spark knight Klee is aptly named “BoomBoom Bakudan”. As two child-like characters, their cute friendship and innocent antics are popular among fans. Their shared connections to the Knights and quiet intelligence make them a logical pairing.

Fans enjoy imagining the two having quiet picnics or stargazing together, peaceful moments rare for the hyperactive Klee. These softer fics explore Qiqi’s hidden maternal instincts to care for the rowdy Klee. In more humorous fics, the two get up to all sorts of trouble with Klee’s bombs and Qiqi’s lack of self-preservation. Overall, their ship brings out the brighter, childlike side of both characters.


The lupical Razor has also been paired with Qiqi in fanships like “Qizor” or “Raziqi”. As two characters unfamiliar with human society, they form a close bond through their shared isolation. Both were taken in by the Liyue Adeptus at a young age. Fans enjoy the pairing between the feral wolf boy and the zombie girl.

Some fans play up the contrast between Razor’s wildness and Qiqi’s stoicism. Others imagine them having a quiet companionship away from human cities. Razor’s loyalty and protectiveness balanced with Qiqi’s cold maturity make for an interesting dynamic. Overall, the ship resonates with fans wanting to explore Qiqi’s more vulnerable side with someone unreliant on human social norms.


The brooding yaksha Xiao is also paired with Qiqi occasionally under ship names like “Qixiao” or “Xiaoi”. As two adepti forced to live among mortals, they share a deep loneliness. Xiao’s internal turmoil over his past contrasts nicely with Qiqi’s lost memories.

Some fans emphasize the darker aspects of their pairing, with Xiao’s karmic debt keeping him apart from Qiqi’s innocence. Others imagine them finding comfort in each other’s presence, connected by their duties protecting Liyue despite their humanity. Xiao’s serious nature balanced with Qiqi’s stoicism makes for some bittersweet storytelling. Overall, their shared immortality and trauma resonates with fans.

Hutao Table

Ship Name Popularity Notable Dynamic
Qitao / Taoki Most popular Mutually unrequited pining
Qiganyu Moderately popular Subtle intimate friendship

Klee Table

Ship Name Popularity Notable Dynamic
BoomBoom Bakudan Popular Innocent antics and companionship

Razor Table

Ship Name Popularity Notable Dynamic
Qizor / Raziqi Moderately popular Shared isolation from human society

Xiao Table

Ship Name Popularity Notable Dynamic
Qixiao / Xiaoi Less popular Shared immortality and trauma


In summary, Qiqi is most often paired with Hu Tao, Ganyu, Klee, Razor and Xiao by the Genshin Impact fandom. These ships emphasize different aspects of Qiqi’s character and relationships – from her dynamic with the eccentric Hu Tao to the gentle intimacy with the adeptus Ganyu. Her innocent friendship with Klee and quiet companionship with Razor show her childlike qualities. And her bittersweet immortal bond with Xiao brings out her inner turmoil. The appeal of these varied ships ultimately comes from Qiqi’s multilayered character and her connections to key characters linked with life, death, innocence and trauma.