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Who is Rey’s grandmother?

Rey’s family history and lineage has been a topic of much discussion and speculation amongst Star Wars fans ever since her introduction in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As a mysterious orphaned scavenger on Jakku, Rey’s lack of known family ties is a significant part of her backstory. The identity of her parents and grandparents remains one of the most intriguing unanswered questions about her origins.

Rey’s Parents

In The Force Awakens, Rey admits she was dropped off on Jakku as a child and has been waiting for her family to return ever since. She expresses sadness that whoever left her there never came back for her. This establishes that Rey was abandoned as a child by her parents or guardians, but their identities are not revealed in the film.

It is finally disclosed in The Rise of Skywalker that Rey’s father is a cloned son of Emperor Palpatine. Her mother is never explicitly identified, but was likely one of Palpatine’s disciples or servants. This makes Emperor Palpatine Rey’s biological grandfather, though she understandably rejects this lineage after learning of it. However, it does not reveal anything about Rey’s maternal grandmother, leaving that an open question.

Theories on Rey’s Maternal Grandmother

With Rey’s parents still largely a mystery, the identity of her maternal grandmother is even more obscure. Here are some of the major theories about who Rey’s grandmother could be:

  • No one significant – Rey’s grandmother may have just been an ordinary woman unrelated to any established Star Wars characters. This would make Rey’s family history less spectacular.
  • A handmaiden or servant of Palpatine – As Rey’s mother was likely associated with Palpatine’s Sith cult, her own mother may have also been in service to Palpatine in some capacity.
  • A Jedi or other Force user – Some believe Rey’s affinity for the Force had to come from somewhere else in her maternal bloodline, so her grandmother may have been a Jedi or other Force sensitive individual.
  • A survivor from Palpatine’s family – As Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter, her maternal grandmother could have been a member of the Palpatine family as well, through a daughter or other relative of Sheev Palpatine.

There is no definitive answer at this point, but those are some of the most popular speculative possibilities about Rey’s still unknown grandmother.

Does Rey’s Grandmother’s Identity Matter?

While the identity of Rey’s grandmother may be an intriguing mystery to fans, some argue that it does not necessarily matter who she really was. Here are some perspectives on whether her identity is important:

  • It matters to complete Rey’s backstory and family history. After all the speculation, fans want to know the full truth about Rey’s origins.
  • It could reveal hidden motivations if she was a notable Star Wars figure, like a Jedi or Palpatine loyalist.
  • Her identity may not affect Rey’s arc or destiny significantly at this point, with the Skywalker saga concluded.
  • Rey has found her place and purpose regardless of her lineage. Her grandmother does not define her.
  • The grandmother’s identity only matters if it serves the narrative. Random nostalgia cameos should be avoided.

There are reasonable arguments on both sides. Ultimately, Rey’s previously unknown grandmother could be revealed to be an interesting part of the backstory, or she could remain an unimportant mystery.

Could Rey’s Grandmother Appear in a Future Project?

While the Skywalker saga is complete, there are still many opportunities to explore Rey’s origins in future Star Wars projects, whether on screen or in expanded materials like books and comics. Her previously unknown grandmother could hypothetically appear, if the creators decide to shed more light on Rey’s family history.

Here are some ways Rey’s grandmother could emerge in a future Star Wars story:

  • In a flashback showing Rey’s mother’s origins
  • Rey discovers a relic that provides clues to her grandmother’s identity
  • Force ghost visitation from Rey’s grandmother
  • Discovering lost records that document her grandmother’s history
  • Traveling to her homeworld and learning about her family’s past

Any future revelations about Rey’s origins would need to feel organic, rather than forced just for nostalgia’s sake. But a compelling backstory about her previously unknown grandmother could make a great addition to the mysteries surrounding Rey.

Notable Star Wars Grandmothers

While Rey’s grandmother remains uncertain, there are some important grandmothers already established within Star Wars lore. Looking at their stories provides some context on the role grandmothers can play in the saga.

Grandmother Descendants Background
Shmi Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Enslaved mother of Anakin, grandmother to Luke and Leia
Padmé Amidala Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Former Queen and Senator, mother of Luke and Leia
Jobal Naberrie Padmé Amidala Caring mother of Padmé Amidala

These important matriarchs were pivotal to their families in the Star Wars story. Rey’s unknown grandmother could play a similarly important role someday in completing Rey’s own family history.

The Importance of Family in Star Wars

The Skywalker saga has always emphasized family heritage, bloodlines, and found families. Key themes throughout the generational story include:

  • Children redeeming their fathers (Luke redeeming Vader)
  • Responsibility across generations (Yoda training Luke)
  • Chosen families becoming as strong as blood relations (with Rey finding community with the Resistance)

Rey’s search for family and identity has been an integral part of her hero’s journey. Learning about her previously unknown grandmother would continue that theme by deepening her family history. It could also impact her understanding of her own origins and motivations as she continues forging her own path.

Rey’s Found Family in the Resistance

Though Rey has struggled with her absent blood relatives, she has also found meaning through the connections she forged with other Resistance fighters. This found family supports her search for identity and belonging. Key relationships include:

  • Finn – Fellow orphan who becomes Rey’s first real friend and loyal supporter
  • Leia – Surrogate mother figure who senses Rey’s power and trains her in the Force
  • Poe – Trusted fellow Resistance fighter who welcomes Rey into their cause
  • Luke – Initially reluctant mentor who helps guide Rey’s Jedi journey

Rey’s found family in the Resistance has proven just as important as her biological ancestry. But discovering more about her mysterious grandmother could still provide missing pieces to help Rey understand where she comes from and what defines her path moving forward.


The identity of Rey’s maternal grandmother remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries around her origins. With Rey’s parents barely known themselves, her grandmother provides another avenue for exploring her enigmatic backstory. While not imperative, learning more about this previously unknown woman could shed light on the family trauma and abandonment Rey has grappled with. It could also reveal unexpected motivations and powers if her grandmother had deeper ties to the Force or other Star Wars lore. Ultimately, Rey’s destiny lies in her own hands, regardless of what bloodline she came from. But for fans eager to see her origins fully fleshed out, her mysterious grandmother represents an intriguing missing piece of the puzzle.