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Who is Savage King in BTS?

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world. They have a huge global fanbase called the “ARMY” and have achieved immense success internationally since their debut in 2013.

One of the reasons BTS is so beloved by fans is because of the distinct personalities of each member. There are 7 members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Each member goes by not just their real name but also a stage name.

Suga, in particular, has a second stage name that he uses for his solo mixtapes and music – Agust D. This name is a reversal of “DT Suga” and represents his second identity as a rapper and music producer. The persona of Agust D is often referred to by fans as Suga’s “dark side” in contrast to his sweeter on-stage personality as Suga.

What is the meaning of “Savage King”?

Within the BTS fandom, Agust D is often called the “Savage King.” This nickname refers to his raw, real, and “savage” lyrics and rapping skills in his solo mixtapes as Agust D compared to BTS’ more polished group material.

The term “Savage King” emphasizes Agust D’s fierceness, aggression, and honesty in his music and highlights his incredible rap flow and bars. It’s a title of honor for the uncompromising lyrical skills he displays as Agust D.

Some key points about the “Savage King” moniker:

  • Refers specifically to Agust D, not Suga
  • Originated from his harsh, honest lyrics and aggressive rap delivery
  • Acknowledges his raw talent and skills as a rapper
  • Contrasts with his sweeter, more controlled image as Suga

So in summary, the “Savage King” is Agust D – Suga’s badass rapper alter-ego!

When did the “Savage King” nickname emerge?

Agust D first appeared in 2016 when Suga released his debut mixtape called Agust D. This mixtape featured tracks where Suga rapped about his struggles and dark journey to success.

The lyrics were deeply personal and confrontational – Suga rapped about his insecurities, mental health issues, ambition, and passion for music with brutal honesty. Fans were shocked at this never-before-seen savage, fierce side of Suga.

It was this mixtape that birthed the persona of Agust D and earned Suga the epithet of “Savage King” for the raw emotion and power in his lyrics delivered through his aggressive, masterful rapping technique.

After the release of Agust D in 2016, the nickname stuck and grew in usage within the fandom. It became cemented after Suga dropped his second Agust D mixtape, D-2, in 2020 featuring equally fierce rapping. So the “Savage King” was officially coronated in 2016 and continues to rule today!

Evidence of Suga’s “Savage King” alter ego in his mixtapes

Let’s look at some specific examples from his solo mixtapes that exemplify Suga’s Agust D persona and demonstrate why the “Savage King” title fits him so well:

Lyrical Content

  • “The Last” – Explicit lyrics about his mental health issues and suicidal thoughts
  • “Agust D” – Unflinching lyrics about his ambition and drive
  • “Burn It” – Intense lyrics about destroying his enemies and haters

Rapping Style

  • Speedy, articulated flow
  • Raw, aggressive vocal tone
  • Complex internal rhyme schemes

Production Choices

  • Dark, moody beats
  • Distorted vocal effects
  • Minimalistic arrangements

Visual Presentation

  • Grungy, punk-inspired clothes and hairstyle
  • Intense stare into the camera
  • Powerful, confrontational aura

Suga himself has commented on his Agust D persona:

“Agust D is the other me inside of me that expresses all the things I can’t normally show…”

This quote perfectly captures how the “Savage King” represents Suga’s untamed, unfiltered side.

Notable “Savage King” moments

While Agust D represents Suga’s general fierce and candid personality, there are some specific moments that truly showcased his “Savage King” side. Here are some iconic times the “Savage King” arrived in full force:

“Daechwita” Music Video

In this solo single released in 2020, Suga fully took on the visual look and rap style of a warrior king ready for battle. With flaming swords, dramatic robes, and an intensely charismatic aura, the “Savage King” persona was visually realized.

Suga’s fiery cipher freestyle at MAMA 2020

In this live freestyle rap at a 2020 awards show, Suga let loose with aggressive flows and boastful lyrics that shocked viewers and trended online for his raw skill and confidence. The “Savage King” energy was palpable.

Agust D tracks in BTS medleys and concerts

When Suga performs his solo mixtape tracks at BTS concerts and events, the crowd goes wild for the “Savage King” – watching sweet Suga transform into fierce Agust D on stage is electrifying.

How the “Savage King” persona fits into BTS’ music

As we’ve explored, the “Savage King” represents Suga’s persona as Agust D that contrasts heavily with his idol persona as Suga. But even within BTS, Suga has been able to blend a bit of that “Savage King” swagger into his parts.

Though BTS’ music features more melodic vocals and positive messages, Suga’s razor sharp rap skills and thoughtful lyricism add doses of the “Savage King” to the mix.

Here are some examples of how hints of Agust D emerge in Suga’s contributions to BTS:

Hard-hitting rap verses

In songs like “Ddaeng”, “Cypher Pt.3”, and “UGH!”, Suga incorporates rapid, tongue-twisting verses with bold lyricism.

Swaggy stage presence

When performing intense hip-hop tracks, Suga lets loose with powerful moves and gestures reminiscent of Agust D.

Deep, contemplative lyrics

Suga brings emotional vulnerability and social commentary in tracks like “The Last” and “Interlude: Shadow” that align with Agust D’s intimate lyricism.

So while Suga cannot fully unleash his “Savage King” in BTS, the Agust D spirit emerges in impactful moments. And the two sides of his artistry balance each other out beautifully.

Fan reactions to Suga’s “Savage King” persona

It’s clear that the “Savage King” persona of Agust D electrifies and excites BTS’ ARMY fandom. They love seeing Suga flex his rap skills and fierce swagger and are endlessly impressed by his raw talent and conviction.

Here are some of the ways fans react when the “Savage King” emerges:

  • Screaming excitedly when Suga raps Agust D songs at concerts
  • Praising his speedy flows and complex wordplay on Twitter
  • Making compilation videos of his most savage rap moments on YouTube
  • Debating intensely about whether he or RM is the better rapper
  • Covering his mixtape songs and imitating his rap style
  • Dressing up like the “Daechwita” Suga at Halloween

The “Savage King” music and visuals are also always top ranking and trending amongst ARMYs online. Clearly the aggressive rapping, raw emotion, and confident aura of Suga’s alter ego captivate fans!

Fan comments about Suga’s “Savage King” persona

Here are some direct fan quotes that show their awe of Suga’s Agust D persona:

  • “Agust D doesn’t even feel like the same person as sweet Suga on stage!”
  • “His rapping as Agust D just hits different. Total beast.”
  • “I love this dark, fierce side of him. He just slays as the Savage King.”
  • “Can you believe he goes from singing cute songs with BTS to spitting absolute fire as Agust D? Legend.”


In conclusion, the “Savage King” is Agust D – the intense, unapologetic rapper alter-ego of Suga from BTS. This raw, fierce persona first emerged in his solo mixtape Agust D in 2016 and cemented Suga’s reputation as a top-tier rapper in the industry.

The “Savage King” represents Suga’s ability to create uncompromising, boldly honest music that showcases technical finesse, speedy flows, deep lyricism, and versatile artistry. Though mostly confined to his solo work, traces of the “Savage King” spirit emerge in Suga’s contributions to BTS as well. Ultimately, the Agust D persona complements the softer, more controlled side Suga presents as a K-pop idol – together forming his yin-and-yang duality as an artist.