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Who is stronger Phoenix or Superman?

Both Phoenix and Superman are incredibly powerful superheroes with a wide range of abilities. They are among the strongest characters in their respective universes. But which one of them is ultimately more powerful? Here is an in-depth comparison of their powers, backgrounds, and feats to determine who would win in a fight.

Phoenix’s Powers

Phoenix is the cosmic entity that embodies life and passion. It is the manifestation of the primal force of life and creation in the Marvel universe. The Phoenix Force is almost infinitely powerful and is considered one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel multiverse. It enhances the mutant Jean Grey’s already considerable telepathic and telekinetic powers to an extraordinary degree when she becomes its host. Here are some of Phoenix’s key powers:

  • Reality Warping – Phoenix can manipulate and warp reality on a cosmic scale. She can reshape entire planets and rewrite the laws of physics at will.
  • Psionic Abilities – As a cosmic entity, Phoenix has limitless psychic abilities including telepathy and telekinesis. She can read minds across galaxies and move or destroy objects with a mere thought.
  • Energy Manipulation – Phoenix can absorb, generate and manipulate any form of energy on a massive scale. This includes everything from stars to mystical energies.
  • Immortality – Phoenix is immortal and does not age. She can self-resurrect and regenerate from almost any form of damage instantly.
  • Cosmic Awareness – Phoenix possesses cosmic awareness, allowing her to know anything that happens in the universe. She can sense events lightyears away.
  • Interstellar Travel – Phoenix can travel interstellar and intergalactic distances in seconds. She can cross the entire Marvel universe faster than the speed of light.

At her peak, Phoenix has shown the power to destroy entire planets and star systems effortlessly. She was able to defeat powerful cosmic entities like Galactus and overpower villains like Apocalypse. Her near-limitless psionic powers combined with her ability to manipulate all forms of energy and matter make her one of the most formidable beings in Marvel comics.

Superman’s Powers

Superman is arguably the most powerful superhero in the DC universe. As an alien from the planet Krypton, he gains extraordinary abilities on Earth thanks to the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun. Some of his key powers are:

  • Solar Energy Absorption – Superman absorbs and stores solar energy from the sun, which fuels all his incredible powers and abilities.
  • Super Strength – Superman has almost limitless superhuman strength, allowing him to lift millions of tons effortlessly.
  • Invulnerability – Superman’s body is nigh-invulnerable and extremely resistant to all forms of physical damage. He is bulletproof and can withstand massive explosions, lasers, and the vacuum of space without harm.
  • Super Speed – He can move, fly, react and perceive events at speeds faster than light. This allows him to time travel and cross the galaxy in minutes.
  • Flight – Superman can fly at hypersonic speeds in Earth’s atmosphere and faster than light in space.
  • Super Senses – All of Superman’s senses are enhanced to superhuman levels. He can see across the entire EM spectrum, hear faint sounds light years away and detect specific substances by scent.
  • Heat Vision – Superman can fire extremely hot beams of intense heat and radiation from his eyes.
  • Freeze Breath – He can inhale and exhale huge volumes of air at freezing temperatures to freeze targets solid.
  • Regeneration – In the presence of yellow solar radiation, Superman can quickly regenerate from most damage.

Superman has accomplished incredible feats like bench pressing the entire Earth for days on end, surviving supernovas, and defeating cosmic threats like Darkseid. His powers make him one of the most formidable heroes in the DC universe capable of taking on cosmic-level threats. The extent of his strength remains incalculable.

Background and History


The Phoenix Force is one of the oldest known cosmic entities in Marvel comics, representing life and passion. It is the nexus of all psi energy that exists in the universe. The Phoenix Force has bonded with other powerful beings over billions of years such as Fongji and Rook’shir. But its most famous host is the mutant telepath Jean Grey.

Jean Grey first bonded with the Phoenix force after the X-Men spacecraft crashed into the Bay of Jamaica. She took on the name Phoenix and her telepathic and telekinetic powers were magnified to an astronomical degree. But the power eventually corrupted Jean Grey and she became the villainous Dark Phoenix, destroying stars and planets in a hunger for more power. After immense destruction, Jean committed suicide on the moon to protect the universe from herself.

Despite Jean’s death, the Phoenix Force has resurrected her and bonded with her many times over the years. Jean struggles to control the limitless power of the Phoenix and maintain her humanity. At its best, their merging allows Jean to reach her full potential as a hero. But she constantly guards against again becoming the destructive Dark Phoenix.


Superman was born as Kal-El on the distant planet Krypton. Just before Krypton exploded, his parents Jor-El and Lara sent the infant Kal-El in a spaceship to Earth where he would be safe. His ship crashed in Smallville, Kansas where he was adopted by the loving couple Jonathan and Martha Kent. They named him Clark Kent and raised him with high moral values.

As he grew up under Earth’s yellow sun, Clark Kent discovered he had extraordinary superhuman abilities. During his early adulthood, he moved to Metropolis and took on the costumed secret identity of Superman. He used his powers to protect the citizens of Metropolis and Earth at large from all manner of threats and disasters. Superman became Earth’s greatest champion of truth, justice and freedom.

Over the decades, Superman has had many iconic adventures spanning space and time. He has joined the Justice League to protect the universe from extraterrestrial threats. And he continues to fight for justice and inspire hope as one of the most commercially successful and popular superheroes worldwide.

Feats of Power

Phoenix Force

  • Defeated Galactus and destroyed his worldship.
  • Defeated an evil Elder God in psychic combat.
  • Survived the death of the universe and restarted it.
  • Altered the timeline on a universal scale.
  • Consumed stars and destroyed entire planets.
  • Empowered millions of mutants at once.
  • Contained and redirected a black hole.
  • Healed dying suns and manipulated cosmic energies.


  • Lifted the entire Book of Infinity weighing millions of tons.
  • Survived the collision of Apokolips and New Genesis without notable damage.
  • Moved the entire Earth away from the Sun.
  • Defeated cosmic threats like Darkseid and Doomsday in combat.
  • Rebuilt the Great Wall of China with super vision in seconds.
  • Threw a compressed solar system into the distant reaches of space.
  • Withstood the Omega Beams which alter reality.
  • Survived the destruction of multiple universes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Head to Head Comparison

Powers Phoenix Superman
Energy Manipulation Cosmic-level manipulation of all energies Solar energy absorption and heat/freeze vision beams
Matter Manipulation Can transmute and manipulate matter at will Very limited molecular manipulation
Super Strength Planet-moving telekinesis Almost unlimited physical strength
Invulnerability Extreme resistance to harm Virtually indestructible
Flight Speed Massively FTL speeds FTL flight speed
Telepathy Cosmic awareness, planetary telepathy No inherent telepathic powers
Regeneration Resurrects from death endlessly Rapid healing in sunlight

As the table shows, Phoenix has a clear advantage in raw power and the scope of her abilities. Her psychic powers and ability to manipulate all forms of energy and matter give her more versatility. She exceeds Superman in telepathy, faster than light travel speeds, energy projection and transmutation of matter. Phoenix’s complete immortality and endless resurrection ability also grant her an edge.

However, Superman is no pushover either. He has consistently demonstrated one of the highest levels of strength in the DC universe without any defined limit. His invulnerability has withstood some of the most destructive forces in comics short of total existence erasure. Superman’s combat speed is also formidable enough to battle cosmic foes Flash-level speeds. His heat vision can inflict significant damage when he unleashes full power. Superman’s indomitable willpower and moral compass are also major strengths in any battle.

Possible Battle Outcomes

If the two heroes ever came to blows, the battle could go a few different ways depending on the circumstances:

Phoenix Forced to Destroy Superman

If Phoenix is forced against her will to kill Superman, she should be able to do so. With her cosmic life force powers, Phoenix could likely disintegrate Superman at the molecular level or prevent him from accessing solar energy. She could also use her telepathic abilities to attack him mentally and abuse his vulnerabilities to magic and psychic powers. Dark Phoenix showed the capacity to destroy entire planets busting star systems, so annihilating even an opponent as powerful as Superman is feasible.

Standard Battle

In a random standard battle without amped up versions, Phoenix and Superman appear quite evenly matched. Phoenix can unleash immense devastation, but Superman has withstood similar punishment many times over. At full power, his speed and strength could allow him to battle Phoenix’s telekinesis fairly evenly. Both of them have demonstrated enough invulnerability to tank each other’s attacks for a while. In a prolonged battle of attrition, Phoenix’s immortality gives her an advantage and could allow her to eventually overpower Superman.

Phoenix and Superman Team Up

If the two heroes teamed up, they would be almost unbeatable together. Superman’s physical might and heat vision paired with Phoenix’s telepathy, telekinesis, energy manipulation and resurrection power would make them a fearsome combo. They could likely take down cosmic Marvel entities like Galactus together. Very few individual characters would stand a chance against their combined assault.

Superman Sundipped

If Superman sundipped and absorbed massive amounts of solar energy for several weeks, his power level could rival cosmic entities. A sundipped Superman’s strength and invulnerability increase exponentially to almost unlimited levels. He could have enough power to match Phoenix’s reality warping and perhaps even withstand her matter manipulation. In this amplified state, Superman might be able to battle Dark Phoenix to a standstill or potentially win after a protracted fight.


In most circumstances, Phoenix has enough raw power and hax abilities to overcome almost any foe including Superman. Her telepathic assault, cosmic energy control and matter transmutation grant her more versatile offense and defense. Phoenix’s endless resurrection capability also effectively makes her impossible to defeat permanently. While Superman has the edge in physical strength, speed and combat experience, Phoenix simply wields too much higher order power for him to overcome in most scenarios.

However, the Man of Steel should never be underestimated. He can endure a tremendous onslaught and his strength has few equals. Superman’s force of will and moral character can also influence battles and allow him to exceed his normal limits. Overall, Phoenix Force Jean Grey takes a slight majority over Superman across most potential matchups due to her reality-bending cosmic abilities. But Superman could pull off the upset if he is significantly amped up, buys time with speed and tactics, or takes advantage of Phoenix’s weaknesses.