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Who is the GF of Jimin?

Jimin is a member of the incredibly popular K-pop group BTS. As one of the most famous idols in South Korea, his love life has been of great interest to fans across the world. However, Jimin has kept his romantic relationships very private over the years. While there have been rumors of potential girlfriends, nothing has ever been confirmed. So the question still remains – who is Jimin’s girlfriend?

Dating Rumors Over the Years

As an idol, Jimin is limited in how much he can reveal about his dating life. K-pop stars often have “no dating” clauses in their contracts to preserve their image. However, eagle-eyed fans have noticed potential clues that Jimin may not be single. Here are some of the dating rumors surrounding Jimin over the years:

Seulgi from Red Velvet

In 2015, fans noticed Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi wearing matching accessories. This led to speculation they were secretly dating. However, their agencies denied the rumors and claimed it was just a coincidence.


Jimin has publicly expressed his admiration for singer IU. In 2020, rumors spread rapidly online that the two were spotted on a date. However, this was quickly shut down by BigHit Entertainment.

Lee Ha-eun

In 2021, rumors linked Jimin to tattoo artist and model Lee Ha-eun, also known as Viini. The speculation began after fans noticed the two wearing similar rings. However, there was no concrete evidence they were romantically involved.

Jungkook’s Tattoo Artist

In 2022, Jimin was rumored to be dating tattoo artist Choi Tae-young after visiting her studio with BTS’ Jungkook. Fans suspected perhaps Jimin went along to spend time with Tae-young. However, nothing further seemed to come from this speculation.

Why Jimin’s Relationship Status is Unclear

So why has Jimin never confirmed publicly who his girlfriend might be? There are several key reasons his relationship status remains a mystery:

K-Pop Dating Ban

As mentioned, most K-pop idols have a “no dating” clause built into their contracts. Jimin is likely prohibited from revealing if he has a girlfriend. This is done so artists can appear “available” to fans.

Damage to BTS Brand

If Jimin came out publicly as dating, it could potentially damage BTS’ squeaky clean image. As the group relies heavily on loyal fans, the news could upset many supporters.

Lack of Free Time

Jimin has an incredibly packed schedule with BTS. The group often tours and promotes constantly throughout the year. Between concerts, recording, and photoshoots – Jimin may simply not have much free time to date openly.

Wants Privacy

As a global superstar, Jimin’s love life is constantly being probed by fans and media. He may deliberately keep any girlfriend secret to maintain some privacy. Most idols consider their dating life very personal.

What Type of Girlfriend Would Jimin Have?

Although we don’t know for sure if Jimin has a girlfriend, some fans have speculated about the type of girl he would date based on what we know about his personality and interests.

Personality Traits

Jimin has stated his ideal type is someone nice, cute, charming, and smaller than him. Based on his shy, kind-hearted personality, he may look for a gentle, loving girlfriend with shared values.

Shared Interests

As someone passionate about music and dance, perhaps Jimin would date someone from the entertainment industry. A singer, dancer, model or actress seem plausible. He may also seek another artistic soul who loves music.

Supportive of His Career

Considering his demanding schedule, Jimin would likely require a partner who is highly supportive of his BTS role. As he travels frequently, his girlfriend would need to be understanding and independent.

Likes Simple Dates

Jimin has said he enjoys simple, low-key dates like walking by the river. He’d probably prefer dating someone who isn’t high maintenance and likes casual activities too. Lavish gifts or dates may make him uncomfortable.

Ideal Girlfriend Traits for Jimin
Nice, charming personality
Supportive, understanding nature
Enjoys simple, low-key dates
Artistic interests like music, dance
Doesn’t need expensive gifts or dates


Jimin’s dating life is still shrouded in mystery. While fans continue looking for clues, it seems one of K-pop’s biggest stars has managed to keep his love life very private so far. However, if Jimin does have a girlfriend, she would need to be someone extremely patient, supportive and comfortable outside the spotlight. Only time will tell if Jimin remains unattached or finally reveals his special someone! But for now, his relationship status remains a tantalizing secret.