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Who is the OG colossal Titan?

The Colossal Titan is one of the most mysterious and powerful Titans in the Attack on Titan universe. It appears suddenly and disappears just as quickly, leaving behind only destruction. Its sheer size and devastating abilities allow it to breach the once impenetrable walls protecting humanity with ease. But who is the original wielder of this incredible power? Let’s examine the evidence to determine the identity of the OG Colossal Titan.

Bertolt Hoover

For much of the Attack on Titan story, Bertolt Hoover is believed to be the original Colossal Titan. One of the Warriors sent to infiltrate the walls and wreak havoc from within, Bertolt possesses the ability to transform into the 60 meter tall Colossal Titan. He first appears as the Colossal Titan in the attack on Wall Maria, kicking a hole in the Shiganshina district’s gate and allowing Titans to swarm in. This devastating attack is the inciting incident for the entire series, as it sets Eren on the path to become a Titan shifter bent on revenge.

Bertolt continues to transform into the Colossal Titan periodically, using its incredible power to further the Warriors’ mission. He vaporizes parts of the Survey Corps during the 57th expedition and later appears within Wall Rose. Each appearance of the Colossal Titan spreads more death and destruction.

For a long time, Bertolt appears to be the original user of the Colossal Titan. Most of the evidence points his way, and he admits to being responsible for the breach of Wall Maria while in his Titan form. However, a shocking revelation later in the story changes everything.

Armin Arlert

After Bertolt is eaten by Armin, the power of the Colossal Titan transfers to Eren’s best friend. Armin gains the ability to become the Colossal Titan after inheriting the power. The scrawny, timid boy seems an unlikely candidate at first, but begins demonstrating proficiency with his newfound powers. During the battle of Shiganshina district, Armin transforms into the Colossal Titan and deals a devastating blow to the port area, clearing the way for the Survey Corps’ attack on Marley.

While Armin is the new Colossal Titan wielder, he is clearly not the original possessor of the power. The revelation that Eren can see the memories of previous inheritors through his Titan abilities is key to unlocking the truth. After kissing Historia’s hand and accessing memories from the past, Eren realizes that humanity’s history is not what it seems. There is someone else…the original Colossal Titan.

The Truth About the First King

Eren’s new memories reveal that the OG Colossal Titan is none other than Karl Fritz, the First King of the Walls. Approximately 100 years before the start of the Attack on Titan story, King Fritz used the power of the Colossal Titan to build the three walls and establish the territory within as a haven for the Eldian people. The millions of Colossal Titans comprising the walls are his doing.

But why would the peaceful King Fritz make use of the devastating power of the Colossal Titan? It turns out he possessed more than one Titan ability due to being of royal blood. In addition to the Colossal Titan, the First King could also become the Founding Titan. This made him unimaginably powerful, enough so to construct and control the walled city.

However, King Fritz later renounced war and swore off using his Titan powers. He passed on the Colossal Titan ability to another family, who would eventually bestow it upon Bertolt Hoover. The Founding Titan remained with the Reiss royal family.

So while Bertolt and later Armin make use of the Colossal Titan’s strength, the original wielder was none other than Karl Fritz himself. He was the OG Colossal Titan who shaped the entire world of Attack on Titan over 100 years before the start of the story.

Karl Fritz’s Use of the Colossal Titan

As the original Colossal Titan, Karl Fritz reshaped the world drastically through his actions. Some key facts about his use of the power:

  • Constructed the three walls on Paradis Island – Wall Maria, Rose, and Sina
  • The walls are made up of millions of Colossal Titans in a hardened, immobile state
  • Used the Colossal Titan’s incredible size and strength to rapidly build the walls
  • Walled city provided a haven for the Eldian people and protection from Titans
  • Renounced war afterwards and passed the Colossal Titan power to another family

The three walls still stand over 100 years later, demonstrating the incredible power and durability of the structures King Fritz built. Without the OG Colossal Titan’s abilities, the entire premise of Attack on Titan would not exist.


While Bertolt Hoover and later Armin Arlert both wield the power of the Colossal Titan during the events of Attack on Titan, the original user was Karl Fritz. As the First King, Fritz changed the world by constructing the walls that would protect humanity for the next century. He possessed both the Colossal Titan and Founding Titan abilities due to his royal bloodline. After establishing the walled city, King Fritz renounced war and passed on the Colossal Titan power. His actions as the original Colossal Titan set the entire story of Attack on Titan in motion, making him perhaps the most impactful Titan shifter of all.