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Who is the strongest kid in Soul Eater?

Soul Eater is an action fantasy anime and manga series that follows students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) as they work to prevent the resurrection of the demon Asura and maintain world order. The series features a number of powerful characters, both adults and students, who wield demon weapons and do battle against corrupted human souls that have turned into monsters known as Kishin eggs.

Among the students at the DWMA, there are several contenders for the title of strongest kid. Determining who is definitively the most powerful is difficult, as different characters have unique fighting styles and abilities. However, by examining key factors like combat skills, physical strength, intelligence, special techniques, and growth over the course of the series, some standout contenders emerge.

Black Star

One of the top candidates for strongest kid is Black Star, a brash, cocky ninja assassin. Despite his immaturity, Black Star possesses incredible natural strength and fighting instincts. His weapon partner is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, a Shadow Weapon who can transform into multiple ninja forms like chains, smoke bombs, and a kusarigama. This gives Black Star a lot of versatility in battle.

Some of Black Star’s key strengths include:

  • Immense physical strength and stamina – He can fight for extended periods and withstand massive blows.
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat skills – His assassin training makes him an expert in martial arts and gives him knowledge of anatomical weak points.
  • Speed – Black Star can move extremely fast in short bursts, allowing him to outmaneuver opponents.
  • Soul Wavelength techniques – By channeling his Soul Wavelength, Black Star can increase his strength dramatically. This includes techniques like Soul Menace.

Over the course of the series, Black Star refines his control over his Soul Wavelength and gains new techniques like Shadow Star, which mirrors opponents, and Speed Star, boosting his speed. His raw power and combat growth make him a major contender for strongest student.

Death the Kid

Another extremely powerful contender is Death the Kid, who is the son of Lord Death, headmaster of the DWMA. Kid wields the Demon Twin Guns, Liz and Patty Thompson. Some of his key powers include:

  • Superior soul resonance – Being a grim reaper, Kid has a highly advanced Soul Wavelength that allows him to perform perfect soul resonance attacks.
  • Magical power – Kid can call upon his father’s immense magical power in battle, giving him access to ranged attacks.
  • Incredible agility and reflexes – Despite not enhancing his physical strength like Black Star, Kid is extremely nimble and coordinated.
  • Intellect – Kid has a genius-level intellect, giving him an edge in analysis and strategy.

Kid’s soul resonance attacks like Death Cannon and Parent’s Seven Rays give him incredible firepower. He also eventually gains access to the Lines of Sanzu, three rings in his hair. The more complete they are, the closer Kid is to the power of a full grim reaper. At full power, he gains the ability to perform powerful techniques like Execution Mode.

Maka Albarn

The meister Maka Albarn is another candidate, wielding her scythe partner Soul Eater. Some of Maka’s advantages are:

  • Expert Scythe Techniques – She is highly skilled with scythe-based attacks.
  • Grigori Soul – Her soul enables angelic wings and unique techniques like Witch-Hunt.
  • Bravery – Maka is very courageous and determined in battle.
  • Soul Perception – She can perceive souls and predict opponents’ moves.

Maka also demonstrates substantial growth. She masters techniques like Genie Hunter and unlocks special modes like the Black Blood by resonating with Soul. While not as naturally strong as Black Star, Maka’s skill and bravery make her a formidable fighter.


When comparing the combat capabilities of these kids, Black Star likely has the edge in pure physical strength and speed, while Kid has greater magical power and soul techniques. However, Maka should not be underestimated, as her skill, bravery, and growth allow her to hold her own against both in battle.

Here is a table comparing some of their key powers and abilities:

Character Physical Strength Speed Soul Techniques Intellect
Black Star A A B C
Death the Kid B B A A
Maka Albarn C B B B


In conclusion, while there are arguments for Black Star, Death the Kid, and Maka Albarn to each be considered the strongest student, there is no definitive answer. At their peak, Kid and Black Star likely edge out Maka in raw power and destructive capability. However, Maka should not be overlooked, as her skill, courage, tactics, and growth make her comparable to the boys in combat performance. Ultimately, the title of “strongest kid” in Soul Eater comes down to subjective criteria and how one defines power. Their unique strengths and ability to work together is what makes these meisters and weapons so formidable against threats like the Kishin and witches.