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Who kills Red Robin?

Red Robin is a beloved comic book character who has been around for over 80 years. However, in a shocking new storyline, Red Robin was mysteriously murdered. This has sent shockwaves through the comic community and leaves us with the burning question – who killed Red Robin? In this article, we will examine the potential suspects, motives, and evidence to try to solve this mystery once and for all.

About Red Robin

First, let’s provide some background on Red Robin. Red Robin is the superhero identity used by Tim Drake in the DC Comics universe. Tim Drake was the third character to take on the role of Robin, Batman’s crime-fighting partner. After outgrowing the Robin identity, Tim Drake took on the new moniker of Red Robin to establish his independence.

Red Robin first appeared in 1989’s Batman: Year Three comic. Over the next 30+ years, he established himself as a formidable hero in his own right, known for his brilliant deductive skills and technical expertise. Red Robin has long been a fan favorite character. His shocking death in the recent Infinite Frontier series has left readers reeling.

The Murder

In Infinite Frontier #6, Red Robin was alone in his Nest headquarters when he was suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant. The killer brutally beat Red Robin using his own bo staff weapon against him. After a brief fight, the assailant plunged the bo staff through Red Robin’s chest, killing him. No culprit was identified on the scene.

Batman and the rest of the Bat Family mourned the loss of Red Robin and immediately started investigating his murder. Let’s look at the key suspects.

Suspect #1 – The Joker

The Joker is one of the prime suspects in Red Robin’s murder. This longtime foe of Batman haskilled Robin (Jason Todd) before and is notoriously ruthless. Red Robin has clashed with the Joker many times over the years. Just recently, in the “Joker War” storyline, Red Robin and Batman defeated the Joker’s plan to take over Gotham City.

Could the Joker have killed Red Robin as an act of twisted revenge? His past crimes certainly make him a prime suspect. However, some wonder if the Joker is too obvious of a choice.

Evidence for Joker:

  • Long history of animosity with Red Robin
  • Killed previous Robin, Jason Todd
  • Recent clashes in “Joker War” story
  • No one is off limits for the Joker’s violence

Evidence against Joker:

  • Seems like too obvious of a choice
  • The murder wasn’t showy enough for Joker’s typical style
  • Is the Joker too mentally ill for such a coordinated attack?

While the Joker is a prime suspect, some weaknesses in the evidence suggest looking at other options as well.

Suspect #2 – Ra’s al Ghul

The international terrorist Ra’s al Ghul is another suspect in Red Robin’s murder case. Ra’s is the leader of the League of Assassins and has lived for centuries thanks to his Lazarus Pits. Red Robin has crossed paths and swords with Ra’s many times as a member of the Bat Family. Some key points:

  • Ra’s tried to make Red Robin his heir after realizing Batman was not a suitable candidate
  • Red Robin refused and instead helped Batman take down Ra’s and the League of Assassins
  • Ra’s has a personal vendetta against the Bat Family
  • He has immense resources to orchestrate hits

On the flip side, Ra’s prefers using the League of Assassins for his crimes. Would he get his own hands dirty and kill Red Robin himself? That’s not necessarily his style. Ra’s al Ghul remains a person of interest, but more evidence is needed to name him the definite killer.

Evidence for Ra’s al Ghul:

  • Long history of conflict with Red Robin
  • Wanted to make Red Robin his heir
  • Red Robin refused him and sided with Batman
  • Ra’s has vast resources to order assassinations

Evidence against Ra’s al Ghul:

  • Killing not typically done directly by Ra’s
  • He usually utilizes the League of Assassins
  • The murder was not an elaborate assassination

More clues are needed to determine if Ra’s al Ghul ordered this personal hit.

Suspect #3 – Lincoln March

Lincoln March, the shady Court of Owls member who claims to be Bruce Wayne’s long-lost brother, is another suspect in Red Robin’s murder. Here are some key facts about March’s potential involvement:

  • March has a long, tangled history with Batman and the Bat Family
  • He blames Bruce/Batman for ruining his life
  • March has trained extensively with the Court of Owls and could match Red Robin’s combat skills
  • As an owl-themed assassin, March utilizes bladed weapons like the bo staff

However, Lincoln March’s past crimes have been more elaborate schemes against Bruce Wayne specifically. Would he deviate and simply murder Red Robin? March remains a suspect, but his fixation on Bruce/Batman weakens the motive.

Evidence for Lincoln March:

  • Skilled assassin trained by Court of Owls
  • Utilizes bladed weapons like the bo staff
  • History with the Bat Family as Bruce’s alleged brother
  • Blames Bruce for ruining his life

Evidence against Lincoln March:

  • Crimes usually target Bruce Wayne/Batman specifically
  • No known grudge against Red Robin individually
  • Killing seems impulsive for March’s usual style

More evidence is needed to determine if March acted alone or made an exception to target Red Robin.

Suspect #4 – Council of Spiders

A new suspect is the shadowy organization known as the Council of Spiders. This villainous group first appeared in the “Ghosts of Gotham” arc where they nearly destroyed Gotham City. The Council consists of killers that each model themselves after Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Some key points:

  • The Council of Spiders has a vendetta against the Bat Family
  • Each member has exceptional skills and training
  • They operate as a team, giving them the means to take down Red Robin
  • The group was last seen regrouping – could this be their new plan?

On the other hand, the Council’s tactics involve elaborate schemes for destroying Gotham. Would they abandon this goal for a targeted assassination? Still, this is a dangerous new group with the skills and numbers to overpower Red Robin. Their past clashes with the Bat Family cement their motive for murder.

Evidence for Council of Spiders:

  • Group has vendetta against the Bat Family
  • Skilled assassins working as a team
  • Recently regrouped before Red Robin’s murder
  • Capable of coordinating the murder plot

Evidence against Council of Spiders:

  • Tactics involve city-wide schemes, not targeted killings
  • Motive seems unclear – why specifically target Red Robin?
  • Group still largely a mystery

The Council of Spiders has means and opportunity, but their motives need illumination. They remain prime suspects in this investigation.

The Evidence

Now that we’ve looked at the main suspects, let’s examine the specific evidence from the crime scene and aftermath. Analyzing these details could help unravel who killed Red Robin.

Crime Scene Evidence

Here are the key pieces of evidence from the Red Robin crime scene:

  • Red Robin’s body had wounds inflicted by a bo staff
  • No murder weapons were left behind
  • There were signs of a major fight and struggle
  • Security footage was hacked and erased
  • Killer escaped without leaving obvious traces

Notable details are the wounds from Red Robin’s own bo staff weapon and the erased security footage. The lack of murder weapons or other traces suggests an experienced assassin.

Autopsy Report

Red Robin’s autopsy revealed:

  • Multiple blunt force wounds from bo staff strikes
  • A final piercing wound through the heart
  • Toxicology was negative for drugs or poisons
  • Death was from heart trauma and loss of blood

The autopsy confirms the use of Red Robin’s signature bo staff to inflict the fatal wounds. No chemicals were used, pointing to an up-close physical confrontation.

Eyewitness Accounts

Unfortunately, there are no confirmed eyewitnesses due to the erased security footage. However, Nightwing reported seeing an unidentified shadowy figure fleeing the Nest right before he discovered Red Robin’s body. No other witnesses have come forward.

Top Theories

Given the evidence and known suspects, several theories have emerged about who may have killed Red Robin:

The Joker

* The Joker is often an obvious choice when a Bat Family member is attacked. But the lack of the Joker’s typical calling cards makes this less likely.

Ra’s al Ghul Ordered the Assassination

* Ra’s certainly has the means to order the hit. But would he take such a hands-on approach? Utilizing the League of Assassins seems more plausible.

Lincoln March is the Killer

* March has the combat training and weapons skills. But his singular obsession with Bruce Wayne makes him attacking Red Robin seem out of character.

Council of Spiders Assassination Plot

* This new shadowy group has the skills, numbers, and vendetta against the Bat Family. But their motives for targeting Red Robin specifically are unclear.

A New Unknown Enemy

* With minimal evidence at the crime scene, a new or unknown villain can’t be ruled out. No traces left behind suggest an expert killer.


In the end, Red Robin’s murder investigation still has more questions than answers. All the suspects have motives and means but also gaps in their evidence. To find the true killer, Batman will need to dig deeper into Red Robin’s open cases and enemies. This targeted assassination required resources and skills pointing to an organized plot by a known villain. But a terrifying new enemy taking out the Bat Family one by one can’t be overlooked either. For now, the mystery of who killed Red Robin haunts Batman and DC readers. But rest assured, Batman won’t rest until he unravels the truth of what happened to his fallen partner.