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Who makes cherry Limeade Vodka?

Cherry limeade vodka is a flavored vodka that combines the sweet and tart flavors of cherry and lime. It’s often described as having the taste of a cherry limeade mixed drink, capturing the flavors of sweet cherries and zesty lime. Cherry limeade vodka first grew in popularity as an ingredient for chilled summer cocktails. Now it’s become a staple flavored vodka found in bars and liquor stores across the United States and beyond. But who first made this refreshing twist on flavored vodka?

The Origins of Cherry Limeade Vodka

The origins of cherry limeade vodka can be traced back to a few different brands. Here are some of the notable creators of this vodka variety:

Three Olives

One of the earliest mainstream cherry limeade vodkas was introduced by Three Olives Vodka in the late 1990s. Three Olives, a brand founded in England in 1998, was an early pioneer in flavored vodkas. Their cherry limeade flavor combined the sweet taste of maraschino cherries with fresh lime. It became popular as a key ingredient in drinks like the Cherry Limeade Martini. Three Olives Cherry Limeade helped launch the flavored vodka craze and remains one of the top selling cherry limeade vodkas today.


Another early adopter of cherry limeade vodka was Pinnacle Vodka. Launched in 2003 by Beam Suntory, Pinnacle Vodka came to market with unique flavor varieties like cake and whipped. Their Cherry Limeade flavor debuted around 2004, using a sweet cherry taste complemented by lime. Pinnacle Cherry Limeade developed a following as a mixer for cocktails and long drinks like vodka tonics. It remains one of Pinnacle’s trademark tastes.

UV Vodka

Phillips Distilling Company introduced UV Vodka in 2007 as a value-priced flavored vodka brand. It came to market with several fruit-inspired flavors, including UV Red Cherry and UV Citruv. These two flavors were later blended together to create UV Cherry Limeade, combining cherry and lime in a budget-friendly flavored vodka. UV Cherry Limeade became popular with younger drinkers looking for an affordable, candy-like flavored vodka.

Other Notable Cherry Limeade Vodka Brands

In addition to those early innovators, several other distillers have launched successful cherry limeade flavored vodkas:

  • Skinnygirl Cocktails – This brand introduced a skinny cherry limeade vodka made with natural flavors and sweetened with agave, launching around 2010.
  • Deep Eddy – This Austin, Texas distillery debuted their take on cherry limeade vodka in 2011.
  • New Amsterdam – New Amsterdam Vodka added a cherry limeade flavor in 2012 as part of their core flavored vodka offerings.
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka – Tito’s launched their limited-edition take on Cherry Limeade Vodka in 2014, made from corn and distilled six times.
  • Rebel Hard Beverages – This brand created Cherry Lemonade Rebel Hard Vodka in 2016, part of their line of flavored vodkas with Splenda sweetener.

Craft and Small Batch Cherry Limeade Vodkas

In addition to the major national brands, some craft and small batch distilleries also produce cherry limeade vodkas. These include:

  • Deep Eddy – Their small batch vodka released a handcrafted cherry limeade vodka.
  • Spring44 – This Colorado distillery makes a mountain-sourced cherry limeade vodka.
  • Cold River – They offer a potato vodka infused with cherry and lime flavors.
  • Frankly Organic Vodka – An organic cherry limeade vodka debuted from this Minnesota distillery in 2014.
  • Vixtory – This Napa winery launched a vodka line including cherry limeade in 2015.
  • Misadventure Vodka – They craft a pink-hued cherry limeade vodka in Washington.

So while the earliest cherry limeade vodkas came from major established brands, smaller craft distillers have also embraced this flavor. The combination of sweet cherry and tart lime lends itself well to the smooth taste of vodka, making cherry limeade a popular flavor across large and small brands.

How Cherry Limeade Vodka Is Made

Cherry limeade vodka gets its signature flavor from a blend of natural and artificial flavorings added during the distillation process. Here are some of the key production methods used to make this flavored vodka variety:

Distilling Base Vodka

Like all vodkas, cherry limeade vodka starts by distilling a high-proof neutral spirit from grain, corn, potatoes, or other ingredients. For smoother taste, it may be distilled multiple times and filtered through activated charcoal. This creates a pure, flavorless vodka base.

Adding Natural Flavors

Real cherry and lime flavors are then infused into the base vodka to provide authentic fruit taste. Natural flavors like cherry juice concentrate or pressed lime oil are often used. Some distillers may macerate real cherries and lime in the vodka to extract natural flavor.

Boosting with Artificial Flavors

In addition to natural flavors, artificial flavorings are added to enhance and sweeten the cherry-lime taste. These can include synthetically derived flavor chemicals that mimic or boost cherry and lime. Sugars may also be added to sweeten the profile.

Diluting to Proof

The flavored vodka is then diluted with purified water to reach an ideal alcohol proof, often around 35-40% ABV. This balances the flavoring and creates the expected vodka strength.

Filtering and Bottling

As a final step, the flavored vodka is filtered again to remove impurities. It is then bottled in the signature glass bottle of each brand, often tinted pink to denote the cherry flavor.

So in summary, a combination of modern vodka distilling techniques plus added natural and artificial flavors gives cherry limeade vodka its sweet and tangy taste.

Popular Brands of Cherry Limeade Vodka

Cherry limeade vodka is produced by vodka brands at all price points and production scales. Here is an overview of some of the top selling and most popular cherry limeade vodka brands:

Pinnacle Cherry Limeade Vodka

One of the best selling cherry limeade vodkas, Pinnacle offers a sweet profile of cherry blended with lime. It’s affordable vodka priced at around $12 per 750mL bottle.

Three Olives Cherry Limeade Vodka

From one of the earliest cherry limeade vodka brands, Three Olives offers a classic take on this flavor. It combines maraschino cherry taste with lime zest.

UV Cherry Limeade Vodka

UV Cherry Limeade is a budget-priced flavored vodka selling for around $10 per liter bottle. It has an intense candy-like cherry limeade flavor popular with younger drinkers.

Deep Eddy Cherry Limeade Vodka

From Austin, Texas, Deep Eddy Vodka makes a smooth handcrafted cherry limeade vodka with natural flavors. It’s priced around $20 per 750mL.

New Amsterdam Cherry Limeade Vodka

Part of New Amsterdam’s core flavored vodka lineup, their take on Cherry Limeade offers solid flavor for around $10-15 per bottle.

Tito’s Handmade Cherry Limeade Vodka

Tito’s popular craft vodka brand has produced limited-edition seasonal runs of their Cherry Limeade Vodka. When available, it runs $22-25 per bottle.

So whether you prefer budget-friendly, big name, small batch, or craft vodka, there’s likely a cherry limeade flavor to suit your tastes and budget. It’s one of the most ubiquitous flavored vodka options on shelves today.

Taste Profile and Flavor Notes

So what can you expect when tasting a typical cherry limeade vodka? Here are some of the major flavor notes and tasting characteristics:

Sweet and Tart

Cherry limeade vodka combines pronounced sweet and tart flavors, balancing the sweetness of cherries with the zesty sourness of limes. It captures these complementary fruit flavors in one spirit.


Thanks to added sugars and artificial flavoring, most cherry limeade vodkas have a sweet, candy-like taste. They resemble maraschino cherries and lime hard candies.

Fruit Forward

The flavor profile tends to be very fruit-focused. Cherry and lime are front and center, with the vodka taste in the background lending smoothness.

Sweet Cherries

The cherry flavor is very sweet and tends to resemble maraschino cherries. It lacks the tartness of fresh cherries.

Zesty Lime

The lime flavor is very bright, capturing the zesty, sour quality of fresh-squeezed limes. It balances the sweet cherries.

Tart Finish

Many cherry limeade vodkas finish crisp and tart from the lime. This leaves the palate refreshed.

So in summary, expect pronounced candy-like cherry and lime flavors in a sweet and sour balance when trying most cherry limeade vodkas. The smoothness of the vodka plays a supporting role.

Cocktail and Drink Uses

Cherry limeade vodka’s balanced fruit flavors make it very mixable in cocktails. Here are some popular ways to use it:

Cherry Limeade Cocktails

Of course, cherry limeade vodka shines in drinks like the Cherry Limeade Martini. Just add lime juice and cherry garnish to cherry limeade vodka for a perfect flavored martini.

Vodka Soda

The sweet flavors pair nicely with soda water or lemon-lime soda. Make refreshing long drinks like Cherry Limeade Vodka & Soda.

Lemonade and Iced Tea

For an extra flavor twist, use cherry limeade vodka as the base for lemonade cocktails or adult Arnold Palmers.

Fruit Juice Mixers

Cherry limeade vodka also complements cranberry, orange, pineapple and other fruit juices. Create fun mixed fruit drinks.

Vodka Tonic

A standard vodka tonic gets a candy-like spin by substituting in cherry limeade vodka and adding a lime garnish.

Cherry Limeade Shot

Straight up, cherry limeade vodka makes a quick and sweet shot, especially when chilled. The flavors marry together smoothly.

So any cocktail calling for standard vodka can be enhanced by subbing in a cherry limeade flavored vodka for a fruit-forward taste twist. It adds versatility to your home bar mixology.

Nutrition Facts and Calories

Like all vodkas, cherry limeade flavored vodka itself is fat-free, gluten-free, carbohydrate-free, and protein-free. Here are some key nutrition facts:


There are approximately 97 calories in a standard 1.5 ounce shot of cherry limeade vodka.


Cherry limeade vodka contains no carbs, sugars, fiber, or protein since vodka is made from distilled alcohol.


While it tastes sweet, the sugar flavor comes from added artificial sweeteners. There is 0g of actual sugars.

Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium

Cherry limeade vodka contains 0g of fat, cholesterol, and sodium per serving as a distilled spirit.

So cherry limeade vodka contains minimal calories and carbs on its own. However, cocktails mixed with juices, sodas or other sugary mixers will raise calorie and carb counts.

Where to Buy Cherry Limeade Vodka

Cherry limeade vodka is carried by most major liquor retailers, both in-store and online. Here are some of the top places to buy it:

Grocery and Liquor Stores

National chains like Total Wine, BevMo, and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits stock mainstream cherry limeade vodkas from brands like Pinnacle, Three Olives, and UV.

Big Box Retailers

Major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Costco often carry their own store-brand cherry limeade vodkas for value pricing.

Online Liquor Delivery

Drizly, Minibar Delivery, and other alcohol delivery services let you conveniently order cherry limeade vodka for delivery in many areas.

Craft Distillery Websites

To try small batch cherry limeade vodkas, check out the online sales from craft brands like Deep Eddy, Spring 44, and others.

Liquor Stores

Look for limited editions and craft cherry limeade vodkas at independent liquor stores that focus on niche spirits.

So check your favorite liquor retailers for their current cherry limeade vodka selections. You can usually shop by flavor to find in-stock options.

Key Takeaways

Cherry limeade vodka offers a sweet and tangy twist on standard vodka:

  • It was first introduced in the late 1990s by brands like Three Olives and Pinnacle.
  • Natural and artificial cherry and lime flavors are added during the distillation process.
  • Popular cherry limeade vodka brands range from value to premium spirits.
  • The flavor profile balances sweet cherry and tart lime for candy-like taste.
  • It’s very mixable in cocktails, especially with soda, lemonade and fruit juices.
  • Cherry limeade vodka itself is low calorie, carb-free and gluten-free.
  • You can find it at most liquor stores, grocery stores, online delivery sites and retail shops.

So if you enjoy sweet and tangy fruit flavors, try mixing up a cocktail made with refreshing cherry limeade vodka. Its balance of cherry and lime makes for an easy-drinking flavored vodka.