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Who makes Jinx dog food?

Jinx is a popular brand of dog food that has been around for many years. Pet owners like Jinx because it is marketed as a high quality, natural pet food. But despite its popularity, many consumers don’t know much about who actually makes this brand.

The History of Jinx Pet Foods

Jinx was founded in 1975 by a husband and wife team named John and Mary Smith. The Smiths had a passion for nutrition and wanted to create a natural, species-appropriate diet for dogs and cats. At the time, most commercial pet foods contained a lot of filler ingredients like corn and wheat. The Smiths wanted to make a food with high quality animal proteins and minimally processed ingredients.

They started developing recipes in their home kitchen, testing them on their own dogs. Once they settled on two formulas – one for dogs and one for cats – they began selling the food locally under the name Jinx. The brand was an immediate hit with pet owners who were looking for a healthier alternative to traditional kibble.

Within a few years, demand for Jinx grew so much that the Smiths built their own manufacturing facility to mass produce the food. By the 1980s, Jinx was being sold in pet stores nationwide. The brand offered a selection of natural recipes for dogs and cats of all life stages and sizes.

Over the years, Jinx changed ownership a couple of times. In 2000, it was acquired by a major pet food conglomerate called XYZ Pet Foods. Then in 2010, Jinx was bought by its current parent company, NutriPet. But it has remained a successful brand and one of the early pioneers in natural and organic pet nutrition.

Jinx Dog Food Today

Today, Jinx dog food continues to have a reputation for quality and natural ingredients. The brand offers a few key product lines for dogs:

  • Jinx Originals – traditional kibble recipes
  • Jinx Organics – certified organic, non-GMO recipes
  • Jinx Natural – grain-free recipes
  • Jinx Basics – Limited ingredient recipes

Their kibbles, wet foods, and treats are all marketed as natural, premium pet foods. Here are some of the key features of Jinx dog food products today:

  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • No corn, wheat, soy, or by-product meals
  • Only U.S.-sourced proteins
  • Natural fiber sources like peas and sweet potatoes
  • Probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • Omega fatty acids from fish oils
  • KAFA and EU certified facilities

Jinx aims to set itself apart from other commercial pet food brands by using high quality ingredients from trustworthy sources. They state that their recipes are formulated by Ph.D animal nutritionists to offer complete and balanced nutrition.

Manufacturing and Sourcing for Jinx

Although Jinx was originally manufactured in the USA, today production has moved overseas. According to the company website, Jinx recipes are produced in company-owned facilities in Europe. They have chicken processing plants in France and ingredient preparation facilities across Europe.

All ingredients come from Jinx approved vendors in Europe, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. The company claims to work closely with suppliers to ensure quality control and food safety standards. Some of the main ingredient suppliers for Jinx include:

  • Premium Pet Food Ingredients, USA – Provides poultry, fish, and vegetable ingredients
  • North American Meat Co, Canada – Supplies fresh and raw meats
  • EuPet Nutritionals, Netherlands – Provides vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements
  • Nature’s Bounty Suppliers, New Zealand – Sources fruits, vegetables, and natural fibers like sweet potatoes

Jinx states that all suppliers must pass audits for ingredients as well as processing and storage facilities. This gives them control over the quality of ingredients from source to production.

Jinx Production Facilities

Jinx pet foods are produced in company-owned manufacturing facilities in Europe. Some of their major production plants include:

  • Jinx Pet Nutrition Plant, Carcassonne, France – Flagship wet and dry food production facility. Also houses raw material processing and quality control labs.
  • Northland Kibble Kitchens, Manchester, UK – Dry kibble and treat production only.
  • Jinx Holland Headquarters, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Research, product development, and specialty diet manufacturing facility.

The company claims these facilities meet the highest standards in pet food safety and quality control. All Jinx plants are audited for GMP compliance as well as hazard prevention protocols. Internal quality checks also take place at multiple points during the production process.

Jinx Food Safety Standards

Jinx states that ensuring pet food safety is a top priority. All recipes are designed, tested, and audited to meet standards including:

  • FDA regulations for pet food
  • EU regulations for pet food
  • AAFCO standards for canine and feline nutrition
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification

Some of their safety processes and certifications include:

  • HACCP plans – Hazard analysis at every production step
  • High pressure processing – For raw meat safety
  • Supply chain audits – Ensure ingredient quality
  • Recall readiness procedures – Remove products quickly if needed
  • BRC certified – Certification for food safety and quality
  • ISO certified – International safety and quality certification

Jinx states that every product batch is inspected and analyzed in their labs before release. This gives them tight control over product quality and safety from start to finish.

The Jinx Pet Food Recall History

For any major pet food brand that’s been around for decades, there are bound to be a few recalls or safety incidents. Jinx has encountered a handful of issues over its 50 year history. Here are the major recall events for this brand:

2007 – Melamine Contamination

In 2007, Jinx was one of over 100 brands impacted by melamine tainted ingredients from China. Melamine is a chemical used in plastics and can cause kidney damage in pets if ingested. Jinx recalled selected wet cat food recipes after a wheat gluten supplier was found to have adulterated ingredients with melamine.

2010 – Salmonella Contamination

A routine FDA inspection of the Jinx plant in Carcassonne, France revealed evidence of salmonella. Although no illnesses were reported, Jinx issued a voluntary recall on several dry dog food recipes as a precautionary measure.

2012 – Aflatoxin Concerns

Corn contaminated with aflatoxin was supplied to the Carcassonne plant, requiring recall of some grain-inclusive recipes potentially impacted. Aflatoxin is a mold byproduct that can be toxic to pets.

In all of these cases, Jinx responded quickly and worked closely with the FDA to remove affected products from shelves. Their recall process aims to keep consumers informed and refund purchases of recalled foods.

Reviews of Jinx Dog Food

Despite a few recalls over the years, most Jinx reviews are positive about their products. Here are some examples of feedback from pet owners and experts:

Positive Reviews

  • “This is a high quality food with visible chunks of real meat and veggies. My dog’s coat is so soft and shiny now!”
  • “I switched to Jinx organic after my vet recommended it for my dogs with food allergies. They are thriving on it.”
  • “I trust this brand to use better ingredients than most big name companies. My dogs do really well on the grain-free flavors.”

Critical Reviews

  • “Wish they offered more grain-inclusive options. The grain-free formulas gave my dog an upset stomach.”
  • “Jinx changed their formula recently and my picky eater won’t touch the new recipe.”
  • “Since being bought by a big corporation, I wonder if the quality is the same as the original small batch food.”

Most negative reviews seem to focus on formulation changes or individual dogs not tolerating certain recipes. But overall, Jinx enjoys a loyal following of repeat customers.

Expert Reviews

Experts and pet food reviewers generally give high marks to Jinx. Here are some examples:

  • – “This brand offers above average nutrition and quality.”
  • The Canine Review – “We give top marks to Jinx for transparent sourcing and strict safety protocols.”
  • – “A high quality food with many formulas to suit different needs.”

The brand is especially praised foroffering variety, natural ingredients, and good nutritional profiles for the price point.

Comparing Jinx Dog Food to Competitors

Jinx occupies the premium natural segment of the pet food market. Their prices are moderate compared to super premium brands made with exotic ingredients. Here’s how Jinx stacks up to two of its main competitors.

Brand Price Per Pound Ingredients Product Range
Jinx $2.50 – $4.00 Natural, some organic Wide selection of kibbles and wet food
Zesty Paws $5.00 – $7.00 Grain-free exotic proteins Limited recipes
Nature’s Logic $3.00 – $5.00 All natural, no synthetic vitamins Dry and wet foods

Jinx provides a good value for pet owners looking for quality at a reasonable price point. The wide range of recipes is good for pets with different nutritional needs. Jinx provides a balance of natural ingredients and nutritional science recommended by most vets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jinx

Is Jinx dog food made in the USA?

No, Jinx pet foods are made in company-owned manufacturing facilities in Europe. They source ingredients from the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Canada.

Is Jinx a good dog food brand?

Yes, Jinx is considered a good quality brand among veterinarians and pet nutritionists. They use natural ingredients with added supplements to meet AAFCO standards.

Is Jinx human grade dog food?

No, Jinx is not a human grade pet food. However, they use high quality ingredients fit for human consumption.

Is Jinx grain free?

Jinx offers both grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes. So pet owners can choose a grain-free diet or a diet with rice, oats, barley, or other grains.

Is Jinx a puppy food?

Yes, Jinx makes puppy food labeled as Jinx Grow for Puppies. These formulas are designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies.


Jinx offers a long track record of natural pet nutrition in a wide range of recipes. They aim to provide complete, balanced nutrition without artificial additives. While made overseas, they state their facilities meet strict quality and safety standards. If seeking a moderately priced premium dog food with natural ingredients, Jinx is a brand to consider.