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Who makes The Pizza Cupcake?

Pizza cupcakes are an innovative new way to enjoy pizza in cute, bite-sized portions. These tasty treats combine the fluffy texture of cupcakes with everyone’s favorite pizza toppings for a fun and portable meal or snack. But who came up with the brilliant idea for pizza cupcakes in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at the origins of the pizza cupcake trend and some of the places you can get them today.

The History of Pizza Cupcakes

While pizza cupcakes may seem like a recent food invention, they actually have been around for over a decade. Most food historians trace the origins of pizza cupcakes back to Molly Wizenberg, author of the popular food blog Orangette. Back in 2005, Molly came up with the idea to make individual pizza cupcakes using English muffins, pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings. She shared the recipe on her blog, and readers went crazy over the creative mini pizzas.

Molly’s pizza cupcake recipe spread quickly online throughout the late 2000s. Food bloggers put their own spin on the concept, trying out different cupcake liners, pizza sauces, cheese combinations, and toppings. The adorable, poppable size made pizza cupcakes a hit at parties and potlucks. Their popularity rose even more with the cupcake craze of the early 2010s.

Soon, restaurants and bakeries started selling their own versions of pizza cupcakes. From gourmet pizzerias to mainstream pizza chains, pizza cupcakes became a menu staple. Even companies like Nestle launched pizza cupcake kits for convenient baking at home. Over a decade after their invention, pizza cupcakes remain a beloved food trend.

Where to Find Pizza Cupcakes

These days, pizza cupcakes are sold at restaurants, bakeries, and pizzerias across the country. Here are some of the major national and regional pizza cupcake providers:

Pizza Hut

The pizza powerhouse Pizza Hut jumped on the pizza cupcake trend in 2010 with their own take. Their pizza cupcakes consist of a bite-sized pizza crust topped with sauce, cheese, and one topping. Topping choices include classic pepperoni, Italian sausage, chicken, and more. Pizza Hut locations sporadically offer pizza cupcakes depending on location and season.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen provides a gourmet spin on pizza cupcakes at select locations. Their “pizza cupcakes” include creative ingredients like barbecue chicken, Thai chicken, and spinach artichoke. The petite pizzas are baked in muffin tins with CPK’s signature fresh dough.


This boutique bakery in Los Angeles serves Instagram-worthy pizza cupcakes in flavors like cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and spinach artichoke. Their mini “pizzas” have a fluffy vanilla cake base topped with sauce and fillings. Sweetaly ships nationwide for pizza cupcake lovers everywhere.

The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear is an ice cream sandwich shop that lets you build your own outlandish ice cream combinations. Select locations offer pizza cupcake ice cream sandwiches: ice cream piled between two pizza cupcakes! You can choose cake bases, ice cream, and toppings for an extra unique pizza-dessert mashup.

Local Pizzerias

In addition to the national chains, many local independent pizzerias have started offering pizza cupcakes. Trendy pizza joints in major cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco often include pizza cupcakes on their menus. Check the apps or websites for pizzerias in your area to see who offers these mini treats.

How Are Pizza Cupcakes Made?

The exact preparation of pizza cupcakes can vary depending on the recipe, but the general method is the same. Here is an overview of how pizza cupcakes come together:

Make the Crust

The foundation of any pizza is the crust. For pizza cupcakes, the crusts are made small enough to fit into a muffin tin. Some recipes use dough made from scratch. Others save time by starting with a pre-made crust option like English muffins, pizza dough rounds, or even cake mix.

Add Sauce

After the crust, pizza cupcakes get topped with sauce. Traditional pizza sauce works well, but recipes also incorporate pesto, barbecue sauce, or hummus for different flavor profiles. The sauce generally only covers the top of the muffin crust.

Cover with Cheese

No pizza is complete without ooey, gooey cheese! Mozzarella is the most popular cheese for pizza cupcakes, but other melty cheeses like cheddar or provolone work too. The cheese acts as the “glue” to hold all the toppings in place.

Pile on Toppings

Here’s where pizza cupcakes get creative! From a sprinkle of oregano to a full layer of pepperoni, the toppings make each mini pizza unique. Pepperoni and Italian sausage are popular proteins. Veggie options include mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, spinach, and more.


The final step is baking the assembled pizza cupcakes. They bake for 15-20 minutes at around 400°F to get the crust crispy and the cheese fully melted. Then they’re ready to cool slightly before devouring!

Tips for Making Pizza Cupcakes

Making pizza cupcakes at home is totally doable with the right techniques. Here are some tips for pizza cupcake success:

– Use muffin tins – The muffin shape helps contain all the saucy ingredients. Lightly grease or line tins for easy removal.

– Preheat – Always preheat your oven fully before baking to prevent raw dough.

– Don’t overload toppings – Too many toppings weigh down the muffin crust. Stick to 2 or 3 for balance.

– Rotate pans – Rotate pizza cupcake pans halfway through for even baking.

– Let cool – Let pizza cupcakes sit 5 minutes before removing from tins to set up.

– Freeze extras – Baked pizza cupcakes freeze well up to 3 months. Thaw before eating.

Why Are Pizza Cupcakes So Popular?

Pizza cupcakes have become such a phenomenon because they combine the best of both worlds. Here are some reasons for their appeal:


Unlike pizza slices, pizza cupcakes are perfectly poppable. Their bite-size portions make them easy to pick up and eat on the go without a plate or utensils.


Pizza cupcakes allow you to personalize each mini pizza with your favorite sauce and toppings combos. Kids love assembling their own!

Savory and Sweet Versatility

While most pizza cupcakes go the traditional savory route, some brands offer sweet dessert versions too. The cupcake shape works for both.

Appealing Size

Who can resist food in miniature form? The individual serving and cute muffin shape give pizza cupcakes extra visual appeal.

Trend Factor

Like other mashups and hybrid foods, pizza cupcakes feel innovative and current. Foodies love creating the latest trends at home.

Nutritional Profile of Pizza Cupcakes

Like any pizza, the nutrition of pizza cupcakes can vary tremendously based on the ingredients used. Here is an overview of the typical nutrition facts in a basic pizza cupcake:


Most pizza cupcakes contain around 130-180 calories per cupcake. This accounts for about 1/4th the calories of a pizza slice.


A pizza cupcake has roughly 15-20g of carbohydrates, coming mostly from the enriched flour crust.


With the cheese and any meat toppings, pizza cupcakes contain 5-10g of protein per serving.


Depending on ingredients, pizza cupcakes can have 5-10g of fat, much of it from cheese.


Baked goods and pizza tend to be high in sodium. Expect 400-600mg sodium in a single pizza cupcake.


Veggie toppings like mushrooms or bell peppers add trace amounts of nutrients like potassium, calcium, and iron.

Pizza Cupcake Recipe Ideas

Now that your appetite is whetted, here are some delicious pizza cupcake recipes to try at home:

Basic Pizza Cupcakes

The OG pizza cupcake only needs a few simple ingredients:

– English muffins or rounds of pizza dough
– Pizza sauce
– Shredded mozzarella
– Pepperoni

Hawaiian Pizza Cupcakes

For a tropical twist:

– Mini bagels
– BBQ sauce
– Pineapple tidbits
– Cooked ham
– Shredded mozzarella

Veggie Pizza Cupcakes

For plant-based protein:

– Mini whole wheat pitas
– Hummus
– Cubed artichoke hearts
– Sliced black olives
– Cherry tomatoes
– Crumbled feta

Cheeseburger Pizza Cupcakes

All the flavors of a cookout favorite:

– Refrigerated biscuit dough
– Thousand island dressing
– Ground beef, cooked
– Dill pickles
– Cheddar cheese
– Shaved red onion

Dessert Pizza Cupcakes

Yes, in sweet flavors too:

– Box yellow cake mix
– Strawberry jam
– Vanilla frosting
– Fresh strawberry slices
– White chocolate chips

Are Pizza Cupcakes Healthy?

Pizza cupcakes can be a fun and healthier way to satisfy a pizza craving. Here are some tips for making pizza cupcakes more nutritious:

– Use whole wheat or multigrain crusts for more fiber and nutrients.

– Load up on veggie toppings like mushrooms, peppers, spinach rather than just meat.

– Opt for part-skim mozzarella instead of full-fat cheese.

– Choose cups made with tomato sauce over cream-based sauces.

– Limit fatty meats like pepperoni, sausage, or bacon.

– Make dessert versions with reduced-fat cake and frosting.

– Stick to one pizza cupcake for portion control.

Overall, pizza cupcakes are lower in calories, fat, and carbs than pizza slices. Baked in moderation with wholesome ingredients, they can be a tasty way to eat pizza that won’t totally derail your diet!