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Who marries whom in Suits?

Suits is a popular legal drama television series that aired on USA Network from 2011 to 2019. Over its 9 seasons, viewers got to see the main characters navigate relationships and romance amidst the high stakes corporate law cases. A number of characters ended up getting married by the end of the show. Here is a look at who marries whom in Suits.

Mike Ross and Rachel Zane

The main romance throughout Suits is between Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, and Rachel Zane, played by Meghan Markle. Mike and Rachel meet in the pilot episode when Mike interviews for a job at Pearson Hardman. There is an instant attraction between the two characters.

Mike and Rachel start dating in season 2 after overcoming some obstacles. Their relationship has its ups and downs over the next few seasons. Mike proposes to Rachel in season 5 after buying her dream home. They plan for a wedding but it gets postponed when Mike goes to prison at the end of season 6.

Mike and Rachel finally get married in the season 7 finale. Their wedding is an intimate affair with close friends present. It takes place at the Pearson Specter Litt office, officiated by Robert Zane, Rachel’s father. After the wedding, Mike and Rachel move to Seattle to start their new life together.

Key Events in Mike and Rachel’s Relationship

  • Meet and feel mutual attraction in the pilot episode
  • Start dating in season 2 after overcoming trust issues
  • Briefly break up in season 3 but get back together
  • Mike proposes in season 5 after buying Rachel’s dream home
  • Wedding postponed when Mike goes to prison in season 6
  • Get married in season 7 finale before moving to Seattle

Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen

The unresolved romantic tension between Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, and his longtime secretary Donna Paulsen, played by Sarah Rafferty, is another main relationship storyline. Harvey and Donna have worked together for years, but Donna calls it quits to pursue her own career goals.

In season 7, Harvey and Donna acknowledge their feelings for each other and start a romantic relationship. They hit some roadblocks when Donna’s new firm clashes with Harvey’s. By the end of the season, Donna decides to leave her firm and return to work for Harvey.

In the final season, Harvey proposes to Donna when he realizes he doesn’t want to imagine life without her. The two characters get married in the series finale in a simple ceremony officiated by Jessica Pearson, their former boss.

Key Events in Harvey and Donna’s Relationship

  • Have worked together for years with unresolved romantic tension
  • Donna quits to pursue her own career goals
  • Acknowledge their feelings and start dating in season 7
  • Briefly break up over career clashes but get back together
  • Harvey proposes in final season when he realizes he wants a future with Donna
  • Get married in low-key ceremony in series finale

Louis Litt and Sheila Sazs

Louis Litt, played brilliantly by Rick Hoffman, provides some of the show’s comic relief and heart. A brilliant but eccentric lawyer, Louis goes through several romantic relationships over the course of Suits. He ultimately finds lasting love with a woman named Sheila Sazs, played by Rachael Harris.

Sheila first appears in season 3 as Louis’ therapist. They briefly date but she ends things over a breach of ethics. Sheila returns in season 6 when Harvey seeks her help to manage partner drama at the firm. This time Louis is able to charm Sheila and they start dating again.

The relationship gets serious quickly and Sheila moves in with Louis. In season 8, Louis proposes to Sheila during a mock trial, creatively involving all their coworkers. The couple ties the knot at the end of the season in an elaborate royal-themed wedding.

Key Events in Louis and Sheila’s Relationship

  • Sheila is Louis’ therapist in season 3 but they break up over ethics concerns
  • She returns in season 6 and they start dating again
  • Relationship gets serious quickly, Sheila moves in
  • Louis proposes during mock trial in season 8
  • Get married in elaborate royal-themed ceremony

Alex Williams and Samantha Wheeler

Alex Williams, played by Dule Hill, was Harvey’s right hand man who joined the firm in season 8. Samantha Wheeler, played by Katherine Heigl, was a talented attorney brought in to help run the firm.

Alex and Samantha take an instant dislike towards each other when they first meet. As they are forced to work together, tensions eventually give way to mutual respect and attraction. After some cautious flirting, Alex and Samantha start dating.

In the final season, Alex proposes to Samantha by recreating memorable moments from their relationship. The proposal occurs on a mock trial similar to Louis’ engagement. Samantha happily accepts. The two attorneys get married in the series finale in a simple courthouse ceremony with their colleagues present.

Key Events in Alex and Samantha’s Relationship

  • Instant dislike when they first meet
  • Forced to work together leading to mutual respect and attraction
  • Start cautiously dating in season 8
  • Alex proposes by recreating special moments in season 9
  • Get married in courthouse ceremony in finale

Other Marriages and Proposals

In addition to the four major couples, there were some other marriages and proposals that occurred during Suits:

  • Jessica Pearson and Jeff Malone got engaged in season 4, though they never ended up marrying.
  • Travis Tanner proposed to his girlfriend Katie in season 3, but the relationship fell apart when Mike exposed Travis’ illegal tactics.
  • Harvey’s brother Marcus Specter married his girlfriend Rose in season 8.


Throughout its 9 season run, Suits depicted several memorable TV weddings and engagements. Mike and Rachel’s journey from their initial meeting to the altar was the emotional core. Harvey and Donna finally acknowledging their unspoken feelings and getting married provided a satisfying conclusion. Louis finding his perfect match in Sheila brought humor and heart. And Alex and Samantha demonstrated an opposites attract romance. The marriages and proposals provided viewers with many heartwarming moments over Suits’ time on air.