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Who should a Pisces not marry?

When it comes to love and relationships, astrological compatibility is an important factor for many people. As a dreamy, emotional water sign, Pisces can struggle to find a partner who truly understands them. However, there are certain signs that are simply not well-matched for marriage with a Pisces.

Least compatible signs for Pisces

According to astrologers, the signs that Pisces tend to be least compatible with in marriage include:

  • Gemini
  • Sagittarius
  • Virgo

Let’s explore why these signs tend to be poor marriage material for Pisces.


On the surface, the chatty, intellectual Gemini seems like a good match for the imaginative, dreamy Pisces. However, Gemini is an Air sign while Pisces is a Water sign – and these elements don’t mix well. Gemini relies on logic and facts, while Pisces trusts emotions and intuition. Gemini wants to analyze the world, while Pisces wants to experience its magic. This fundamental mismatch in worldviews can lead to frequent miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Another major issue is that Gemini has a detached, breezy approach to life while Pisces looks for depth and meaning. Gemini can come across as uncaring and inattentive to the sensitive Pisces’ emotional needs. In turn, Pisces can seem overly needy and dramatic to the rational Gemini.

Overall, Gemini and Pisces have very different communication styles, values, and emotional temperaments. These mismatches will likely lead to friction and disharmony if they get married.


Free-spirited Sagittarius has a zest for exploration and adventure that seems to jive well with Pisces’ imaginative spirit at first. However, Sagittarius is a Fire sign that prioritizes independence, while Pisces is a Water sign that craves emotional connection.

Sagittarius fears being tied down by the kinds of commitments that Pisces wants, like marriage and family. Sagittarius needs constant space and freedom, which can make the more sensitive Pisces feel lonely and abandoned in the relationship. Sagittarius can also be blunt to the point of tactlessness, which wounds the tender Pisces.

While both signs enjoy exploring ideas, Sagittarius focuses on broad perspectives and Pisces seeks deeper truths. Sagittarius may become impatient with Pisces’ intricate, nuanced take on things. Ultimately, Sagittarius’ independence and pragmatism clashes with Pisces’ need for romance and emotional security.


On the surface, Virgo’s grounded realism seems like it would balance out Pisces’ dreamy idealism. However, pragmatic Virgo is an Earth sign focused on details, while imaginative Pisces is a Water sign focused on emotions. This means they operate on totally different wavelengths.

Methodical Virgo seeks order and rationality in everything, which clashes with Pisces’ accepting, sometimes chaotic nature. Virgo wants a partner who is mentally aligned and shares daily routines, while Pisces chafes at too many rules or criticism. Virgo is practical about finances, while Pisces is more emotional and impulsive with money.

Judgmental Virgo also has little patience for Pisces’ dreamy open-mindedness and mystical side. Pisces needs acceptance, romance and validation from a partner, which Virgo struggles to provide. In the end, grounded Virgo and imaginative Pisces struggle to find common ground.

More compatible signs for marriage

Although certain signs are poor matches with Pisces, there are other signs that often make better spouses:

  • Scorpio
  • Cancer
  • Capricorn

Let’s look at why these signs can be good marriage partners for Pisces.


Scorpio is a Water sign like Pisces, so they share emotional depth and intuition. This helps them understand each other on a profound level. Both signs are incredibly passionate as well, so the marriage is unlikely to become dull.

The two signs share a mystical, spiritual inclination that allows them to explore cosmic ideas together. They appreciate each other’s vivid inner lives and dreams. Pisces and Scorpio also have a sixth sense for uncovering hidden truths, which lets them get to know each other’s secret selves.

While Scorpio’s intensity can be a lot for other signs, Pisces finds it magnetic. In turn, Scorpio enjoys taking care of the gentle, sympathetic Pisces. These natural caretakers help bring out each other’s strengths.


Like Pisces, Cancer is a Water sign, so they connect well on an emotional level. Both signs are incredibly nurturing, so they make each other feel safe and secure. Cancer’s protectiveness helps Pisces feel valued, while Pisces provides a comforting, non-judgmental ear for Cancer.

Pisces and Cancer share a deep appreciation for home, family, and domestic harmony. They often excel at creating a loving environment together. Neither sign is particularly rational, but they don’t mind because they operate on gut feelings and intuition.

Both signs can be moody, but they are usually patient and caring with each other during emotional ups and downs. Their shared sensitivity helps them handle each other with care.


While Earth sign Capricorn seems vastly different from Water sign Pisces at first glance, they can complement each other well in marriage. Capricorn provides the grounded stability that drifting Pisces needs, giving them a sense of security. Pisces helps inspire Capricorn to be more creative and joyful.

Capricorn will work hard to provide for the family materially, while Pisces contributes emotional nurturing. Capricorn gives structure to Pisces’ dreams with practical planning. Meanwhile, Pisces encourages Capricorn to relax and appreciate the simpler pleasures in life.

While Capricorn focuses on duties, Pisces reminds them of the importance of feelings. When impractical Pisces gets carried away, Capricorn gently brings them back down to earth. Together they balance each other’s weaknesses and build on each other’s strengths.

How to improve compatibility with any sign

Astrological compatibility isn’t everything when it comes to successful marriage. Any two signs can build a lasting relationship through open communication, compromise and shared core values. Here are some tips for Pisces on improving compatibility with a partner who may seem poorly matched at first:

  • Discuss your different world views and communication styles openly. Don’t let miscommunications fester.
  • Acknowledge your differing needs and look for compromises. Negotiate areas like social time versus alone time.
  • Agree on shared values and spiritual beliefs about marriage and family.
  • Give each other space to be yourselves. Respect your different temperaments.
  • Avoid trying to change who your partner is at their core. Focus on understanding them.
  • Establish shared interests and activities you can enjoy together.
  • Compliment each other’s strengths to build confidence and admiration.
  • When conflicts occur, fight fair. Don’t attack each other’s core traits.
  • Discuss roles regarding finances, household duties and childrearing. Find an equitable balance.
  • Surprise each other with small acts of kindness and affection. Keep the romance alive.

The importance of the full birth chart

While Sun signs provide insight into compatibility, it’s important to remember that every individual has a unique birth chart. A birth chart maps out the exact positions of the planets and signs at the time and place you were born.

The birth chart includes your Sun sign, but also your Moon sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and rising sign. The aspects and houses of the planets are analyzed as well. This full astrological profile provides a multidimensional view of an individual’s character.

As a result, two Pisces can actually have quite different personalities, interests, communication styles and emotional needs. Perhaps one Pisces has an Air sign Moon while the other has an Earth sign Moon, which would influence their compatibility.

In addition to birth charts, factors like family background, values, life goals and maturity levels help determine relationship success. Astrology provides fascinating insights, but human beings are infinitely complex.


While Pisces may struggle with finding marital bliss with inherently incompatible signs like Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo, they can potentially have wonderful relationships with Scorpio, Cancer or Capricorn. However, the full birth chart and human complexity must be considered as well. With empathy, communication and willingness to grow together, any two signs can build a strong marriage.