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Who wielded Mjolnir before Thor?

Mjolnir, the powerful hammer wielded by Thor, God of Thunder, has a long history in Norse mythology and Marvel comics. Before the hammer came into Thor’s possession, it was crafted by dwarven blacksmiths and wielded by several other individuals. Understanding Mjolnir’s origins and previous owners provides insight into its power and significance in the Marvel Universe.

What are Mjolnir’s powers?

As one of the most formidable weapons in the Marvel Universe, Mjolnir grants its wielder several incredible powers:

  • Weather manipulation – Control over lightning, storms, and other weather phenomena.
  • Flight – The ability to fly at incredible speeds.
  • Strength augmentation – Boosts the wielder’s physical strength.
  • Durability – Virtually indestructible.
  • Worthiness enchantment – Only those deemed “worthy” can lift Mjolnir.

These powers make Mjolnir a devastating weapon in the hands of an already powerful being like Thor. But before the God of Thunder could access the hammer’s abilities, it had several other owners.

Who created Mjolnir?

In Norse mythology, the dwarf blacksmiths Sindri and Brokkr forged Mjolnir. The dwarves made several incredible items for the gods, including Thor’s hammer. Marvel’s origins for Mjolnir are similar, with Odin, king of the gods, commissioning the metal-working brothers Eitri and Brok to create the weapon. The dwarves smelted uru metal in the heart of a dying star to craft Mjolnir, imbuing it with several powerful enchantments.

Notable abilities of Mjolnir:

Ability Description
Weather manipulation Control over lightning, storms, wind, rain etc.
Flight Ability to fly at incredible speeds
Strength augmentation Boosts wielder’s physical strength
Durability Indestructible construction
“Worthiness” enchantment Only the worthy can lift the hammer

After the dwarves completed their masterwork, Odin was impressed by Mjolnir’s power and kept it for himself for many years. Eventually, it passed to his son Thor to aid him in his adventures protecting the Nine Realms.

Mjolnir’s first wielders

Although Thor is the best-known for brandishing Mjolnir in battle, he was not the first to wield the legendary hammer.


As king of the Asgardians, Odin used Mjolnir in the war against the Frost Giants, helping establish Asgard’s dominion over the Nine Realms. The hammer helped Odin channel his own powers over weather, granting victory over many foes. After the war, Odin often lent Mjolnir to his sons and warriors for quests and battles.


Bor was Odin’s father and a former king of Asgard. He also wielded Mjolnir in battle with great skill. As Asgard’s ruler, Bor channeled Mjolnir’s lightning against the invading Dark Elves of Svartalfheim and their leader Malekith. When not in use, Bor often displayed Mjolnir in his throne room as a sign of power.

Wielders of the hammer before Thor:

Wielder Significance
Odin Used against Frost Giants, established Asgard’s dominance
Bor Fought against Dark Elves and Malekith

Beta Ray Bill

An alien hero known as Beta Ray Bill briefly held Mjolnir when he proved worthy during a fight with Thor. After initial confusion, Odin had the dwarves craft the hammer Stormbreaker for Bill to use while Thor kept Mjolnir.

Other Notable Wielders

In addition to mighty heroes, several villains and side characters have managed to temporary hold Mjolnir:

  • Red Norvell – Granted similar powers to Thor when holding Mjolnir.
  • Awesome Andy – A shape-shifting android that posed as Thor.
  • Air-Walker – An artificial being that temporarily gained Thor’s powers.
  • Thanos – The powerful villain was able to lift Mjolnir using the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Captain America – Managed to briefly move Mjolnir, proving his worth.

The Mystery of Worthiness

One of Mjolnir’s most intriguing traits is the “worthiness enchantment” placed on it by Odin. This spell ensures that only those the hammer deems morally worthy can lift and wield it. When someone the hammer views as unworthy tries to lift it, they will be unable to move Mjolnir, no matter how strong they are. The criteria for worthiness has never been clearly defined and remains somewhat mysterious.

Over the years, numerous Marvel heroes and villains have attempted to lift Mjolnir, but very few have succeeded:

Character Able to Lift Mjolnir?
Thor Yes
Odin Yes
Captain America Briefly
Hulk No
Iron Man No

Even heroes like Hulk and Iron Man fail to lift Mjolnir, proving they do not fully meet the hammer’s worthiness standards. Only a select few champions like Thor and Captain America have fully proven their nobility to Mjolnir.


As one of Marvel’s most iconic weapons, Mjolnir has a long history and connects to Thor’s origins. While Thor is the hammer’s most famous and prolific wielder, several other figures have briefly held the legendary weapon. Mjolnir’s mythic nature and the mystery surrounding its standards of worthiness help make it such an intriguing artifact in the Marvel Universe.