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Why are my birria tacos soggy?

Birria tacos are a delicious Mexican street food that have become hugely popular in recent years. However, nothing ruins a tasty birria taco faster than a soggy tortilla! Soggy birria tacos can be disappointing, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep your tacos crispy and delicious.

Use the Right Tortillas

The first key to crispy birria tacos is using the right tortillas. Soft corn or flour tortillas will quickly become soggy messes when dipped in birria broth. Instead, look for tortillas made specifically for tacos that are designed to hold up to wet fillings and dipping. Some good options include:

  • Hard corn taco shells
  • Crispy corn tortillas
  • Thick, fried flour tortillas

These sturdier tortilla options provide more structure and are less likely to become soggy in the broth.

Fry the Tortillas

You can make any tortilla more rigid and water-resistant by frying it first. Lightly frying tortillas before filling and dipping them into birria broth helps drive off moisture and makes them crispy.

Quickly fry tortillas in a bit of oil over medium-high heat for 20-30 seconds per side until they develop some color. Let excess oil drain off on paper towels. The frying provides a protective barrier that helps keep the tortillas crispy.

Blot Off Excess Broth

No matter how crispy your tortilla starts off, it will eventually soak up broth and lose its crunch if left submerged too long. Make sure to let excess broth drain off the tortilla after dipping to prevent over-sogginess.

Hold the tortilla over the bowl for a few seconds to let extra broth drip off. You can also gently blot with paper towels. Removing excess liquid keeps the interior from getting overly saturated.

Don’t Overfill the Tortillas

What you put inside the tortillas matters too. Overstuffing tacos with juicy meats or cheese will lead to sogginess as fillings release moisture into the interior.

Stick to a reasonable amount of shredded meat and cheese in each taco. Toppings like onions, cilantro, and salsa are great for flavor without adding excess moisture.

Keep Fillings Hot

The temperature of your fillings also affects tacos. Hot, steaming-hot fillings will quickly soften tortillas. Letting your meats, broth, and other fillings cool down closer to room temp before assembling tacos helps keep the interior of the tortilla insulated.

Use a Broth Dip Separately

Rather than dipping assembled tacos directly in the broth, try dipping each bite separately. This prevents the entire taco from becoming soaked. Spoon some broth onto a plate and quickly dip just the bottom of the taco as you eat.

Wrap Tacos in Foil

For very juicy fillings like birria, you can wrap assembled tacos in foil to help contain moisture and prevent sogginess. The foil top and bottom help block liquid from saturating the tortilla.

Just be sure to unwrap foil immediately before eating to keep the interior crisp.


Soggy birria tacos can ruin the experience of this amazing dish. With a few simple tweaks though, like choosing the right tortillas, frying shells, minimizing fillings, and keeping everything hot, you can enjoy deliciously crispy birria tacos every time.

Focus on finding the right tortilla shells, draining off excess liquid, controlling portion sizes, and minimizing moisture exposure. With the right preparation, your birria tacos can stay satisfyingly crispy from the first bite to the last.