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Why does Grogu eat everything?

Grogu, also known as “Baby Yoda”, is an infant member of the same mysterious alien species as the powerful Jedi Master Yoda from the Star Wars universe. He became an instant pop culture sensation when he made his debut on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, thanks in large part to his irresistibly cute appearance and curious behaviors. One of Grogu’s most notable quirks is his propensity to put just about anything in his mouth, from alien frog eggs to parts from the Razor Crest spaceship. This has left many Star Wars fans wondering – why does Grogu try to eat everything?

There are several possible explanations for Grogu’s tendency to treat any object as a potential snack:

He’s a baby

The simplest reason that Grogu tries to eat non-food items is that he’s developmentally an infant or toddler. Human babies are also known to put random things in their mouths as they explore the world around them through taste and touch. Grogu likely retains many infantile behaviors common to his mysterious species. His strong instinct to bite and chew whatever interests him is appropriate for his physical and cognitive age, even if it sometimes gets him in trouble!

Oral fixation

Some childhood development experts believe that babies and toddlers explore objects with their mouths due to an oral fixation phase that is key to their early learning. Mouthing items allows them to gather information about size, shape, texture, and taste. Grogu’s frequent snacking may similarly represent a form of oral fixation typical in his species’ young and serve an educational purpose for him. It helps acquaint him with the environment and culture of the fledgling New Republic era in which he now lives.


In addition to an oral fixation, plain old curiosity and a sense of mischief could also motivate Grogu’s indiscriminate eating habits. As an infant member of a rare, mysterious, and powerful Force-sensitive species, Grogu likely has strong instincts to explore and learn about the world around him. Popping unknown items in his mouth simply satisfies his insatiable curiosity and gives him something interesting to do, even if it’s sometimes troublesome for his guardian Din Djarin.

Using the Force

Due to his potent natural Force abilities, some of Grogu’s mouth-based exploration could involve tactilely examining objects with the Force. Sensitive use of the Force could allow him to gain a deeper understanding of an item’s physical properties than just using his mouth alone. This may provide more sensory input to his inquisitive mind. However, his lack of formal Jedi training means he resorts to very basic and crude methods of Force use typical for untrained younglings.

Nutritional needs

Grogu’s motivation for putting non-food items in his mouth may also be driven partly by nutritional needs. His exact diet and biology remain largely unknown, but he has been shown enthusiastically eating live amphibians and drinking broth. Like human infants, he may have a strong appetite and be hungry frequently. His oral explorations could represent an instinctive attempt to forage for potential nutrition. He may lack understanding that not everything is edible food.

Soothing effect

Another factor behind Grogu’s oral habits could be that sucking, chewing, and biting objects has a soothing effect for him. Human infants are known to suck their thumbs or use pacifiers for self-soothing. The tactile sensations can be calming. Grogu may gain a similar soothing or distracting effect from mouthing various items, particularly when stressed or overstimulated by his unfamiliar surroundings. The behaviors help provide comfort.

Examples of Things Grogu Has Tried to Eat

Grogu’s indiscriminate chewing habits have caused him to taste a very eclectic assortment of items both organic and inorganic. Some memorable examples include:

Frog eggs

One of Grogu’s first onscreen snacks that raised eyebrows was gulping down a slimy mouthful of frog eggs during Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian’s first season. This protein-rich amphibian egg clutch demonstrates Grogu’s instincts to forage for nutrition wherever possible.

A metal knob from the Razor Crest

In Chapter 4 of Season 1, Grogu could be seen determinedly gnawing on a piece of metal stripped from inside the Razor Crest spaceship. This shocked Mando, who had to physically yank the hunk of hardware from Grogu’s strong little jaws. Metal is definitely not part of a standard infant diet!

A shift knob

In Chapter 5, Grogu again chewed off part of Mando’s spaceship when left unsupervised, this time spit-shining a shift knob to a gleaming finish. His oral fixation clearly provides thorough cleaning action! Mando was rightly concerned about his expensive ship.

A giant spider egg

When abandoned in Chapter 10, a ravenously hungry Grogu discovered and immediately tried to crack open a massive unhatched spider egg almost as big as himself. Ever focused on potential food sources, he was clearly planning to enjoy some yolk for breakfast! Thankfully Mando intervened before the giant arachnid offspring could hatch.

A small frog

In Season 2’s Chapter 11, Grogu caught an actual living kermit-like frog and prepared to take a big juicy bite before Mando caught him. Apparently Grogu perceives amphibians as both eggs and fully grown adults as viable snacks options!

Electrical wires

Left alone on the Razor Crest in Season 2’s Chapter 15, a bored Grogu busied himself by gnawing through live electrical wiring. Thankfully he was unharmed by the dangerous cables, protected either by Force energy or his durable alien biology. Mando saw the problems unsupervised baby time could cause!

Item Edibility Mando’s Reaction
Frog eggs Technically edible protein Surprise at unusual appetite
Metal knob Very inedible! Alarm and quick intervention
Shift knob Also inedible metal Concern for his ship
Giant spider egg Potentially toxic Rescue from giant spider
Live frog Edible amphibian Amusement at frog snack
Electrical wires Very dangerous! Worry for Grogu’s safety

Dietary Recommendations for Grogu

To keep Grogu safe and healthy while satisfying his oral explorations, here are some dietary recommendations:

Provide healthy chew toys

Much like you would give a teething human baby something safe to gnaw on for relief, Grogu could benefit from sturdy chew toys made from materials designed to be non-toxic if ingested. Hard rubber or plant-based materials would allow him to satisfy his chewing drive withoutingesting anything too inedible.

Offer teething biscuits

Edible teething biscuits made from nutritious grains give Grogu a snack that is meant to be crunched and chewed. This could satisfy his needs to actively work his jaws and sample different textures, while actually providing nourishment. Biscuits are healthier than random metal parts!

Leave harvested fruits/veggies

Chopped fruits and vegetables could allow Grogu to safely experience chewing plant matter and getting needed vitamins. Fresh produce provides healthy nutrition and encourages his foraging instincts in appropriate ways. Just avoid anything too choke-risky.

Give bone broth with meat pieces

Warm, nutritious bone broth with small pieces of meat and vegetables allows Grogu to actively “hunt” in his cup for tasty morsels to chew. This engages him and provides needed calories and protein. It’s like a safe version of him trying to crack open spider eggs!

Offer occasional live insects

Since Grogu seems attracted to wriggly little critters, providing an occasional live insect or two could give him a fun treat to practice catching while getting essential nutrition. Just be sure they are glow-up-clean and non-toxic insects.

Avoid anything sharp or toxic

Of course Grogu should be kept far away from anything that could cut his mouth or poison his system! No more loose wires or random technical parts. Baby-proof his environment with the same care you would an adventurous human toddler. Safety first!


In the end, Grogu’s tendency to explore his environment with his mouth makes sense when you consider his toddler-like developmental stage, oral fixation needs, curiosity, and foraging instincts. While this habit requires managing for his safety, it is likely just a normal phase many infants of his mysterious species go through. With time, guidance, and provision of appropriate chew toys and foods, Grogu can satisfy his oral explorations in healthier ways as he grows. In the meantime, his silly snacking adventures will continue to make him the adorable, meme-able “muppet baby” Star Wars fans have come to love! Just keep sharp ship parts out of reach!