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Why does Machine Gun Kelly like pink?

Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK, is an American rapper and actor who is known for his distinctive fashion style, including his fondness for the color pink. Pink has become an integral part of MGK’s personal brand and style. But why does he like the color so much?

MGK’s Early Life

To understand MGK’s love for pink, it helps to look at his early life and career. MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, was born in Houston, Texas in 1990. He had a very turbulent childhood, living in poverty and experiencing parental neglect and abandonment. As a teenager, he found solace in music and began rapping as an emotional outlet.

MGK started wearing pink regularly when he was 18 years old and just starting out as a rapper. At the time, pink was not a popular color in hip hop fashion. But for MGK, the color had symbolic meaning. He saw pink as a representation of vulnerability – something he embraced as a core part of himself.

Pink as an Act of Defiance

As MGK’s career took off, pink evolved into more than just a personal style choice. It became an act of defiance in the male-dominated rap world. MGK was determined to push gender boundaries and be unapologetically himself. Wearing pink was his way of challenging traditional masculinity.

In an interview with GQ magazine, MGK explained: “Pink is about being comfortable with yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.” His love for the color was about self-expression, individuality and rebelling against expectations.

MGK’s Lyrics Frequently Reference Pink

MGK’s passion for pink is also evident in his lyrics. In many songs, he makes direct references to the color and its significance:

  • “I’m always rockin’ pink ’cause it matches your aura” – “Glass House”
  • “Middle finger up with my pinky ring out” – “Wild Boy”
  • “Pink coats, pink throat, pink toes” – “Loco”

By weaving pink into his music, MGK continues using the color to shape his artistic identity and cement it as part of his personal brand.

The Main Reasons MGK Loves Pink

Based on MGK’s own words and artistic expressions, the main reasons for his passion for pink appear to be:

  1. Vulnerability – Pink represents embracing vulnerability and being open emotionally.
  2. Nonconformity – The color allows MGK to challenge gender stereotypes and expectations.
  3. Self-expression – Pink is MGK’s way of being uniquely and unapologetically himself.
  4. Rebellion – For MGK, pink is about breaking the rules and defying convention.

Pink is more than just a color for MGK. It’s central to his identity and a symbol of what he stands for as an artist and person.

MGK’s Iconic Pink Hair

Perhaps the most iconic representation of MGK’s love for pink is his brightly dyed pink hair. He first dyed his hair pink in 2015 and it quickly became his signature look.

MGK has said the inspiration for the dyed hair came from his daughter Casie. The pink locks allow MGK to showcase his edgy yet playful style. The look perfectly encapsulates his brand as the “pretty boy” and “pink punk” rapper.

MGK often coordinates his entire outfit around the pink hair. He pairs it with pink sunglasses, pink hoodies, pink jackets and more. With his hair as the focal point, his looks are distinctively MGK.

The Meaning Behind the Pink Hair

Beyond the aesthetics, MGK’s pink hair carries deeper symbolism:

  • Femininity – The soft, candy-colored locks represent embracing feminine beauty standards.
  • Youth and playfulness – The pink exudes boyish charm.
  • Rebellion – Dyed hair goes against norms, like MGK himself.
  • Creativity – The bold hair color reflects MGK’s creative spirit.

As an extension of his passion for pink, MGK’s pink hair allows him to visually convey his self-expression and unconventional attitude.

MGK’s Pink Clothing and Accessories

In addition to his hair, MGK displays his love for pink through his clothing and accessories:

Pink Clothing

  • Hoodies – MGK frequently wears pink hoodies, often layered with a denim or leather jacket.
  • T-shirts – Casual pink tees are a staple in his wardrobe.
  • Suits – MGK sports pink suits on the red carpet and for interviews.
  • Track pants – He pairs pink track pants with white sneakers for a laidback look.

Pink Accessories

  • Sunglasses – MGK loves tiny pink sunglasses as part of his accessories.
  • Hats – Trucker hats and beanies in pink are mainstays.
  • Jewelry – MGK wears pinky rings and necklaces to finish his looks.
  • Nail polish – He regularly paints his nails baby pink for extra flair.

By coordinating pink-dominated outfits, MGK uses fashion to boldly celebrate his passion for the unconventional color.

MGK’s Pink Guitar

MGK’s pink affinity even extends to his musical instruments. His signature pink electric guitar has become iconic.

The guitar, crafted by Dan Lawrence with a Barbie pink finish, was a gift to MGK from Travis Barker. It reflects MGK’s merger of hip hop, punk and pop within his music.

MGK wielding the pink guitar on stage has become one of his enduring images. Fans now associate the instrument with his identity. The pink guitar lets MGK literally amplify his brand and love for pink through his live performances.

Pink on MGK’s Album Covers

MGK’s album cover art also incorporates pink themes:

  • Tickets to My Downfall (2020) features MGK in front of a pink background, matching his punk-pop sound.
  • Born with Horns (2022) shows MGK with pink hair, wearing a pink jacket and kilt.
  • General Admission (2015) depicts MGK in a pink haze, alluding to his pink-loving persona.

The pink album covers further solidify the color as intrinsic to MGK’s artistry and public image. It’s a key visual representation of his brand.

MGK’s Pink Partnerships

MGK’s success with pink branding has led to lucrative partnerships with companies:

Core Hydration

In 2021, MGK collaborated on a pink flavor of Core Hydration sparkling water called “Pink Party” featuring hints of watermelon and strawberry. The partnership aligned perfectly with MGK’s aesthetic.

MIRA Beverages

MIRA partnered with MGK for a line of hard seltzers with bold pink packaging dubbed “Small Talk”. The pink cans suit MGK’s fun and youthful image.

Hell’s Brew

A recent partnership saw MGK promoting a candy pink-colored Hell’s Brew. The Andes Mint and Unicorn Marshmallow vodka liqueur amplified his pink profile.

These deals allow MGK to profit from his pink personal brand while expanding his business ventures.


In summary, MGK favors pink clothing, accessories and hair because, for him, the color represents vulnerability, nonconformity, self-expression and rebellion. Since his career began, MGK has consistently leveraged pink to shape his artistic identity and challenge gender boundaries. His iconic pink look encapsulates his irreverent yet playful attitude and brand image. MGK’s partnerships further exemplify the value of pink as part of his persona. Ultimately, pink is more than just a fashion choice for MGK – it’s an integral part of who he is as an artist.