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Why is Draken in jail?

Draken, whose real name is Kenyel Brown, is currently in jail awaiting trial on several serious charges. In the opening paragraphs below, I will provide quick answers to key questions about Draken and the circumstances that led to his incarceration.

Who is Draken?

Draken is a popular Detroit rapper who rose to fame in the 2010s. His real name is Kenyel Brown. He is considered a pioneer of Detroit’s street rap scene.

What are the main charges against Draken?

Draken is facing charges of assault with intent to murder, discharging a weapon from a vehicle, carrying a concealed weapon, and felony firearm. These charges stem from two separate incidents in 2021.

Why was Draken arrested?

Draken was arrested in 2021 after being implicated in two shootings. In April 2021, he allegedly shot at rivals in a popular neighborhood in Detroit. In October 2021, he allegedly fired shots at a group in front of a downtown Detroit hotel.

Is Draken currently in jail?

Yes, Draken is currently being held in jail without bond awaiting trial. He has been in jail since October 2021 after being denied bond by a judge who deemed him “a threat to society.”

What is Draken’s criminal history?

Draken has a lengthy criminal history stretching back over a decade. Some of his prior convictions include firearms offenses, assault, drug charges, and home invasion.

Could Draken face life in prison?

Yes, due to the serious nature of the charges and his status as a habitual offender, Draken could potentially face life in prison if convicted.

What is the current status of Draken’s case?

Draken is awaiting trial, which is scheduled to begin in early 2023. In the meantime, his attorneys have attempted unsuccessfully to get him released on bond and have his charges dismissed.

Who is the prosecution’s key witness?

The prosecution’s star witness is a man named Marvin Peavy, who claims he was present during one of the shootings Draken is charged with. He has agreed to testify against Draken in exchange for leniency in his own criminal case.

What is Draken’s defense?

Draken maintains his innocence. His attorneys argue he has alibis for the times of the shootings and that the prosecution’s case relies on unreliable witnesses who have incentive to lie.

How did Draken’s music reflect his street life?

Draken’s music was heavily autobiographical, reflecting the violence and crime of street life in Detroit. His lyrics often referenced guns, drug dealing, and gang rivalries. Songs like “No Security” and “AK47” exemplified his gritty, unapologetic style.

Why did Draken’s music resonate in Detroit?

Draken emerged during a time when Detroit’s rap scene was becoming more localized and community-based. His music, which painted a raw, uncensored picture of Detroit street life, resonated strongly with local youth. It also benefitted from his close ties with other Detroit rappers.

How did Draken’s legal issues affect his music career?

Draken’s repeated legal issues have severely hampered his ability to make music and turn it into a successful, sustainable career. He has spent a significant amount of time incarcerated and dealing with court cases rather than free and focused on music.

Did Draken glorify crime and violence in his music?

Draken rejected the notion that his music glorified crime and violence, arguing that he was just documenting his real life in the streets. However, law enforcement officials have accused Draken of brazenly using music to threaten and incite violence against rivals.

Was Draken affiliated with any gangs?

Draken allegedly had ties with a gang called Paid In Full Posse. He referenced the gang name in lyrics and social media posts. However, the full extent of his involvement with them is unclear.

Did Draken have any rap beefs or rivalries?

Draken was embroiled in various rivalries with other Detroit rappers and gangs. One long-running beef was with local rapper TeamEastside Peezy. Their dispute allegedly led to numerous violent confrontations over the years.

Draken’s Major Beefs

Rival Duration Reason
TeamEastside Peezy 2014-present Unknown origin, escalated over song lyrics
Baby Smoove 2016-2018 Dispute over song collaboration
BandGang 2017-2019 Territorial dispute

How did Draken react when his rival Peezy was shot?

When Peezy was shot in 2021, Draken reacted flippantly on social media, implying that Peezy deserved it and that it was karma. These reactions fueled accusations that Draken was linked to the shooting in some way.

What impact did Draken’s arrest have on Detroit’s rap scene?

Draken’s arrest was a major blow to Detroit’s rap community. He was one of the city’s most popular rappers and an emblem of Detroit street rap. Many other rappers have tried to fill the void left by his absence as he awaits trial in jail.

How did police build the case against Draken?

Police used cell phone data, surveillance footage, and other evidence to place Draken in the vicinity of the shootings when they occurred. They also flipped some of Draken’s associates, like Marvin Peavy, to provide eyewitness testimony against him in exchange for plea deals.

Was Draken targeted by police because of his rap lyrics?

Some believe police zeroed in on Draken because of lyrics that incriminated him in crimes. Draken accused the police of obsessing over his music and looking for reasons to lock him up. But police maintained they were just following the evidence in these shootings.

How did Draken evade law enforcement in the past?

Draken avoided major legal consequences during his rise in Detroit’s rap scene, despite openly rapping about crimes. He was careful about what he said and did on social media and in public. When police started closing in, he allegedly left town to avoid arrest.

Did anyone try to help Draken turn his life around?

A few music industry figures apparently tried to mentor Draken and convince him to change directions, but he refused to abandon the hard-edged style that made him famous. Many believe the people around Draken enabled his criminal activities rather than steering him toward a better path.

Could Draken make a musical comeback if acquitted?

Given Draken’s reputation and the graphic nature of his music, it may be difficult for him to regain mainstream popularity even if fully exonerated. But his loyal Detroit fanbase would likely welcome new music from Draken and allow him to pick up where he left off locally.

What is Draken’s net worth?

Estimates of Draken’s net worth vary widely. While he enjoyed significant local success, he never broke through commercially on a scale that generated immense wealth. Most estimates put his net worth between $100,000-$400,000 prior to his arrest.

How old is Draken?

Draken was born in November 1994. He is currently 28 years old as of late 2022.

Where is Draken from in Detroit?

Draken grew up in the Dexter-Linwood area of Detroit, which is located on the city’s west side. The neighborhood has a reputation for poverty, crime, and gang activity that shaped Draken’s worldview.

What record label was Draken signed to?

Draken was signed to his own independent record label called Wild Boyz Entertainment. He chose to remain independent rather than sign with a major label in order to maintain full creative control.

Did Draken serve time previously?

Yes, Draken served prior stints in jail and prison before his current incarceration. Most notably, he served nearly 2 years in prison from 2013-2015 for shooting at an occupied vehicle.

Who has visited Draken in jail?

Draken has reportedly received visits from associates, former collaborators, family members including his mother, and the mother of his child while jailed awaiting trial. A few fellow rappers have also paid visits to show support.

How has Draken reacted to being jailed this time?

By most accounts, the severity of the charges and potential life sentence this time has Draken rattled. Whereas before jail was a temporary setback, he now seems to grasp the gravity of his situation as trial nears.

Could Draken cut a deal with prosecutors?

Thus far Draken has indicated he intends to fight the charges and go to trial. But as the case progresses, he could change course and try to negotiate a plea deal rather than gamble on a trial with stakes as high as life imprisonment.

Will Draken’s case go to trial?

As of now, Draken’s case is scheduled for trial in early 2023. Both prosecutors and Draken’s defense team have been preparing for trial. However, the possibility of a plea bargain or dismissal of charges before trial remains on the table.


In summary, Detroit rapper Draken is currently in jail awaiting trial on very serious gun charges stemming from two 2021 shootings. These charges represent the culmination of years of escalating violence and crime that often featured in Draken’s gritty, provocative music. Key witnesses and evidence implicate Draken, but his attorneys insist he is innocent and are prepared to fight the charges at trial. The outcome holds potentially grave consequences for both Draken’s future and Detroit’s rap landscape.