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Why is Kalos the best region?

Kalos is the sixth main series region introduced in the Pokemon games. It first appeared in Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013. Kalos is based on the northern half of France and contains many landmarks and areas inspired by French culture and history. There are several reasons why Kalos stands out as the best region in Pokemon.

Beautiful and Diverse Locations

One of Kalos’ biggest strengths is its variety of imaginative locations. Kalos contains sprawling metropolises like the grand Lumiose City, quaint towns like Camphrier Town that exude a vintage European charm, and even a snow-covered mountain inspired by the French Alps. Each area in Kalos has a distinct aesthetic and theme that makes exploring feel fresh and exciting. Here are some of the standout locations:

  • Lumiose City – A massive central city with winding streets, cafes, and a towering Prism Tower. This serves as a hub for dining, shopping, and transportation.
  • Camphrier Town – A small town with cobblestone paths and old-fashioned buildings, including the majestic Shabboneau Castle.
  • Geosenge Town – A quiet town surrounded by mysterious stones that form grave markers.
  • Reflection Cave – A complex cave system with reflective walls that resemble a kaleidoscope.
  • Pokemon Village – A hidden refuge for abandoned Pokemon deep in the woods.

The diversity of locations keeps the journey through Kalos exciting. One minute you’re wandering the modern metropolis of Lumiose, the next you’re cycling through the countrysides of Vaniville Town. Kalos leverages French inspirations to create stunning visuals and theming wherever you travel.

New Pokemon

Generation 6 introduced 72 new Pokemon species found in the Kalos region. These new Pokemon helped flesh out type matchups and expand team building options. Some of the most popular Kalos Pokemon include:

  • Greninja – A nimble water/dark ninja frog that even became playable in Super Smash Bros.
  • Aegislash – A possessed sword and shield thatcan switch between offensive and defensive stances.
  • Sylveon – A new fairy type evolution of Eevee.
  • Hawlucha – A luchador-themed fighting/flying type.
  • Dragalge – An aquatic dragon with a poison/dragon typing.

The new Pokemon designs introduced in Kalos are creative while filling some key niches in the Pokemon world. Fairy types like Sylveon helped balance dragon types that had become too dominant competitively. Meanwhile, Pokemon like Greninja brought new dual types and strategies into the meta.

Mega Evolutions

Generation 6 also introduced Mega Evolutions – special in-battle transformations of fully evolved Pokemon that unlocked new powers and designs. There were over 50 Mega Evolutions added from older generations like Mega Blaziken and Mega Lucario that made old favorites feel fresh and new again. The mechanic helped make battles more dynamic by providing comeback opportunities if players could pull off a Mega Evolution at the right moment. Overall, it expanded strategic options and made revisiting older Pokemon exciting again.

Trainer Customization

For the first time in the series, players could deeply customize their trainer’s appearance through shops in Lumiose City. You can change your hair, skin tone, outfit, and accessories to stand out during battles and cutscenes. Previous Pokemon games had very limited trainer customization, so this was a big step forward in representation and personality.

Refining Old Features

On top of new features, Generation 6 honed and refined a lot of existing Pokemon mechanics:

  • Streamlined experience system -Smoother XP gains and level ups.
  • Super Training – Made EV training faster and less tedious.
  • Player Search System (PSS) – Connecting and battling/trading with others became quicker.
  • Pokemon-Amie – Allowed you to bond and interact with your Pokemon.

These quality of life changes helped modernize the Pokemon formula for veterans while also making things more accessible for newer players. Kalos focused on refining and improving existing features to move the franchise forward.

Competitive Viability

From a competitive standpoint, Kalos introduced some very strong battlers and strategies. For example, Mega Evolution provided big power spikes for Pokemon like Kangaskhan, Salamence, and Metagross. The fairy type also shifted the meta by checking powerful dragons that had dominated previously. Here are some of the competitively defining Pokemon, moves, and abilities from Kalos:

Pokemon Key Traits
Talonflame Priority Brave Bird and Flare Blitz moves
Aegislash Stance changing moves between offense and defense
Greninja Speedy mixed attacker with Protean hidden ability
Move Effect
Fairy Wind New special fairy move
Moonblast Powerful special fairy move
Dark Pulse Strong special dark move

The viability of these new threats led to fresh strategies and counterplay in the Kalos meta. It felt like the competitive scene underwent a renaissance thanks to Kalos Pokemon and mechanics.

Story and Setting

Although Pokemon games aren’t known for their stories, X and Y introduced a surprisingly ominous plotline. The narrative focused on the secrets behind Mega Evolution and a centuries old war that was reignited by Lysandre and Team Flare. There were high stakes scenes involving schemes like using the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas or Yveltal to wipe out life with the Ultimate Weapon.

Team Flare also carried more sinister motivations than previous villain teams. While not perfect, the narrative was a step up from usual Pokemon games and created an immersive experience. Side characters like AZ who wanders looking for his long lost Pokemon added emotional weight as well.

Postgame Content

After clearing the main story, there was still plenty to do during the postgame:

  • Looker side missions – Unique detective style quests.
  • Battle Maison – Fight powerful trainers in tournament style battles.
  • Legendary Pokemon – Catch Xerneas/Yveltal and encounter Zygarde.
  • Friend Safaris – Find rare Pokemon in safari zones connected to real friends.

Having activities beyond just completing the Pokedex expanded the longevity of gameplay while offering experiences you couldn’t find elsewhere in Kalos.


With its memorably beautiful region, wealth of new Pokemon, fun gameplay innovations like Mega Evolution and enhanced online connectivity, Kalos raised the bar for the Pokemon video game series. It respectfully built upon past generations while also adding its own flair through French inspired motifs and designs. For these reasons, Kalos remains the peak of the Pokemon video game world and a standout Nintendo 3DS title.