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Will DoorDash kick you off for inactivity?

DoorDash, like other food delivery platforms, relies on having enough active Dashers available to fulfill orders and make deliveries. Some Dashers may sign up but then not actively accept or complete orders for periods of time. This raises the question of whether DoorDash will deactivate accounts due to inactivity. There are a few key factors that determine how inactive a Dasher can be before facing account suspension or termination.

Acceptance and Completion Rates

DoorDash tracks both acceptance rate, which is the percentage of orders a Dasher accepts, and completion rate, which is the percentage of accepted orders that are fulfilled. Dashers are expected to maintain both rates above a certain threshold:

Acceptance Rate Minimum 50%
Completion Rate Minimum 80%

If a Dasher consistently rejects orders or fails to complete deliveries after accepting them, their account ratings will fall below these minimums. DoorDash will warn Dashers via email if their ratings are at risk of falling too low. If they continue to decline orders, DoorDash may temporarily suspend access to Dash or deactivate the account entirely.

However, simply not being active for a period of time will not immediately put a Dasher below the minimum rates. As long as a Dasher maintains their lifetime rates above 50% acceptance and 80% completion, periods of inactivity will not lead to deactivation.

Dashers Marked Inactive After Two Weeks

According to DoorDash, if a Dasher does not accept or complete any orders for two weeks straight, their account will be marked inactive. At this point, the Dasher will be unable to log into the app or receive new orders.

When a previously active account is flagged as inactive, the Dasher will receive an email from DoorDash instructing them to contact support in order to reactive their account. Reactivation simply requires logging into the Dasher app again and confirming account details. As long as the Dasher’s lifetime ratings remain above the minimums, two weeks of no activity will not result in permanent deactivation.

Dashers Deactivated After 60 Days of Inactivity

If an inactive Dasher goes more than 60 days without accepting or completing any orders, DoorDash will initiate permanent deactivation of the account. Dashers deactivated for prolonged inactivity will receive an email notification that their account has been disabled.

According to DoorDash, accounts that have shown no activity for two months are unlikely to become active Dashers again. Therefore, the company opts to remove these inactive accounts in order to open up space for new Dashers.

Inactive Dashers can attempt to have their accounts reactivated by contacting DoorDash support. However, after 60+ days of no deliveries, the chances of successfully appealing deactivation are low. Essentially, Dashers who take a break from deliveries for more than two months will likely have to reapply and onboard as a new Dasher.

Why Would DoorDash Deactivate Inactive Accounts?

DoorDash wants to maintain an optimal number of active Dashers to meet order demand. Having too many inactive accounts takes up space that could be given to new Dashers willing to fulfill orders. Reasons DoorDash wants to limit inactive accounts include:

Ensure Adequate Dasher Coverage

If the number of active Dashers is too low relative to order volume, customers may experience long wait times and delivery delays. Deactivating accounts that have been inactive for extended periods ensures open Dasher spots can be given to applicants willing and able to start accepting orders immediately. This helps DoorDash provide adequate coverage to meet demand across all of its markets.

Reduce Operational Costs

Maintaining access to the DoorDash platform incurs some marginal operational costs for the company. Inactive accounts still receive communications, positional updates from the app, and other data exchanges that cost money to transmit and store. Deleting inactive accounts eliminates costs associated with keeping them open.

Encourage Engagement

DoorDash wants to incentivize Dashers to fulfill deliveries consistently by having a use it or lose it policy. Allowing accounts to remain perpetually inactive without accepting orders for months would reduce the motivation for Dashers to provide timely service. Deactivating chronically inactive accounts encourages engagement.

Ensure Quality of Service

Having lots of Dashers who rarely or never actually make deliveries could impact quality of service. For example, inactive Dashers may not update the app and accept offers promptly when an order comes up. They also deskill over time not regularly completing deliveries. Removing these accounts aims to maintain service standards.

Limit Fraud

While uncommon, some inactive accounts may have been created for fraudulent purposes rather than legitimate delivery work. For instance, creating fake accounts to take advantage of Dasher sign-up bonuses. Deleting accounts that show no real order activity limits this potential for abuse.

Will DoorDash Notify Before Deactivating an Inactive Account?

DoorDash does provide warnings before deactivating a Dasher account due to prolonged inactivity:

14 Days Inactive

After two weeks without accepting or completing any orders, DoorDash will flag the account as inactive. An email notification will be sent indicating the account is inactive and needs to be reactivated by logging back into the app.

50 Days Inactive

Around 50 days after the last order, DoorDash will send another email advising that continued inactivity will lead to account deactivation. This serves as a final warning to either resume accepting orders or lose Dasher access.

60 Days Inactive

If the inactive Dasher does not start fulfilling orders again after receiving warnings, on approximately day 60 the account will be permanently deactivated. A final email confirmation will be sent alerting the Dasher that the account is now disabled.

Chance to Appeal

For a short window after deactivation, DoorDash provides an opportunity to reach out to support and request account reactivation. However, after two months without activity, chances of a successful appeal are very low.

How to Prevent DoorDash Deactivation for Inactivity

Dashers looking to take a break for vacation, injury, or other reasons without losing Dasher status have a few options:

Formally Pause Account

DoorDash allows Dashers to formally pause their accounts for up to six months. Pausing temporarily blocks all new order assignments but holds your spot. To prevent inactivity deactivation, formally pause the account via the app or website.

Accept 1 Order per Month

To reset the inactivity clock, Dashers need to accept and complete just one delivery per month. Doing the bare minimum monthly activity will maintain active status.

Check in with Support

If unable to work for an extended period, reach out to DoorDash support to explain the situation and see if they can pause the account without affecting standing. This proactive communication can potentially prevent deactivation.

Renew After Reapplying

If an inactive account does get deleted after 60 days, Dashers can reapply after 30 days. Complete the onboarding process again to regain access, though prior stats will be reset.

Can You Get Reactivated After Being Deactivated for Inactivity?

It is possible but difficult to regain DoorDash access after an account has been permanently deactivated due to prolonged inactivity:

Appeal Within 5 Days

DoorDash allows a five day window after deactivation to reach out to support and request account reactivation. Explain the reason for inactivity and ask if they will overturn the termination. Success depends on individual factors.

Reapply After 30 Days

If the appeal fails, inactive Dashers can reapply to become a new Dasher after 30 days from deactivation. You will have to complete the full background check and onboarding process again as a new applicant.

Qualify Under New Account

When reapplying post-deactivation, nothing carries over from the old account. Ratings, tenure, and delivery stats reset. You will start over as a new Dasher and must qualify on merits going forward.

No Guarantee of Reactivation

While it is possible to regain access by reapplying as a new Dasher, there is no guarantee of acceptance. DoorDash may reject applicants previously deactivated for inactivity reasons.


DoorDash does monitor Dasher activity and will deactivate accounts that show no acceptance or completion of orders for 60 straight days. This policy aims to optimize the company’s operations and quality of service. Dashers hoping to take time off can formally pause their accounts, periodically complete just one order, or communicate plans with DoorDash support. Once an inactive account is terminated, reactivation is difficult but may be possible by reapplying as a new Dasher. With some prudent planning, Dashers can avoid permanent deactivation due to prolonged periods of inactivity.