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Will Freya appear in Legacies?

There has been much speculation among fans of The Vampire Diaries universe about whether the powerful witch Freya Mikaelson will appear in the spinoff series Legacies. Freya, played by Riley Voelkel, was introduced in The Originals as the firstborn child of the original vampire family the Mikaelsons. She is immensely powerful and has been an ally to the main characters in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. With Legacies featuring Hope Mikaelson, Freya’s niece, many fans are hoping to see the elder Mikaelson sibling show up at some point. Here’s a look at some of the key questions around a potential Freya appearance on Legacies.

Has Freya been mentioned on Legacies?

While Freya has not physically appeared on Legacies yet, she has been mentioned several times. In season 1, Hope brings up her Aunt Freya a couple times when referencing her powerful witch family members. Freya’s immense magical abilities and knowledge of spells certainly positions her as someone Hope could turn to for help dealing with magical threats. Given her reputation as one of the most skilled witches in the TVD universe, Freya’s name carries weight whenever invoked. Hope making references to Freya reminds viewers of her strong magical lineage and support system of elder witches.

Why would Freya want to appear on Legacies?

As Hope’s only living maternal relative, Freya has good reason to want to support her niece. She promised her older brother Klaus that she would look after Hope at the end of The Originals. So showing up to help Hope battle the latest supernatural threats would be keeping her word. Plus, Freya likely wants to stay involved in her niece’s life as she navigates witch school and adolescent dramas. Hope has already lost both her parents, so having her loving Aunt Freya around for guidance would be hugely impactful. Freya’s maternal instincts and desire to nurture her family would make coming to the Salvatore School a high priority.

What ways could Freya be incorporated into the show?

The writers of Legacies have lots of options for bringing Freya into the fold. She could show up for a major multi-episode arc to help Hope fight a formidable monster. Freya might even stick around as a professor at the Salvatore School, passing her centuries of magical knowledge onto the students. The show could also have Freya appear just for occasional guest spots, having her visit Mystic Falls to check in on Hope or assist with a magical dilemma. Phone call scenes between Hope and Freya providing the young witch with advice is another plausible way to incorporate the elder Mikaelson. Flashback scenes to Freya’s past are also possible given her vast history.

How might Freya’s presence impact other characters?

As one of the most powerful witches in the TVD world, Freya showing up in Mystic Falls would have ripple effects on other characters. Many of the students and teachers at the Salvatore School would surely be stunned to meet the legendary Freya Mikaelson in person. Alaric and the other adults would probably try to tap into Freya’s knowledge and magical resources. Josie and Lizzie’s witch abilities would likely get a boost from learning directly from Freya. Even the vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings in town would have to view Freya with great respect and deference. And as Hope’s confidant, Freya’s presence could definitely influence her niece’s relationships and motivations.

What challenges might prevent Freya from coming to Legacies?

Despite Freya’s motivations to visit Mystic Falls, there are some potential challenges that could hinder her appearance. As a new mother raising her infant son, Freya may not be able to get away easily to leave New Orleans. She would need to bring the baby with her or leave him behind in the care of Keelin, Freya’s wife. Freya is also extremely powerful, so the Legacies writers would need to handle her presence carefully to avoid letting her resolve issues too quickly. Freya’s lifespan and magical knowledge far exceeds anyone at the Salvatore school, so it might be hard to create believable conflicts. The show would need to come up with strong enemies and unsolvable dilemmas requiring Freya’s assistance.

Might Freya feel unwelcome by those at the Salvatore School?

While Hope would be thrilled to see Freya, other characters might have mixed feelings about the elder Mikaelson sibling’s presence. Those at the school are aware of the Mikaelsons’ fearsome reputation as the Original vampire family. Some may worry about Freya’s intentions or Harbor resentment over past Mikaelson actions that negatively impacted their lives. Figures like Alaric, Dorian, and Emma may have experienced Klaus and Elijah’s violence firsthand, making them warier about trusting Freya. Until Freya proves herself an ally, certain characters could view her as a potential threat. Overcoming this bias and distrust would be one of Freya’s challenges.

How long might a Freya guest appearance last?

The ideal length of a Freya guest stint may depend on the storyline and motives for her visit. If she’s coming to Mystic Falls for a major battle requiring her skills, then a multi-episode arc could make sense. But the writers would need to justify Freya sticking around and not resolving the problem too quickly with her immense power. On the other hand, a shorter one or two episode appearance allowing Freya to reconnect with Hope and impart some wisdom could work well. The show would need to strike the right balance between utilizing Freya and having her overstay her welcome. An extended stay risks making plots too unrealistic and easy for the characters to resolve with Freya’s help.

Are there any rumors or reports about Freya returning?

So far there haven’t been any concrete reports that Riley Voelkel will reprise her role as Freya on Legacies. Fans picked up on some hints that Freya could appear in season 2 based on a photo Voelkel posted with Legacies showrunner Julie Plec. But that cameo failed to materialize. Plec has said she is open to bringing Freya onto the show when the time is right. Voelkel has also shared she would be interested if approached. But no firm plans appear to be in place. Fans will just have to keep watching for any surprise Freya appearances as Legacies continues its run on the CW network.

Would Freya overshadow the other characters?

One potential concern with bringing Freya onto Legacies is that she could divert too much focus away from the main cast. As an immensely powerful witch and the eldest Original vampire sibling, Freya commands a lot of natural interest and authority among fans. The show would need to be careful not to let Freya become too much of a scene stealer or fix problems in such an easy way that she minimizes the contributions of other characters. To counterbalance this, the writers would need to craft conflicts that require collective solutions, with Freya assisting versus dominating. Keeping Freya’s visits brief and spread out could help preserve the central roles of Hope, the twins, and the school’s faculty.

How might the TVD fandom react if Freya returns?

Freya Mikaelson clearly has a big fanbase from her time on The Originals. Many TVD viewers would be thrilled to have her cross over into the Legacies storyline. Particularly older viewers who have been watching since The Vampire Diaries days would appreciate seeing a familiar face again on their screens. The presence of the powerful elder Mikaelson witch would add nostalgic value and serve as a bridge between the two shows. YouTube reaction videos would undoubtedly feature heavily enthusiastic responses to Freya’s comeback. A ratings bump for Legacies also seems probable if networks promoted Freya’s guest appearance in advance.

Could Freya play a villainous role?

While it seems unlikely given Freya’s established character, there are possibilities for her to take on an antagonistic part in Legacies. She could be compelled or corrupted by magic to turn against Hope and the Salvatore students. Dark urges Freya keeps suppressed might reemerge and drive her to lash out from past trauma. Or under the right circumstances, Freya may align with villains if she believed it was the only way to achieve her goals or protect those she cares about. It would take extremely compelling writing to make a Freya heel turn believable. But exploring these gray areas could add fascinating new dimensions and moral dilemmas to her character.

Will Freya and Hope have good chemistry on screen together?

Hope and Freya only had limited scenes together on The Originals. But the family bond between niece and aunt came through based on those moments. With Legacies having aged up Hope to a teenager, there is an opportunity to really flesh out her dynamic with Freya on screen. The elder witch can act as a mentor, confidante, and protector to guide Hope through the magical threats and normal angst of adolescence. Riley Voelkel and Danielle Rose Russell have both proven themselves very capable actors. So they should be able to deliver compelling emotional scenes exploring the ties between the last two Mikaelson witches and the importance of their family legacy.


While nothing is confirmed yet about Freya Mikaelson appearing on Legacies, fans remain optimistic that it could happen someday. Her immense power, wisdom, and relationship with Hope provides strong narrative potential. The show writers would need to craft storylines that utilize Freya in compelling ways while not letting her overshadow the main ensemble. Striking the right balance could lead to some very exciting episodes. But Freya’s presence, whether brief or long term, would undoubtedly thrill TVD fans. With the fictional world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and more, anything is possible. Fans will just have to stay tuned to The CW to see if the writers make a Freya cameo happen in future Legacies seasons.