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Will Luffy surpass Kaido?

Luffy and Kaido are two of the most powerful pirates in the world of One Piece. Kaido is currently considered the strongest creature alive and one of the Yonko, while Luffy is quickly rising through the ranks with his Devil Fruit abilities. Many fans are speculating whether Luffy will be able to surpass Kaido in strength by the end of the Wano Country arc. There are convincing arguments on both sides of this debate, so let’s take a deep dive into their powers, achievements so far, and future potential to see if Luffy can exceed Kaido’s level.

Kaido’s Powers

As an Oni, Kaido possesses tremendous physical strength, speed, and durability. He has been captured and tortured 18 times by the Navy and other enemies but has survived every execution attempt. Kaido also ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into an Eastern dragon. In dragon form, Kaido can fly, produce heat clouds, and shoot devastating blasts of fire.

Additionally, Kaido has immense mastery of Haki, including the ultra-rare and devastating Haoshoku Haki. He can envelope his body in Armament Haki to defend against almost any attack and strike hardened blows. Kaido also wields the legendary Kanabo club which can smash through enemies and structures with devastating force.

So in summary, Kaido’s Mythical Zoan powers, Haki mastery, peerless physical attributes, and lethal Kanabo make him an incredibly formidable foe. He is known as the strongest for good reason.

Luffy’s Powers

While not currently at Kaido’s level, Luffy has rapidly improved his own abilities and arsenal of techniques. As a rubber human, Luffy has gained immense physical power and speed through his Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit. He can stretch, bounce, and twist his body to land destructive hits and evade attacks.

After training in the Udon prison, Luffy has likely mastered Armament Haki to a very advanced degree. He can now use flowing Haki to enhance his Gear Fourth techniques, adding even more power to attacks like Kong Gun, King Kong Gun, and boundman rapid-fire punches.

Luffy also recently awakened his Devil Fruit, allowing him to achieve Gear Fifth and become a Looney Tunes-like cartoon character. In this form, Luffy’s creativity and freedom reach new heights, letting him come up with wacky and unpredictable new attacks. Gear Fifth gives Luffy tremendous speed and power to overwhelm opponents.

Finally, Luffy has mastered all three types of Haki, including the rare Conqueror’s Haki which only the strongest possess. While not yet on Kaido’s level, Luffy has quickly grown his Haki abilities through intense battles against top-tier opponents in the New World.

So in many ways, Luffy is starting to catch up to legends like Kaido through his own grit, creativity, and rapid growth. However, surpassing Kaido’s decades of experience and honed abilities is still a monumental task.

Achievements So Far

To better understand Luffy and Kaido’s strength, let’s compare some of their biggest achievements and victories so far:

Kaido’s Major Achievements

  • Defeated Luffy in their first encounter in Wano
  • Emerged unharmed after fighting Big Mom, another Yonko
  • Conquered Wano Country and took over from Oden and the Kozuki clan
  • Built a powerful crew and army of Zoan Devil Fruit users
  • Defeated and captured many infamous pirates like Eustass Kid
  • Survived torturous executions by the Navy and enemies over 18 times

Luffy’s Major Achievements

  • Defeated powerful Shichibukai Crocodile and Gecko Moria
  • Led the assault on Enies Lobby and defeated Rob Lucci of the CP9
  • Punched a World Noble, invaded Impel Down, and sparked a war at Marineford
  • Defeated top pirates Hody Jones and Caesar Clown in the New World
  • Alliance with Law defeated Doflamingo’s crew and toppled his kingdom
  • Defeated Katakuri and escaped Big Mom’s territory
  • Learned advanced Armament Haki and awakened Devil Fruit in Wano training

As we can see, Kaido clearly has the edge currently when it comes to major victories and feats. However, Luffy is quickly gaining ground in the New World and building up his battle resume.

Future Potential

While Kaido is at the peak of his power, having been an unstoppable force for decades, Luffy is still rapidly improving by battling tough enemies one after another. As one of the “Worst Generation” rookies and a D. clan member, Luffy likely has tremendous untapped potential left.

Here are some key factors that suggest Luffy can continue growing his strength and abilities to eventually surpass Kaido:

  • Luffy is still very young and relatively inexperienced compared to veteran Yonko like Kaido
  • His Devil Fruit awakening and mastery of advanced Haki indicate huge room for growth
  • Creative applications of Gear Fifth form could lead to new power-ups
  • Further team-ups with allies could combine skills to take down top tiers
  • Luffy has repeatedly exceeded expectations and grown after each tough battle

Kaido even acknowledges Luffy’s potential, calling him a serious candidate to be the next Joyboy who could challenge his position. And as an ambitious, creative fighter, Luffy always finds ways to surpass his limits, especially when protecting his friends.

So while Kaido is currently superior, Luffy is rapidly scaling up to the Yonko’s level at a breakneck pace. If this trajectory continues, he may very well surpass Kaido sooner rather than later.

Comparison of Abilities

To visualize how Luffy and Kaido stack up currently, here is a table comparing some of their core strengths:

Ability Kaido Luffy
Physical Strength ***** ****
Speed **** ****
Durability ***** ***
Armament Haki ***** ****
Conqueror’s Haki ***** ***
Devil Fruit Mythical Zoan Paramecia (awakened)
Experience Decades as a Yonko 2 years in New World

As we can quantify here, Kaido currently exceeds Luffy in most categories, though Luffy is quickly closing the gap in some areas. But Kaido’s Mythical Zoan powers, greater Haki mastery, and decades more experience still give him the edge for now. The question is how quickly Luffy can elevate his own skills through the rest of the Wano arc.


Given the analysis of their current powers, achievements, and future outlook, I think Luffy does have a strong chance of surpassing Kaido by the end of the Wano Country arc. While Kaido is superior currently, Luffy has been progressing at an explosive rate and has plenty of room left to grow.

Some key predictions if Luffy is to exceed Kaido:

  • He will need to awaken and master Gear Fifth
  • Improve his Haki to Kaido’s level
  • Get creative with new Awakening techniques
  • Unleash a powerful new form or gear
  • Have a long, multi-stage battle to surpass his limits

With Luffy’s relentless drive, he has already exceeded expectations throughout his journey. And as the potential Joyboy and future Pirate King, his full capabilities may not yet be unlocked. I believe the culmination of the Wano arc will show Luffy pushing past his boundaries once again to new heights of power. And that final step to eclipse Kaido as the new benchmark is within reach.