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Are Cosmic brownies discontinued?

Cosmic Brownies have been a popular snack treat since first introduced by Little Debbie in the 1980s. Their fudgy brownie base with rainbow sprinkles on top makes them a fun and tasty indulgence for both kids and adults alike. However, over the years there have been rumors that Cosmic Brownies may be discontinued or going away for good.

The History of Cosmic Brownies

Cosmic Brownies were first created and marketed by the McKee Foods Corporation under their Little Debbie brand in 1986. The name “Cosmic Brownies” was chosen after McKee Foods ran a naming contest and selected the “cosmic” theme as a play on the rainbow sprinkles on top of the brownie. When they first launched, Cosmic Brownies were marketed as being “out of this world!”

The snack cake was an instant hit with consumers and quickly became one of Little Debbie’s most popular treats. The fudgy brownie base was moist and chewy while the colorful rainbow sprinkles on top provided a fun and whimsical element. Cosmic Brownies were an indulgent treat for kids but also appealed to parents and adults as an enjoyable snack.

Over the decades since their introduction, Cosmic Brownies have become a convenience store and grocery store staple. Most major retailers carry Cosmic Brownies as part of the Little Debbie assortment. The recipe and packaging have been updated over the years but the brownie base and rainbow sprinkles remain unchanged.

Rumors of Discontinuation

Despite their ongoing popularity, there have been periodic rumors over the years that Cosmic Brownies would be discontinued. These rumors seem to flare up every few years, causing distress among fans of the snack cake.

In most cases, the rumors have turned out to be unfounded. Cosmic Brownies have remained in continuous production since 1986. However, the rumors still cause concern whenever they start circulating again.

Some of the reasons cited for a possible Cosmic Brownies discontinuation include:

  • Declining sales or loss of consumer interest
  • Manufacturing costs and issues with profitability
  • Ingredient changes forced by FDA regulations
  • Little Debbie focusing on other products instead

While these could all be valid reasons why McKee Foods might discontinue a product, there is little evidence that any of them apply currently to Cosmic Brownies. Sales seem to remain strong and the company has not indicated publicly any plans to stop production.

The Evidence Cosmic Brownies Are Here to Stay

Despite periodic rumors of their demise, all signs point to Cosmic Brownies remaining a permanent fixture in the Little Debbie family of snack cakes for the foreseeable future. Here is the evidence that Cosmic Brownies are here to stay:

  • They are still widely available at most grocery stores and convenience stores across the country.
  • The official Little Debbie website still lists Cosmic Brownies as one of their products.
  • McKee Foods’ 2021 annual report listed Cosmic Brownies as one of their “banner brands.”
  • Third-party sales data shows consistent sales numbers year-over-year.
  • McKee Foods continues to promote Cosmic Brownies on social media and in advertising.
  • No announcement of discontinuation by the company.

Based on this evidence, Cosmic Brownies seem to still be a strong performer for Little Debbie and McKee Foods. The company has given no indication through official channels or business moves that they plan to discontinue the product.

Could Cosmic Brownies Eventually Be Discontinued?

While all signs point to Cosmic Brownies being safe for the time being, it is still possible they could eventually be discontinued at some point down the road. Here are some hypothetical scenarios where Cosmic Brownies might go away:

  • Declining sales and profits could force McKee Foods to reevaluate products.
  • A significant increase in costs for ingredients or production could impact viability.
  • New FDA regulations around ingredients could necessitate changes.
  • Shifts in consumer preferences away from overly indulgent snacks.
  • Little Debbie shifts focus toward newer products instead.

At the moment none of these scenarios seem imminent or even likely. But years down the road, market forces could potentially align to make Cosmic Brownies no longer profitable or viable for McKee Foods to continue producing. This outcome seems very unlikely in the next few years though.

Customer Outcry if Cosmic Brownies Were Discontinued

Given the passion and nostalgia many consumers have for Cosmic Brownies, there would likely be huge customer outcry if McKee Foods ever discontinued the product.

Based on past instances of beloved food products being discontinued, the reaction would likely include:

  • Widespread complaining and lamenting on social media platforms.
  • News stories and online articles bemoaning the loss.
  • Petitions to bring Cosmic Brownies back.
  • People stockpiling any remaining Cosmic Brownies they can find.
  • Resale of remaining stock on sites like eBay at inflated prices.
  • Nostalgic tributes to the snack cake and calls to “Bring back Cosmic Brownies!”

In short, many loyal Cosmic Brownies fans would be extremely disappointed and vocal if their favorite snack cake went away. The brand has strong nostalgia and emotional connections for customers spanning decades. Losing that would not go over well with consumers.

Decade Key Cosmic Brownies Milestones
1980s Cosmic Brownies launched by Little Debbie in 1986
1990s Became a popular snack cake thanks to memorable advertising
2000s Sales expanded as distribution grew at major retailers
2010s Continued success with minor packaging updates but same product
2020s Rumors of discontinuation flare up but Little Debbie denies


In conclusion, while there have been periodic rumors over the years that Cosmic Brownies would be discontinued, there is no credible evidence that Little Debbie plans to stop producing the popular snack cake anytime soon.

Cosmic Brownies seem to still be selling well for McKee Foods and remain a nostalgic favorite for many consumers. The company actively promotes the product across channels and it remains easy to find in stores.

While it’s possible market factors could someday make Cosmic Brownies unviable to produce, in the next few years customers can likely expect to still be able to enjoy that fudgy brownie base with sprinkles on top when a snack cake craving strikes.

Any eventual discontinuation would surely be met with widespread disappointment and outcry from generations of loyal Cosmic Brownies fans. But for now, the snack cake appears to be a permanent fixture that is here to stay.